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Star Wars

What? You thought we here at FLY would miss the highly anticipated premier of Star Wars? To quote Darth Vader, “I find your lack of faith disturbing.” MSP is hot with Jedi Fever. 148 more words


Creative Kidstuff

“Creative Kidstuff offers customers a well thought assortment of developmental and educational toys that are creative, innovative and imaginative. Creative Kidstuff believes in the power of play and expertly edits the assortment to include brand new, fresh toys as well as classics that stand the test of time.”

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Another Guest Appearance on The Happi House Paired With How to Host a Wine Tasting Party! I say YES!

If you hang out with me, you know how much I LOVE a good glass of wine.

So naturally, I was hoping the producers of The Happi House would “pair” one of my guest appearances with How to Host a Wine Tasting Party. 10 more words

Another TV Guest Appearance on The Happi House This Morning

Just a friendly reminder to my Minnesota friends and family, stay tuned to the CW channel this morning at 9:00 am Central Time to catch my second guest appearance on… 110 more words

This Morning's Television Debut

Thought you might like to see this morning’s television debut on The Happi House.

My ruggedly handsome husband has suggested pulling my hair back next time. 18 more words

My Television Debut on the CW Channel This Morning at 9:00 am

Just a friendly reminder to all of you in the Minnesota area. You can catch my television debut at 9:00 am this morning on the Happi House. 105 more words

More Exciting News I've Been Busting at the Seams to Tell You!

I looked out the window as my plane descended into the Minneapolis airport that night last January and I couldn’t help but smile as I flew over the city and saw those brightly lit areas in every neighborhood. 323 more words