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How to think like Sherlock Holmes or Doctor House?

Today we’re going to dive into one of my favorite subjects to write about: psychology. More importantly how psychology can enhance your ability to think faster and in a more perspicacious way and if it can make you reason faster and outsmart anyone else. 1,458 more words

Accurate Observation

The Emerald Tablet

The earth reflects heaven and heaven reflects  earth, and there is no division between these realms.

Everything proceeds from the origin.

This knowing is, and is  engendered by Light and by loving reflection. 64 more words


Wisdom: Another Way To Wealth

Wisdom is the thirteenth step towards wealth and also the sixth sense. Infinite Intelligence will communicate voluntarily without any effort from, or demands by the individual. 379 more words

Think & Grow Rich

Imagination and Psychotherapy - the neuroscience is friendly

The imaginal function is important to psychotherapists because it connects us directly to what is not yet know. Psychotherapy is not about what is known. Any therapist who purports to be able to tell you what is ailing you and what you should do about it is one to run a mile from. 741 more words

Transpersonal Psychotherapy

An open letter to Mocha Uson


                Hi beks! Kumusta naman? Happy ka naman bang nakakapaglaganap ng mga katangahan at kabobohan sa internet? Nakakatulog ka pa ba sa gabi? 563 more words


A twist of HISTORY: From a DICTATOR to a HERO

During the campaign, Duterte made a promise to the Marcoses, that if ever he became president, Ferdinand Marcos would be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. 389 more words


Beauty of the Bollards: Geelong's Creative Artworks

Bollards. The port city  of Geelong located to the west of Melbourne relied on these large lumps of wood to moor the many boats that visited the area since European settlement. 127 more words