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Runaway Characters: When They Write Themselves

Some days my characters write themselves. The words spilling onto the page are not mine but my characters’. They’ll say and do things I had never intended them to say or do. 335 more words

Writer's A.Muse.ment

A Lite-Hearted Cookbook available on amazon.com

Cooking as a way of life and an art form has become a passion for me. Choosing healthy, plant-based recipes is hard at times, especially if you live with a picky eater such as Himself. 96 more words


Writing vs. Talking

When a new acquaintance asks me what I do, I proudly reply that I’m a writer of fiction and nonfiction, and I’ve published a novel as well as numerous essays both online and in print.  603 more words


“I’m an unabashedly romantic soul  who wants to feel as genuinely connected to God and to life as possible, and that’s the place where almost everything I’ve created comes from.”

Lulu Lovering, Photographer

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It is Tuesday morning and I‘m sitting in the barn. It is about 43 degrees inside but the wood stove has been lit and the temperature is rising. 242 more words

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The Writing Habit to Trump All Habits

As an aspiring writer the term “writing habit” is heard around every corner and the writing habit that I hear about the most is to sit down and write every day.  431 more words

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Follow Your Energy

This morning I set my meditation cushion right in front of the glass door in my morning room so I could wake up with the sunrise and tap into the flow of the approaching day. 353 more words