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Vampire Portrait

The portrait represented my not-surprisingly-sad six-year-old self. People told me as far back as I can remember that I looked sad. Some would even ask why I looked so sad. 479 more words


2 Faces or 1

The poem asks who is this child woman and where has she gone? Does her poems still grow in sun-flowers? Does she still dance in the rain?   107 more words

Daily Musings

Sifting the Words of Encouragement

“You are awesome.”

Three words this morning.  In an email from a student whom I never taught but is currently at university.

“You are awesome.” 951 more words

Creative Writing


I remember one time, I’m on my way to Morry’s Deli on 55th and this girl stops me. A U of C girl. White. And she’s standing on the corner talking about police violence. 75 more words

Black Plastic Fantastic

My First Wife

Facebook isn’t good for a whole lot, but one thing it’s great at? Alerting you to the fact that your junior high crush got hitched over the weekend. 1,804 more words


How to fill the first 10 pages of your writing notebook without panicking

I love researching and I love thinking ideas through. Sometimes this means I get mired in my own head: getting thoughts onto paper becomes a chore because they’re never going to be as good as they are in my head. 822 more words

Creative Non-fiction

No Electricity!

Yesterday, September 22, 2016, my neck of the woods was hit with a hurricane-force wind storm. It’s been almost 4 years since the last one but this storm was accompanied with heavy rain. 790 more words