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We praise the world for its Rilke
And elegize the world’s passing.

There is the conspiracy to forget,
Not to elegize, gloss over death.

As if Rilke had never been born,
Conspiracy believes never dead.

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Let there be no throbbing

Let evening be tranquil time
Not shaking with throbbing.

An eye white darkens the sky
As quick as a noontide went.

Noontide’s silly thing throbs, 36 more words

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Life is a sonnet

But now it is clear you are empty hag,
A used up teabag ,dregs left of worth,

Do nothing but whine in pentameters.
Now call town crier to finish last lines. 36 more words

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Lamp sits before us with warm bread
That brightens up a dark inner palate.

And its yellow light colors the dance-
A girl dance swirls in yellow moment. 17 more words

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Lessness is hell of awkward thing ,
To carry around, ill -fitting topi.

Better we hold on to our dear life
As there is only one fear to lose. 19 more words

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A heap of stones

Stones make a house in the desert
Against sun , the cold and the rain,
Marauding tribes on angry horses.

Stones are not house against time, 47 more words

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We will retire too, in our time,
To where we have come from.
You were Beauty, we Godhead.
Bodies were temporary homes.

We had borrowed our bodies. 18 more words