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Creating from Something: Taking Time for Creative Input

So it’s been a while since I was last at the begining stage of the writing process. About a year and a half has passed since that fateful day when I first started building the worlds and developing the characters within… 369 more words

Young Adult

ffotohive at The Splashup

Last week I attended the ffotohive presentation at the Tramshed gallery in Cardiff. See link: http://ffotohive.com/ This was part of the Cardiff ‘Diffusion’ photography festival… 315 more words

Freedom Isn’t Free: Use Your Unstructured Time to Take in Creative Materials

My life is my message. —Gandhi

Here’s my radical philosophy:  You should always be working in service to your creative self.  Relaxation is not an excuse to be a vegetable. 576 more words


Avoid Burnout: Aligning Classes and Activities with Your Strengths

In an earlier post, I discussed the value of dropping extracurriculars to benefit your writing life.  That solves for the issue of time by telling you what not to take on, but it doesn’t tell you what you… 683 more words


Telling the client's story: The character of the creative

When it comes to ensuring that we create “on-target” marketing materials, my partner and I have always employed what has been called the Q Strategy.  We build a company backgrounder, craft a communications strategy, and then judge all creative by that strategy before presenting it to the client.  622 more words

Marketing Communications

Saturday Steampunk – Steampunk Cosplay

15 February 2010

One of the things I love about Steampunk (though this probably goes for most sub genres and sub cultures) is the wide variety of creative input .  450 more words


What if you not only support game design, but got to name the bartender yourself?

Let’s see if I can get this poll thing working.

I’ve been considering how to try and make some coins from kind folk for video game making. 108 more words