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Ruin is not just one day thing
But slow-fire ,simmering affair
Browning that goes over time,
In patches of white in corners.

Ruin is our own nature’s kitsch… 14 more words

On vacation

While we are in a park and on  vacation,
We see elephants and cats in a stimulus.
The elephants are flying heavily in  sky
And the cats change shapes too quickly. 29 more words

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Cobbler at the street corner

This man squats at  feet level,
His boots and bags are a heap.
He sees walking life and limbs.
His horizon rests at pant-legs.

The man is brisk in a business… 19 more words

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Light and camera

The algae lie peacefully with the ibis
Its one leg on rock, its white double
In waters, doing penance for the day.

A boatman scoops up algae in a boat… 26 more words

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Nice things to feel on their spines,
I run a finger through their minds.
Their smell feels like inside caves

Of dead men, their bodies in pots… 30 more words

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We dig our words

The poet had a squat pen used to dig
Between finger and thumb, mightier
Than a sword or a spade used by dad.

Everyone digs down through lifetime. 22 more words

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Morning song


We had the hunter super moon
As extra prop to midnight hunt,
And we could see animal bright.

After such a moon-laden night
A dawn song had to cry in love… 25 more words

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