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So I’m sitting in this room right, and it’s this big grand circle. Everyone’s looking at the floor. There’s tension, you know, for sure, just seething beneath all our seats, microwaving our ass cheeks. 549 more words

Creative Non-Fiction

Float On

This post is about a very expensive bath.

It happened at a float spa. Although, I suspect that a very similar experience could have been had at home with low lighting, a big, bath tub and a generous handful of Epsom salt. 663 more words


Eight Red Candy Hours

Eight Red Candy Hours

They taste like candy. A box of eighteen little red candies. Sweet coating and easy to swallow. Swish them around to get the sugar off and then down with water. 496 more words

Welcome To My Morning (Mirrors)

Your alarm rudely crashes through your subconscious and interrupts the dream you were so comfortably enjoying. Groan, roll over, and smack the switch. Silence again. Eyes slowly, painfully blink open. 437 more words


Reclaiming Home

Last week I moved all my belongings from one town to another. After the movers left, I walked through each room of what was my home for 18 years, my footsteps echoing in the empty space. 454 more words

Writing For Beginners

Transitioning into Fall

Yes, it is that time of year again,

kids heading back to school, the parents delight, the child can’t wait until summer vacation. The end of summer does not have to be so depressing. 319 more words

Near and Far

It’s going to be a great day. The promise of the sunny day almost hides behind the clouds above, and the hovering, disappearing ground mist below. 337 more words