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Her Killers

There is a laundry list of her murderers: The failed social/ political system that denies mentally and drug sick folk civilized long term easy access to inpatient mental care– we leave that to jails and streets in the ‘village’– where people preach but don’t care to get involved or to pay; Inherited DNA that both gives and takes away– (her family history included violence and homicide); and a violent drug- sick environment. 559 more words

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Made Me Happy Monday

what I’m sure I’d look like on the beach!

Photo credit: www.happyologist.co.uk

(in order of appearance):

10-Good morning texts

9-Being called “Sunshine”

8-The milk hasn’t spoiled… 61 more words


The Last Time

The last time I had hives, I also turned orange.

I was six years old, small, and always on the prowl for sweets.  My mother was baking carrot-cake muffins for my kindergarten class, or that’s what she planned to do before I ate the entire bag of carrots.  604 more words


The Blind Side

Last weekend I spent the day with my six year-old niece. She’s turning seven soon and when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday she responded with “an Old Navy gift card”. 916 more words



Written 26 March 2015 for Travel Narratives course.

I’ve only just burrowed into my duvet for a nap when my phone buzzes violently. I ignore it and fall asleep anyway, because I’ve always hated the aggressiveness of its vibrate setting, and I want to teach it to be more polite to me. 641 more words



Written 19 March 2015 for Travel Narratives course.

*Content warning for self-harm.

I need to have plans, I think. There’s this place in Chelsea on King’s Road called Joe and the Juice. 716 more words

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The Dry Years

It’s hot this summer. Too hot. Like hide in the house with the air conditioning on hot. I hate that.

I grew up on the East Coast and my memories of summer are of being really hot, really sweaty and really burned out most of the time. 1,484 more words

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