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The Color of Hope

Every year with the leaves comes the memory: walking through downtown Denver with Alan on a no-jacket day just as the trees were breaking bud. The leaves had not yet resolved into the distinct greens of honey locust and ash, crabapple and elm. 2,216 more words

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An honest take on mental illness

In the spirit of Mental Health Awareness Month I am revealing my struggles with mental illness.


Lately I have been thinking about what got my blog started. 1,943 more words


The End of July, 1935

Summer.  Still summer.  She goes to Hampden Ponds, she goes swimming, she goes to the library, and helps around the house with chores like ironing.  Her cousin Edna is staying with them while she begins a new job locally and settles in.  227 more words


A Tale of Few

By Emily D.

May 25, 2016

As a child in the streets that I roamed, I grew up with these two little kids. We all were the same age and all had similar problems. 2,726 more words


Going Aloft, Chapter 11

For all you fisherpeople out there, this chapter’s for you.

Saltwater fishing has always captivated my imagination more than freshwater. Maybe it’s the spectacular colors of the fish, maybe it’s the possibility of catching a real whale-scaled monster, but I’ve always gotten bored in lakes and streams. 373 more words

Going Aloft

When You Need A Little Hope, Revise

I’ve been working this essay about Ramadan dresses (dara’as, caftans) and while the process is fun (interviewing! I’m interviewing people who can teach me more!) and I’m learning about the region’s holy month traditions and drafting real time, I really needed a chunk of writing to… 2,666 more words


Heart and Soil

Spring is one of the most glorious seasons in New England. It feels like living in the middle of a time lapse video in the way that things quicken to burst, bloom, bud, and basically run amok. 1,088 more words

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