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A quiet of my own

I need solitude. This is a fact that most everyone in my life has come to accept. I thrive on having alone time, quiet time, space to myself. 613 more words

Creative Energy

This Blog's Identity

Our blogs are reflections of ourselves!  Like us, they grow and change over time, developing personalities and purposes of their own.  As Blue Spiral Notebook grows, its purpose (which stems from my own purpose) has become a little clearer to me.  454 more words

Anxiety shouldn't get to dominate anyone's soul

Yesterday was an especially bad day for me. Client and personal issues combined to stir darkness in my soul in a ways that hadn’t happened in a while. 345 more words


Be the Tortoise

Recently I visited Deborah,  my new writing friend.   She proudly showed off her pet tortoises. What came to my mind was the old adage, “Slow and steady wins the race.”  Be the tortoise!  112 more words


Art Buddies are the best!

Lately I’ve been running into creative people in unusual ways.  I had some great conversations with artists and writers who were staying at my hostel.  I went to a BBQ and met a friend of a friend who is a writer and editor.  56 more words


On To-Do Lists and Writing

Hi and welcome back! I have been thinking a lot about To-Do lists lately for various reasons, but my mind often wanders back to my writing practice. 532 more words

Creative Energy

Dismantling Fear by Generating Creative Energy

Fear is the killer. It stalks the underground of our lives, undermining the foundations of everything we build in thought. It is the true Angel of Death – … 483 more words