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When the Heart speaks

I don’t have to say it,
And I don’t have to think it,
Just put your hand on my heart
You’d know.

Having created this romantic love nook earlier in the month for Valentine’s Day (find the credits in the post…

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Dance across the Page

/// Inspiration

Yesterday’s Daily Dose of Creativity was really good fun and relaxing too. Today I explored colour (I loved the petrol blue created by accident and the mix of red and yellow blurred together) and playing with brush stokes. 54 more words


Onion Observation

/// Inspiration

Onions! I’ve been chopping and cooking lots of onions this past week.

/// Materials

Watercolour paints

/// Suggestions for you

Chop a selection of fruit and vegetables and look for interesting patterns and textures. 49 more words


Just a Baby @ 227

Everyone knows I am a very proud Australian. Whenever an opportunity arises you find me waving the national flag, talking about the great things my country has to offer and telling everyone, YES come down under and visit. 662 more words

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Soul Travelers

Within every lifetime,

…. we will always find one another.

I know it is impossible for people watching from the sidelines to understand that which needs to be felt to be understood. 

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