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Emily's hyphens

Because she could not stop for death
He stopped for her briefly in carriage.

Her hyphens are a stopping for death
Holding breath to smell  jessamines… 23 more words

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The yellow leaf is not an autumn leaf
Before falling into the camera frame.
When inside frame it will not fall off

Like the painted leaf of O’Henry last. 39 more words

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Bang theory

We have no bang theory’s poem.
If things turn bald, you go west.

God is in the mountainous west
If there is a narrow pass to pass. 25 more words

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The bangle seller of Jaipur

A soft pink of the wind palace
Does not jell with a poverty’s
Blazing red tie-and-dye saree
Too kitschy for our proud art,

Too sentimental for our souls. 17 more words

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Let me say my images
And live life in images

I hear the trees falling
In the forest of dream,

And every tree falling
In every forest of sky.

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Dealing with old bodies

One wonders what wakes him up in stomach
When crickets rake in silences in dark bushes.

There is the strawberry sac of juice that grows… 74 more words

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Inside is outside

I sit in the hut of my own inside
With an outside that has a dog.

This window filters my outside
Just this much , not much else. 37 more words

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