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I have rewritten the next post in Zare’s story–almost entirely–3 times. I’ve been pecking at it for weeks in between work, holidays, and hours spent studying for my exams. 143 more words

Why You Need Mood Boards for Endless Inspiration

Hey there! We’ve already established that this month’s Saturdays and probably even the February’s will have topics that will help you to kickstart your blog this year. 929 more words


I Did Something I'm Happy With

I generally try to post any designy, illustratey, artsy stuff over on my other blog, but I was so happy with something I did (and I know it’s been a while since the last post), that I wanted to share it over here too.

Creative Juices

HGC vs. Wedding Photography

Long time no anything. Sorry, but life happens. Or doesn’t…

This was a request from a good friend (Starr: A hugely talented artist and Dr. Who fan) and really made her wedding folio sing  :p

Happy New Year.


The Un-funeral

It’s hardly fair to Thomdal. He was a gentle soul and everyone in the village liked him while he lived. But I was willing to bet good money that the only one listening to the eulogy was Priest Bayer and that was only because he was giving it. 220 more words


U.G. - Broken Vessel (Video)

Broken Vessel is the second video from U.G.’s new album, Portals. Again, you will not find a style similar to that of U.G. around. And neither will you find the production stylings of… 52 more words