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“Pay attention, O Jacob, for you are my servant, O Israel.

I, the Lord, made you, and I will not forget you.” Isaiah 44:21 (NLT) 2,721 more words


Inanimate Object

“Ammi doesn’t like it when you touch her books.” Rehan had a deep frown etched in the middle of his eyebrows as he stood in front of me, shaking his head disapprovingly in my direction. 1,309 more words

Creative Non-fiction

Remembering how Merced residents came together to fight Trump

It was the 19th of February and I had just arrived at the Merced Multicultural Arts Center, the location of a Trump Resistance.  Expecting a room full of hateful protesters all banding together to cause a upheaval in Washington I was surprised at the reality of local protest. 850 more words

Creative Non-Fiction

The Fourth Anniversary of An Immigration: A Fantasy for a Lost Life

When you travel far far away and you leave behind everything to build a new home, a new habitat, even after many years a flickering of summer sun on the edge of an oak leaf, a picture of an old friend sitting on a park bench, or even inevitable wanderings of your delirious mind brings before your eyes the images of the past with a lucidity so striking that your heart feels entrapped tightly in your chest. 340 more words

Creative Non-Fiction

Poolside Thoughts

There is something lovely about lying out at a pool on a Saturday morning all alone. It’s quiet. Even the sun is not wanting to wake up and stays tucked behind a cloud blanket. 216 more words

Creative Non-fiction

When the world gets smaller

When I came in, her eyes did not light up as usual.

She tried to fake it, a little, but her smile was all wrong. 621 more words

A Goodbye

I think I’ve stopped being sad about it. I can’t tell. I haven’t cried about you in weeks, but I think about your friends and I get really sad because they all loved you – even the ones you had a falling out with. 585 more words