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Hot Moon in a Cold Spring

             photo: Robert Fuhro

Aries is a signature of fire and warrior energy. When the Sun first enters Aries gate, we are in the vernal equinox, which represents the Life Force of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. 647 more words

                          photo: Robert Fuhro

‘Me ‘n’ You, Me ‘n’ You, Me ‘n You,’ I hear Cardinals call as the full Moon in Libra shines on spring hopes!   339 more words


Empathy - fuelling the alchemist's fire.

Here is a paradox. Alchemy is a solitary pursuit, and yet for it to be successful it needs to be utterly shared, utterly given back, utterly given away. 410 more words

Transpersonal Supervision

Snow Days Outdoors, Of Course!

In New England, today’s another snow day for kids and parents, thanks to the third nor’easter in two weeks! Let your kids slump into a little TV fog or sleep in–it’s fine for a couple of hours. 252 more words

Parents And Children

Creative Imagination

There’s a place in Barbados called the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination (EBCCI).

I’d love to study for a degree in Creative Imagination. In fact, I’d love to… 69 more words


How to memorize a shopping list?

Source: How to develop a brilliant memory week by week – DOMINIC O’BRIEN


The link method is a simple and effective method for memorizing any sequence of data, whether a shopping list, or a set of names, concepts, objects, directions, and so on. 198 more words