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I Still Call My Hometown Home

“One of the reasons writers are so much more interested in life than others who just go on living all the time is that what the writer doesn’t understand the first thing about is just what he acts like such a specialist about — and that is life.

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The Virgin Islands: A Photo Diary

We descended into St. Thomas through a thick bank of black clouds that would devour the island in a matter or hours. We hadn’t even landed when the rain began beating against the tiny airplane windows, always slowly at first, until eventually it’s one fast, collective smack against the surface. 814 more words


How to Win Back Your Ex, or How to Make the Best Lemonade in the World with $0 and 0 Ingredients

How to Win Back Your Ex,

or How to Make the Best Lemonade in the World with $0 and 0 Ingredients

I could say I’ve spent the last two months researching in preparation of writing this essay, but in reality (something I have trouble coming to terms with), I spent the last two months googling “how to win back your ex,” and clicking into every piece of bait. 1,336 more words

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Creative essay?

I haven’t posted in a few weeks, I have just been way too busy with Elder Scrolls Online (I have red eyes to prove it) and I have been organising costumes with my Sister (we are either going Game of Thrones Women or if her friends decide to come along, possibly Disney Princesses). 68 more words



The pieces are scattered around. They are all pretty tiny, some only dust,  like glass shattering from a great height on tile floor. No one can see them, but they are there, hidden deep within her heart. 672 more words

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Have A Safe 4th Everyone

May we never forget the many veteran’s here today who have sacrificed and gave their all so we can enjoy the freedoms we have today. take the time today and thank a vet. 45 more words