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Spring Stresses Me Out

When I sat down to write, I knew I only had 15 minutes and about a thousand ideas for today’s post. What I didn’t know what would come of those limited minutes and limitless thoughts. 521 more words


A Whole Lot of Connecting Going On

I’ve had a fabulous week so far. Dance classes were wonderful. The people who spew negative energy (or maybe they just soak up all available energy, which feels like the same thing) were absent, so only those of us whose energies flowed together were in class. 603 more words


Thanatological Thru•sday

(Thoughts on the phenomena of mortality and a study of the ways we, mortals, cope with it… on getting through), until another Thursday then…

This time:  Rejuvenation… 430 more words

Active Thought

Writing is Me; It Is Who I Am

I recall a time where I had began to write. It was a time where I could connect with myself from the inside out without feeling any shame or regret. 434 more words


A Creative Life: Cat's Angel Message for March 2, 2018 

A Creative Life: Cat’s Angel Message for March 2, 2018 

  March Theme:   Find what defines you and use it to inspire others. Free your creative side and share your ideas and gifts… 319 more words

Daily Angel Readings


You ever been doing something innocuous, like cleaning the cat box (and thinking, I would be rich if cat crap was worth anything) when writing flashes strike? 162 more words


Crow's Nest Going With the Flow: Letting Go

We’ve all heard the expression to go with the flow, the meaning being to relax and take it easy. Originally however, the nautical term ‘to go with the flow’ meant to sail in the same direction as the current is flowing in order to make a ship’s passage smoother and faster. 1,849 more words