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Songs From Las chicas del cable (Cable Girls - Netflix)

Las chicas del cable or Cable Girls is another European addition to Netflix. It aired for the first time about two month ago. I found out about it by mistake a couple of weeks ago when I finished watching another TV series, … 261 more words

Creative Moments

Creative Moments Challenge - Flag day

For the new challenge at Creative Moments the theme is flags.  This week, no flag is more appropriate than the Union flag.  Such tragedy has hit the United Kingdom over the last two months that our union must be celebrated.   120 more words


Creative Moments

My creativity varies sometimes from moment to moment or week to week. Although I try not to stifle my creativity because it brings me great joy and peace, sometimes I think about it way too much or I find myself forgetting to indulge in what makes me happy. 46 more words

My Thoughts

Things That Make Me Smile

There were so many things that bought me JOY and SMILES today which, after yesterday’s fraught day with our galah, Roxy, was such a blessing… 260 more words

The Garden

Solar on the Farm

What an awesome day we had last Friday, the solar installation happened. YAY. We were unsure as it had been raining and I didn’t expect even these brave dudes to walk on a wet roof. 310 more words

The Garden

No matter where it takes you, always seek out the truth - (OC#04)

I’m issuing a warning alert, PB is about to get a wee bit political because I am over people talking about FAKE news!  Alternate facts do not exist; they are what we have always called lies.   653 more words

Creative Moments

New Office for the New Year

The new office kind of took us by surprise as it started with me mulling over what to do about the awful curtains. Curtains I had to look at every time I sat at my computer. 212 more words