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We would rent dresses , hundred a piece.
In hills , things are temporal and on rent.

The horses take us up to snowed heights… 25 more words

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As morning came

Mark, I have not seen my own body
Doing any of the things of a dream.
My body was a sleeping third party
A figment in somebody else’s story. 33 more words

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Auntie would tell tiny boys monster stories.
Her monsters grew up in a grinding stone,
Their lives hid in parrots in far off islands.

The auntie has lost her stories to dementia. 17 more words

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Peace in the mountains

Horses  would graze in mountain grass.
In the night there hung a broken moon
A funny joker moon laughing a sputter,
Previously hung by the mountain edge… 39 more words

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Back where mom took to sky
She is tree now full and grown
Held by earth and a glued sky.
So I believe ,as belief stopped… 51 more words

Aggregating earth

chimes remind a breeze that comes
from far off seas,through paddy fields
houses , cows,women, sleeping dogs
truck drivers,falling asteroid pieces.

chimes toll anonymous church bells… 17 more words

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World is not my worry

Body is what thinks on a toilet seat,
Newspaper on lap, soul on wall peg.
Let a world worry inside newspaper.

I sit here on fringe while news rages. 12 more words