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the pen is mightier

So what lead me to a venture in blogging wasn’t only my want to share my life story and knowledge with everyone, but also a passion for writing. 838 more words

Creative Block: The link between depression and creativity

New Shoes Here I Come The link between depression and creativity is debated in many arenas. I do wonder how many Artists and those who operate mostly from the right  side of the brain struggle with this and to what level. 845 more words


29 Ways to Stay Creative

Whether we like it or not, creativity escapes us from time to time. There’s nothing worse when your livelihood depends on the constant flow of your creative juices and, well, your juices stop flowing. 51 more words

good times (or: the moment)

a stress free day at work

the relaxing drive after

listening to soul coughing

“screenwriter’s blues”

getting the creative juices flowing

reading a script with good friends… 167 more words


When the creative juices flow

Every now and then, I sit down to have a serious one-to-one chat with yours truly. Okay, so the conversation is generally one-sided, as I haven’t progressed to doing different voices for different sides of my personality, but the purpose of these little tete-a-tetes is to remind myself why I write. 1,455 more words


Spinning Wings and Things

I need to take my wings for a spin

It’s been far too long since I walked in wonder
Contemplating the paths that lie before my feet… 189 more words


“Like anxious stage magicians, writers are constantly peering into each others’ hats to try to learn each others’ tricks.”

~Steve Silberman