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Wednesday: Work In Progress

Dear friends,

Wednesday in the studio is dynamic and lively.

We are currently hosting a photo shooting at our office for some of our friends. 229 more words

From My Studio With Love

Plastic Surgery on Poems: When Does Tinkering Just Make You Look Just Weird

So earlier I reblogged a post “What Common Rejections From Publisher Really Mean.” It’s a good blog post and you should read it. But it also got me thinking about something I’ve mentioned before–parsing out your work based upon quality. 442 more words


What They Were Doing Then: Tara Donovan

I’m fascinated with creating chaos out of something and then reconstructing it and giving it new order.

Like this week’s featured muse Maria Borghoff Perry… 300 more words


The Well

When the afterglow of writing a terrific piece burns out, we often wonder if we will ever match it or top its triumph. We will wallow in the shade of disappointment doubting our ability – but I’ve learned that writing is a deep well always replenishing the words we use, and we will always be able to draw from the springs of our creativity to refill the parched wasteland of accomplishment.


The Dream and the Reality

When I first developed this idea that I wanted to be a writer, I was a young mom with three small kids. Let me clarify that I have ALWAYS been a writer in one way or another. 967 more words


"A Nook of Your Own"

June 10:  “A Nook of Your Own”

“In solitude we give passionate attention to our lives, to our memories, to the details around us.”  Virginia Woolf… 357 more words

Transforming 2014

3 Community-Based Creativity Projects Support Visual & Language Arts

Community Creativity: Upcoming Projects Offer Avenues for Youth Art and Writing

Young artists and writers can take advantage of a handful of community-based projects to serve as outlets for their creativity during the next month. 538 more words

Hilltown Families