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Happy Birthday Mom

Yesterday friends and family came together to help celebrate my moms birthday. My twin brother was able to take a couple days off from his work to surprise her. 550 more words


Issue 14, Poco Bear Letter #4: On New Cities

To One Poco Bear,

I have been waking up to a new city for more than three months now. Waking up in a new room to a new view and taking a new route to a new university. 881 more words

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This week has been quite an eventful one in the life of our rather unremarkable little hamlet. Described variously as ‘picturesque’ (Oooh!), ‘quaint’ ( 526 more words


Describing a Rose to a Blind Man

Beauty can go beyond sight. For the rose, the first thing to surpass this limit is its scent, a misty sweetness that comes from within its petals invading the nose and also hinting its taste. 57 more words


My Best Friend Cries on the Toilet

Only when she poops though. Every time we’re getting ready to go out somewhere I glance at her reflection while doing my eyeliner and see the tears welled up in her eyes. 190 more words

Creative Non-fiction

Living in the Twilight Hush

I’m home again, reclining in my office chair; the sun is setting and I am living in this lovely duplicity of enjoying modern conveniences and aching to return to the mountain side. 1,219 more words

Let's Talk about Her

Life decides for us on some accounts. We don’t get to choose how we’re born, who we are born to, or where we are born. We get to eventually decide some things like what we wear, where we go, and what kind of hair we have. 1,736 more words

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