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17 Creative Ways to Tie your Shoelaces

Greeting!!! to my fellow readers.

Today I am going to show you creativity at that place that you might think, Yes creativity is an art and it can be seen anywhere and on anything. 57 more words

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You haven't seen these Amazing Paper-Work Creations

Greetings!!!  to my fellow readers.

I hope that all of you are doing fine and make yourself busy in creating some new things.

First of all I would like to tell you about the line that “EVERY CHILD IS AN ARTIST” BY PABLO PICASSO. 387 more words

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Man in woman

Man speaks out ,as  woman’s man
As  half of man ,in half of  woman.

Kitchen mom grates coconut white,
Over the incubation of man in belly. 26 more words

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These questions come and go
With no obligations to search

Needle answers in haystack’s
Dried straw of collapsed walls

Filled with a  life’s emptiness,
The autumn sky’s gold debris. 21 more words

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Eye’s tears smell sadly,
Glisten like pearl drops

Good old sun dropping
From his daily farewell,

Temporary day’s death,
A far cry from last one. 17 more words

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Women on men

We are today being international,
Being news grabbed by the hour,

Of our bodies, when a night falls .
We are TV’s phenomenal bodies.

Our body is public and literature. 16 more words


We would live in this mosquito
That buzzed on a small stillness
In the larger stillness of a room.

We partook its buzz on stillness… 31 more words

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