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New Space Draft One

The Quidditch Pitch

The park was quiet when I drove up and parked.  There were some men tossing around a basketball at the courts to my right, the bump-bump against the concrete like a steady drumbeat.  767 more words

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eyelashes fit for marlene

She held her Chablis and sipped over her double Ds during her solo lunch at the Vietnamese bistro, placing onto the rim of her glass her two lips plumped with Restylane then fluttering a set of eyelashes worthy of the iconic Marlene, who, coincidental to our little rhyming scheme, had her film debut in 1930. 80 more words


Does LEMON a Day, Keep the BREAST CANCER at bay?

Yes, you read it right. Here I’m not talking about just the lemon juice; I’m talking about lemon as a whole – lemon zest, lemon peel and lemon pith. 522 more words

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Carson Street, revisited

This post continues one I started two years ago, about the time I lived in Pittsburgh, featured on Freshly Pressed.

Bingo Quixote was his stage moniker but his real name was Bob, Bob Zimmer. 841 more words



Journal # 10.08.2016

This morning I found myself splashed across the walls like water. This morning I woke from a nightmare being hunted by a man with a shotgun. 204 more words

Rosalia's Story Part 12: Release from Ellis Island

Continued from October 20, 2016

Excitement, combined with the cries of children and the snores of old ladies, made sleep difficult. Rosalia awoke before dawn and stared at her surroundings. 1,217 more words

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There's a correlation between aliens and the rain in Michigan.

When I was seven years old, I walked into the student library wearing overalls with Pooh Bear on them and pigtails adorned with butterfly clips. I marched right up to the librarian, a portly woman with tanned skin and hoop earrings, and asked, 429 more words