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A Merry Melbourne Christmas

For such a culturally and ethnically diverse city, Melbourne celebrates Christmas in a way that no other Australian capital city does. Being in the centre of the now crowded city brought back memories of Christmas in the Sydney of my childhood. 303 more words


Creative Juice

Myth is the secret opening… A myth we re-quicken in our minds and our lives, brings creative juice… Joseph Campbell

During the early 1980s my search for understanding, my quest for meaning. 355 more words

Nancy Wait



Yesterday, having talked about the creativity of memory, and also the question of guilt, I said I’d review Ian McEwen’s “Atonement.” Then I remembered I had already done so on amazon.com. 476 more words

Brisbane: A Writer's City

(Brisbane) A place where poetry could never occur ’
From David Malouf’s central character, Dante, in the seminal Brisbane novel Johnno (1975)

Many years ago, Brisbane had a reputation as a cultural wasteland. 407 more words


On Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:CHAPTER 6, IMAGINATION: THE WORKSHOP OF THE MIND, The Fifth Step toward Riches

On Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:CHAPTER 6, IMAGINATION: THE WORKSHOP OF THE MIND, The Fifth Step toward Riches

Roiling darkness of questioning thoughts… 102 more words

Napoleon Hill