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Inspiration and Birthing Creative Energy

I believe creativity has a pulse. I don’t believe in blocks because we can create the block and move through it, but I do believe in rest time and yes sometimes it’s years and sometimes it’s a day, either way creative energy needs inspiration. 353 more words

The Journey

Happy New Year 2017

It seems like New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken – at least that’s what it feels like for me. Every year I envisioned these grand sweeping dreams and every year those dreams floated away from my reach, bursting like delicate soap bubbles. 155 more words


Coffee Shop Hustle and Bustle

Coffee shop hustle and bustle. I wonder if what it is about this place. Well, not this place in particular but the coffee shop atmosphere in general. 439 more words

How It Is.

what do you do?

i wonder if anyone else has this issue? living a creative life, i am naturally ocd about which expression is getting my attention. another words, take christmas; all i did was xmas – all my energy, creative anything went into xmas. 100 more words

End of 2016

I am empty

But the good kind of empty

The kind waiting to be filled again

Mental Space

Wildly Unearthed -Female Empowerment

My focus and direction at present with my art alone is chaos. Sharing through my art how to find stillness within chaos, to trust your knowing; your real self, because everything else can be taken away at any time. 145 more words

The Journey

My Personal Cycles

I’ve long adhered to a few basic ideas. I want to think them out, so I need to write about them.

First, I have basic cycles. 639 more words