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Clay men, granite God

Jamsingh  had lived here two centuries ago
Who was  cavalry man with  sense of humor
So humorous he would trade for granite God
Horses he was journeying to buy for  Sultan . 69 more words

The one who is up

Am I brother’s keeper Bible bro asks.
The Greek sister has to bury brother
Upholding inalienable right to burial.

Empathy neuron is supposed to fire… 40 more words

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In sunset is a gray of senescence,
A code writ in blood and biology
Of wear and tear, by straight line.

A smile is worn out, on our faces. 13 more words

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Getting your goat

The neighbor is good man almost all time.
Some times he gets your goat ,not literally.
A world is pretty good place in our window. 53 more words

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Rather simple

When we have  no rains on cotton,
We stand on stool and kick simply.
We make a simple note of statistic.
We write poem , on a simple note. 28 more words

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Body loses nothing

The body thinks of a death all its life
Away from sensual things and grapes
And women and poems and rainbows.

When body drops, body loses nothing, 12 more words

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Fat man, little boy

Fat man was a second of world’s droppings.
The first was a little boy ,who was thunder,
A bolt from blue on little men and women. 73 more words

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