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Descartes might have a fly in eye
Before he left us saying I am not .
He did not know me from Adam.
He was only asking who Adam is . 32 more words

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Cherry picking

His cherry comes to bloom once a year.
With only a few springs of its blossom
Now he has to cherry pick a sightseeing.

A third of his time is taken up by sleep, 52 more words

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Old is not lovely

The laburnum is in yellow bloom.
Street dogs are sleeping under it.
Dogs have under a score of years.

I have four or more to a Bible life, 47 more words

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Dust to dust

It was a memento mori , the dusty word,
We learnt in someone’s effort to learn

How to be dust ,in church monument
Bowing respect before its marble dust , 40 more words

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We are bush and cricket into one .
We do not exist apart from other,
Or from creaks we make in nights.

Cricket and I shriek our existence, 32 more words

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Catching sense

Catch sense at two removes from reality
Leap-frogging words to get at your truth.

Two removes stretch to three ,four, more.
As you wind in stair, you think of blue sky… 23 more words

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One up

you are now one up with your best smirk
and you are military-stiff and high in air,
on other shoulders that will be later stiff. 45 more words

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