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Code Change?

Has there been a change in the WordPress code or did it just become sentient?


The House on Woodlawn Drive

by Toni Stauffer

Memphis, Summer of 1971

I closed my eyes and stretched out my arms, my shoulder-length blonde hair flying behind me. Pulling my right leg up like a flamingo, I practically flew down my mother’s driveway, wobbling side-to-side. 737 more words

Creative Nonfiction

My (Very Loose) Plan for Becoming an Old Woman

I was struck today by this thought: I may at times, with a sideways glance, look for a way around the inevitability of aging.

This lit up my thinking recently after trying to find a decent and authentic photo for my Facebook account. 2,860 more words

Why Obama's Legacy Will Live On

I heard this piece by Mat Johnson today and I think he captures, well, the senitment that I share about our out-going president.  This is also an excellent example of creative non-fiction, which we’re learning about this week in my Creative Writing class! 11 more words

Choices and Paths

Here we stand, roads diverged just like that poem by Ronald Freeze, or whatever.  However it’s not two roads, but many.  Here we stand, at the beginning where it very much might be the end.  509 more words

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The Empty Chair

I sit rigid on the edge of a floral-patterned couch dizzied by the movement all around me. I know this house; I have been here every weekend for the better part of my life. 909 more words


A Catchy Title for a Case Study on Writing About What I Want To Write About.

I had so many disclaimers when this topic wouldn’t leave me alone (and if you’re a writer, you know exactly how it feels to be gently pursued by… or completely annoyed by a topic or idea): 1,099 more words