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The Divine Mother

The Divine Mother is pure, unbridled Creative Energy.

She is ALL at once and envelops ALL things.

Her compassion and kindness is limitless, yet she wears unbreakable boundaries. 160 more words


Creature Thoughts, July/Aug 2017

Creating Love

I have written two other articles for this issue. I liked the content but they just didn’t feel right. I’ve even posted on Facebook about how creativity has deserted me. 1,196 more words

Creature Thoughts

Violation--dVerse Open Link Night


When words force entry,
molest my every conscious thought—then,
surrender, I must, or endure unrelenting torture.

(Fire rages, outrages across our valley,
scorches acres upon acres of pine and cheat grass, 263 more words


You are a Witch!

Among many forms of ridicule, persecution and extreme judgment I’ve received from men and women who are children of my Father, this is by far the most destructive words people have ever used when communicating about me. 362 more words


Runaway Train

There is an energy within me,

A buzz.

It cannot be contained or bound

By structures or hours.

It does not acknowledge the rules of society, 51 more words


Let The Sun Shine!

Robb Havassy’s Scenes of Summer

Written by SurfWriter Girls Sunny Magdaug and Patti Kishel

Surf Artist Robb Havassy knows how to celebrate the sun!

His electrifying paintings are an homage to the sun and surfing. 264 more words

Creative Energy

Our divine energy can manifest greatness!

I don’t understand why people simply don’t understand that divine energy flows within them, through them, and with every other living entity on this planet.  This divine energy can manifest greatness, if we’d only learn to recognize and use it.  335 more words