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Disaster has struck. Perhaps.

So, that book I had finished and was going to leave alone for a while before editing.

Weeeellll, I knew there were a couple of scenes that were missing and that needed to be added for continuity. 115 more words


IDE - Nirvana (Video)

IDE’s album, Breathe Easy, is a stalwart from 2016, and Nirvana is an acid trip from that album in the form of a video single. 66 more words


fire spinning

A bit of a blast from the past, but I wanted to see what watercolor did with fire. This is Balleck.

Love Love Love

We are all created differently.

Some of us believe that we can love more than once in a lifetime, but some of us don’t. Some of us can fall in and out of love over and over again. 232 more words

Life In Transition

A Little Bit of Me

Hello To You All!

Welcome to my site, Simply Cate B.

This is a site for my creative juices to flow and hopefully you’ll like what you see and even want to purchase something. 132 more words


The Flow


Rico Lamoureux

All Rights Reserved


Brandon and his three bandmates were baking, the hot ankle-high sand making it even more difficult to walk as they trekked through the vast open desert playing their instruments. 498 more words


By Guest Contributor:  Olivia Blocker

I don’t care if you’re unemployed, or sober, or willfully unemployed, or formerly incarcerated, or formerly incarcerated for violent crimes, or if you smoke weed everyday, or shoot heroin, or if you have 12 children, or if you’re a legally emancipated minor, or if you’re queer, or if you’re trans, or if you’ve been dishonorably discharged from the military, or if you can’t use stairs, or if you occasionally have a friends couch to crash on, or if you do sex work, or if you have your high school diploma, or if you have a f*cking dog. 173 more words

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