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Our divine energy can manifest greatness!

I don’t understand why people simply don’t understand that divine energy flows within them, through them, and with every other living entity on this planet.¬† This divine energy can manifest greatness, if we’d only learn to recognize and use it.¬† 335 more words


Poems from the Pacific Palisades

Images Pulsating With Delight

Written by SurfWriter Girls Sunny Magdaug and Patti Kishel

Spring Cleaning can be a chore or a chance for discovery. Who knows what you’ll come across when you’re dusting, going through drawers, opening old boxes or rearranging books on a shelf? 574 more words

Creative Energy

Day 55 - Creative Energy Used

Progress on wedding planning.

Butter croissant.


Darkest Light.

Darkest Light

and all drowning
my essence of night.
Deepest blue,
darkest burgundy,
it matters not,
my essence is cloaked
in this state, this void. 145 more words

Creative Writing

The Pressure

The theme of today’s experiment is the same as yesterday’s: the difference between what is inside one’s mind and what can be expressed.¬†Generally speaking, this difference (that I call ‘pressure’) is the impetus for creativity. 24 more words

Personal Stories

A new genre, a new adventure

I love learning new things! After finding myself with more creative energy these last few months, my muse has taken me in an entirely new direction. 356 more words

Aspiring Author

Happy Haiku Day!

A decade ago I began celebrating Haiku Day on May 7th with my students because it is 5-7. Haikus are traditional Japanese poetry that follows a 5-7-5 syllable pattern and are usually about nature. 75 more words