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My Four Season Closet

With the changing season, I am once again rearranging my closet. I get rid of the clothes with stains and rips in them. I have made my basic build closet into a walk in  by adding a bottom rod and few shelves to store purses and shoes. 291 more words

Creative Non- Fiction


Instant gratification is not good for creativity.

I got nothing.

Queen of Katwe: We Have to Save More Than One

I had resisted going to see Queen of Katwe because it is produced by Disney, and I am weary of Disney’s penchant for romanization and fabrication of a perfect reality, often at the cost of truth or accurate representation of history to sell to “young people.” 627 more words

Daily Musings


you remind me of my first cigarette

like so much smoke in the air, this might

fade away into the night

but there’s something exciting about… 9 more words


On reading, writing, & commentary


The original title of this piece is “Criticism & commentary,” but it’s really about reading and writing as harmoniously-integrated activities within the larger whole that is a literary continuum and polyphonic collective; uniting all participants in a living textual network. 4,275 more words

Essays & Commentaries & Other Texts


I had a dream the other night that my teeth were falling out. First whole, molars followed by canines, then in chunks and shards. No blood, just polished cream fading to baby pink at the root or the jagged edges where they splintered. 654 more words

Issue 10, Creative Non-fiction: Hobbit-sized hero

by Merryana Salem

The Measure Of A Hero Is Sometimes Hobbit-sized.

In a world inundated with flawed angst ridden Captain America, Supermans and Professor Xaviers, it can be tough to find an actual everyday hero. 1,456 more words

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