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This little detail

Sky has endless details of Sirius North
And relative positions of stars burning.
Below,a belly fights its midnight ghosts.

This little detail of future turning ghost… 13 more words


A head banged white of wall,
A horn sprouted on aliveness,
Forgetfulness about an origin
Where it all began in woman.

As a finger traces life in body… 19 more words

New Studio/Gallery at Bessell Lane

Come and welcome Fine art photographer Howie Johnson on the opening of his New Studio/Gallery Here at Bessell Lane on Thursday 18th February 10am 77 more words

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No body's meaning

Meaning is evanescent like men,
Like when the brother army man
Falls to shell in anonymous war,
A war for the icy wastes of a hill. 32 more words

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#dying of debt

The cloud is castrated ram
With a bell around its neck.
Trending is towards no rain
With no cotton our farmers
Could bring out,only death. 20 more words

Toes in dust

We turn to the face book for a face,
A nameless face in a dusty outreach
Etched by a restless toe in the dust.
Never mind a moon face in the dust… 21 more words

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Protein forgetting

Forgetting is a lot of things
About a mom including me,
I forgetting a body from her.
Forgetting is a mind’s body.

Protein particles are a river… 17 more words