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bum is a rolling stone , road to road
a  confused bum with eyes popping.

bum would not know if it was a path
or the romanticized road , not taken. 28 more words

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Old ghosts

Everyone is afraid of a dark night
That may have hidden old ghosts.

Old ghosts are broad and fatuous.
They can only be realized in belly. 52 more words

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The banyans see their images as tiny
Red fruits they drop touching a pond
To assess the circular extent of ripple.

Fruit by bloody fruit ,we drop bodies. 7 more words

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Thank god , we are duly independent.
Now we have  our independent torsos,
Dipping in rivers dirty by other torsos.

(after white torsos had left our shores… 32 more words

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Clouds are silk but like women in swift eyes.
There may yet be an outburst of tear glands
By morning to fulfill the dry earth’s desires. 43 more words

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There was ice cream and you screamed.
Everybody screamed and a black gown
Decided no more of ice cream together.

A divorce would seem the fitting finale. 50 more words

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