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Memories... Heartfelt love and sympathy

When a card doesn’t seem to say what you want it to say… sometimes words just don’t say what the heart feels…

As moments turn to days… 148 more words

Creative Moments

What would it take...

Anxiety makes things complicated and complications increase anxiety… It’s a cycle that feeds itself. I have been wondering, quite a bit lately, why did anxiety become such a significant part of this time in my life… and I guess I had become quite good at dealing with fear by ignoring it and keeping super busy in activities and roles that I was comfortable in.  175 more words

Small Steps

Beautifully Imperfect

We are all wonderful, beautiful wrecks.

That’s what connects us — that we are all broken, all beautifully imperfect.

~ Emilio Estevez

As soon as I rezzed in front of ANC’s broken chair at this round of Collabor88 I knew I was going home with it. 

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Let It Go

For a while now I have felt stuck in a rut… negative thoughts flooding my mind, drowning out truth and harbouring self-destructive behaviours. I am tired of being bound by these emotions and thoughts, so I cried out to God. 223 more words

Small Steps

Staying True

“Today you are YOU, that is TRUER than TRUE.
There is NO-ONE alive, who is YOUER than YOU.”
~ Dr Seuss

Aside from the fact that seeing “YOUER” sends shivers down my backbone and has me reaching for the grammatical eraser this quote holds untold wisdom within that simple selection of words. 730 more words


When the Heart speaks

I don’t have to say it,
And I don’t have to think it,
Just put your hand on my heart
You’d know.

Having created this romantic love nook earlier in the month for Valentine’s Day (find the credits in the post…

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Dance across the Page

/// Inspiration

Yesterday’s Daily Dose of Creativity was really good fun and relaxing too. Today I explored colour (I loved the petrol blue created by accident and the mix of red and yellow blurred together) and playing with brush stokes. 54 more words