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Frente Unida Contra el Kapitalismo, Trump y la Migra también

100 DIAS

Nadie esperaba el poder que se mostró frente la represión fascista del nuevo régimen. Más que todos los de abajo, con todas sus diferencias llegando a un mismo “No!” también se hizo crecer todo eso a que le decimos sí. 973 more words



I try to think of what to say
The words crumble in my mouth
They float up to the rafters
Eventually they’ll fall south

They’re waiting for the melody… 104 more words

Creative NonFiction


We snuck away in the middle of the night, staying off the main roads, cutting through yards and alleys until we reached the safe house. Mom had hastily packed a few changes of clothes for us in preparation, careful to be sure that Father wouldn’t find out. 2,807 more words

Creative Non-fiction

B is for Brač

The Croatian coastline is speckled with over a thousand islands; little green, wooded jewels in the bright blue sea, some inhabited, some not. In summer, brilliant white yachts tack between them; day trippers trailing their feet languidly into the sea, basking in the sunshine. 470 more words


I shouldn’t have done this

by Jeff Berry

When we moved to Dai Nippon, the Military Occupation was still in effect, meaning that Americans were treated by the Japanese public very carefully. 728 more words

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Kyle's Write Stuff

He smelled of cheap cigarettes and stale coffee, like the back of some old “last gas here” station, where the only business is young lost couples, coyotes, and tumbleweeds. 302 more words

Creative Non-fiction

A is for Awakening

My writing/inspiration/motivation has been in one of those periodic ruts that affect creative people. Last night I came up with a plan to get out of it: writing 26 pieces of creative non-fiction, one for each letter of the alphabet. 308 more words