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The pleasures of writing memoir

In my job I tutor all kinds of students, but most of the writing they show me is academic writing and their questions are about how to do it, improve it, and understand it.   1,123 more words

First Person

When I heard my dad...

About two weeks ago, my cousin’s family invited my aunt and me to dinner. The restaurant was incredibly loud because half of the restaurant was rented out for a company party. 550 more words


In Search of Ghosts -- Original Fiction

Back home, in John Irving style small town New Hampshire, there are exactly three things to do after nine o’clock at night.

The first is to hang out at Wal-Mart, which is not very exciting, and has become the past time of far too many of the high school kids. 914 more words


President Tweet

Drawing shallow air
 Fellow travellers feign
 silent indifference:
 (plush purple posies
 wilt in winter heat)
 events draw prematurely
to an abject close

 Overworm turns Underworm
stomachs churning inside out:

… 89 more words

No Distance


Dedicated to my beloved daughter

There is no distance for a mother, she knows her child and by instinct how they fare. For when they cry and if they hurt, like a clap of thunder, a mother’s eyes instantly flash her knowing concern. 104 more words


Men and Women at Work

At the risk of offending equality campaigners, I’m aware that I’ve gravitated backwards regarding my working relationships with the opposite sex.  I’m surprisingly alright with it now that I’m closer to retirement age than I was when I was younger and the natural male-female interaction became skewed for fear of  sexual inappropriateness or harassment accusations. 1,045 more words

Creative Non-fiction

The Daily: My Place in the Sun

I spent the morning of my birthday paying my credit card bills, updating student loan options and folding newly laundered clothes. I wonder if this seems sad to others but to me it felt calming. 385 more words

The Daily