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Life's a beach

Whilst I am not intending to use any of my travels around New Zealand as inspiration in the studio, Its probably not coincidence that I have found myself visiting beaches, walking along rivers and collecting shells, pebbles and noticing the different trees & wildlife here. 320 more words

Creative Input

Travel and Place

In an interview Peter Fiore┬ástated that if you are an artist who is inspired by “place” then it’s almost impossible to be inspired by travel. 323 more words

Creative Input

A Second A Day (9.13.17 -10.15.17)

My First Month of Footage for my Three Month Long Project: “A Second A Day”

Creative Input

A Second A Day

One project I’ve always wanted to do is the “A Second A Day” video diary. After seeing this Youtube video:

and this Ted Talk by Cesar Kuriyama: 132 more words

Creative Input