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Poly Arts

I am not a pro in digital art but I enjoy learning.

The images below are called ‘poly arts’. Originally they are just ordinary images, but once you edited them by putting polygons over them, voilá, they become poly arts. 137 more words

Creative Juices

Mockingjay Part 2 Trailer

Editing videos is one of my ways to make use of my creative juices. And since The Hunger Games is my all-time favorite movie series (and book series too), I thought: Why not make a tribute video out of it? 89 more words

Creative Juices

Those Artist Moments

I recently finished a canvas for my friend Melody lately, and it’s honestly been one of the most challenging artistic endeavors I have ever worked on. 730 more words


Why I Write

Anyone who knows me, knows that I write. Writing papers for my english classes was literally always a breeze for me. I have written for as long as I can remember. 692 more words

But I Don't Wanna!

I love creating stuff. It brings me great joy. And even if I chuck a tanty and decide to never publicly display it as I decide it’s inferior, it’s still something I can like and be happy with privately at times. 449 more words

Creative Juices

Dried Up

Creative juices

no longer flowing, surging

not like years ago.
Does this mean I’m done?

I’m not the poet I once

pretended to be?
Or is it just calm… 7 more words

Twin Flame

David Bowie

It’s been a pretty shitty few weeks with some really awesome people dying (Lemmy, Bowie, Alan Rickman). And it seemed to just come out of the blue, who knew they all had cancer. 86 more words

Creative Juices