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Scar-less Battleground

I sometimes wonder
why I argue with you,
Why I allow words to
form in my mouth
to slip across my lips
like breath giving… 47 more words

Creative Writing

Eight ways to boost your creative life energy

Everything runs on energy, and so does your creativity. When it comes to creativity, the energy is not the kind of that could be counted in calories, but instead your life force energy, the one that in Eastern philosophy often is called… 1,974 more words

In English

Åtta sätt att öka din kreativa livsenergi

Allt kräver energi, även din kreativitet. När det gäller kreativitet är energin inte den typ som kan räknas i kalorier, men istället din livsenergi, den som i asiatisk filosofi ibland kallas för Chi. 2,255 more words

På Svenska


To the pretenders,
The make-believers,
The dresser-uppers,
The dreamers,
This goes out to you.
The singers,
The poets,
The actors,
The writers,
For making dreams come true. 35 more words


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Day 13 and a poem of thanks to all the wonderful creative people out there ...

Quotations: The Inevitability of Change

“So little done, so much to do.” – Cecil Rhodes

“There’s time enough, but none to spare.” – Charles W. Chesnut

“Nine-tenths of wisdom is being wise in time.” 54 more words


You are my muse

You whom I love

You whom I love beyond doubt or reason

You whom I long for in the darkest of night and the light of day… 150 more words

A Place Where I May Feed...

As writers we need places that feed our creative energy, but these places can be very different for each of us.

I know people who sit in cafes, thriving off the background noise and part heard conversations of others. 768 more words