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Gardening … Work(s) in Progress … I can never call myself a gardener but I have friends who are seriously good gardeners with amazing gardens. 123 more words


The Keys of Prophecy in William Blake

The Christian world has always had issues with its prophets and visionaries. It has treated them with scorn and derision at best. The English mystic poet William Blake had visions throughout his life, and wrote some of the best poetry in the English language. 989 more words

Spiritual Psychology

The Physical World as Depth Psychology

“Once you understand the symbolic nature of physical reality, then you will no longer feel entrapped by it. You have formed the symbols, and therefore you can change them.

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The Seth Material

Conscious Creation, Suffering, and the Meaning of the Physical World

If we are ultimately the originators of our own experience, why do we suffer? Does the existence of suffering mean this world is flawed or a lesser creation as most religions assert? 1,776 more words

The Seth Material

The Creative Imagination as the Heart of Life

The Imagination is not a State: it is The Human Existence itself -William Blake in “Milton”

French orientalist and scholar of esoteric Islam Henri Corbin attempted through his works to advance an idea that he called “personalism,” or the notion that the individual is the indefinable center of all creation and experience.

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On one of Sachemspeak’s blogs this week he mentioned “Julie and Julia” and an associated blog site, Salon.com .  Julie Powell did exactly what I have been suggesting all this week; she did ONE THING that would propel her to achieve a larger goal. 388 more words

BE2: Friday Life Path Mapping Results

On Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:CHAPTER 6,IMAGINATION: THE WORKSHOP OF THE MIND, The Fifth Step toward Riches

On Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:CHAPTER 6,IMAGINATION: THE WORKSHOP OF THE MIND, The Fifth Step toward Riches

Picture if you will, walking along a trail in the mountains. 93 more words

Napoleon Hill