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Wading into the Swamp

Moon Snake       Sarah Fuhro

Moon snake hangs like a ripe crescent

from a tropical branch, over my pillow.

Creamy white fur, white feathers,

stacked like tiny leaves, 517 more words


Creative Imagination in a mini-pond

Welcome to a Jurassic swamp with dragons in the deeps and dinosaurs hiding in the grass.  A child sits watching with open-eyed wonder.    It’s the stuff of children’s fiction. 621 more words

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Choices--When Two Roads Diverge...

It’s been my experience that whatever I’m working on, including this blog, the universe is supplying continual content.  When I’m in that flow with my writing and I come up against a choice…that Robert Frost dilemma of “two roads diverged in a yellow wood and sorry I could not travel both…”  I can either figuratively pound my head trying to choose one over the other… 424 more words

Writing As A Wake-Up Tool

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Wondering why so many people are wearing eye patches today? Or have parrots on their shoulders?  Or have taken to growling Arrrgh! at unusual moments? 276 more words

Parents And Children


I watched a PBS special on the Voyager space craft launched in 1977. It was so interesting to see the story unfold. From research, to engineering design, to launch, the men and women of NASA created two space crafts that traveled to the end of the solar system sending back photos of  the planets as it sailed by. 219 more words


Barriers to Creative Writing!

Do you feel sometimes that you chose to write, or did writing choose you? It’s a question I have asked myself loads of time especially when the muse has escaped me for some time.   524 more words

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