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The Best Thanksgiving

I can hardly believe it. Thanksgiving has come and gone this year and Christmas is coming in a month and 2016 in less than 5 weeks!  908 more words


Art Every Day Month~Day 28~The Mask

“I slap this perfectly sculpted mask onto my face every single day. It is one that has a perfectly carved smile and warm brown eyes. One that is well kept and put together. 504 more words


Suburban Blues

Suburbia is the purgatory of modern development. It is neither nature nor city but straddles the space between. Here, people are frenzied shoppers   but are also desperate to escape the compulsion to consume. 661 more words


A mind in iron

Here is the great mystery of life: it ends.

So there I was …  am? I have no memory of my origin, only of being and it seems that I have always been. 611 more words


Exploring Creativity, Clarity and Charity a.k.a. Writing to Santa Claus

The stores in my city have begun decking up for Christmas. Alongside brightly lit trees, ornaments and mistletoe, Santa Claus remains a popular embodiment of Yuletide cheer. 549 more words


Thanks For The Hats

Back. Back in the U. The S. And the A. After much time away I have returned for a brief visit back. Back to America. To the land of the free. 1,554 more words


To make art (Literacy Memoir)

To clearly explain why reading and writing mean so much to me, I must first explain the environment I was in when I discovered the importance of those two things. 1,029 more words