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When a 17-Year-Old Checkout Clerk in Small Town Michigan Hits on Me, I Think about the Girl I Loved at 17 by Krys Malcolm Belc, Brevity, Issue 57, Jan 2018

This micro nonfiction piece is packed full of metaphor and meaning. It starts with a brief (very brief) history of the PATH train that ran from New York to New Jersey, opened in 1908. 261 more words


I Remember

[This post is an homage to my college creative nonfiction classes, where we were asked to write a string of sentences that all begin with “I remember…” It’s such a great exercise to get you in the mood for writing, especially nonfiction. 948 more words


White-gray on the color wheel

In the 19 years I’ve known Dawn it was maybe the second time I’ve seen her hungover, one random Friday in February. And though it was set to snow and I tried a new gumbo recipe, built a fire, she wasn’t interested in any of it; she just threw up and ate crackers and stayed in bed. 272 more words

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Vocal Cord Dysfunction

I learned something new yesterday: your voice box is surrounded and mostly supported by muscles! That sucker is almost floating. Take a look:

The hyoid bone is at the top of the larynx and the larynx sits atop the trachea. 540 more words

Creative Nonfiction

Into Nothing

today, I have something a bit different to share… a little bit of creative non-fiction. last semester, I took a Non-Fiction 2 class that was focused on memoir writing and this was my final submission.

5,678 more words

Dark Days in Chicago: The Rehabilitation of an Urban Terrorist

“Dark Days in Chicago:  The Rehabilitation of an Urban Terrorist” will be released to the retail market in 3 to 4 months.  I’m very excited about this work that evolved into a new experience for myself.  284 more words

Creative Nonfiction

Not all Nonfiction is Creatively Equal: A Look at Reading Nonfiction

Not all Nonfiction is Creatively Equal

Contributing writer Laura Brackin writes about nonfiction and how it is different from fiction, in terms of how a fiction reader should approach it. 585 more words

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