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Writing Through Chaos

There’s a stillness in the air and an unease to go with it. I’m sure most of us can feel something’s coming and fuck knows what it is but it feels big. 419 more words

The Journey


I’ve discovered that I can be very focused.

This is the opposite of being distracted, which I talked about in an earlier post, thinking  perhaps I had ADHD or something. 605 more words

Unashamed & Powerful

My way of finding peace during these trying times is to be gentle with myself, spread love, & uplift others. These moments will try to steal our light, but we are movers and shakers.  122 more words



It’s good to push sometimes. For me, that’s especially true for physical activities.

Feel that burn, baby. Feel the muscles demanding, cease and desist already. Meanwhile, you make promises. 488 more words


Floating Away

In my mind I’m on a beach somewhere,

Warm seas, with azure waves tempting me.

Gravity has no hold. I have no cares

I have escaped. 25 more words


My process

A recipe for success?

  1. Nap
  2. Have an existential crisis along the lines of “I will never create work again!”
  3. Frantically begin planning all of the projects over several notebooks, spreadsheets, text conversations, and chewed fingernails…
  4. 237 more words

Inspiration and Birthing Creative Energy

I believe creativity has a pulse. I don’t believe in blocks because we can create the block and move through it, but I do believe in rest time and yes sometimes it’s years and sometimes it’s a day, either way creative energy needs inspiration. 353 more words

The Journey