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Dances With Wolves

Much has been made of the America of yore slowly dying on the vine. This topic is as timely as ever lately as our candidates have masqueraded around the country striving to convince different demographics that they’ve been systematically oppressed and victimized in the name of economy or efficiency, that interstates and free trade are to blame for their feelings of malaise. 827 more words

The Season for Battle

Fall is the season of leaves turning red and gold, the season of school buses and frosty mornings, and the season for battle. In ancient times, when things got tense at home, men could prove themselves by putting on 80 pounds of armor and joining the Crusades. 277 more words

Creative Nonfiction

A 21st Century Discovery

Dad and I were rolling into the parking lot of the visitor center when the GPS beeped at us.

I stuffed the rest of my slightly stale, blueberry-ish bagel, courtesy of the continental breakfast at the Embassy Suites in Las Vegas, in my mouth and grabbed the device sitting on the dash. 777 more words


Two or More

I was born in New York City to a Jewish-Belgian mother and a Jamaican father. When I was little, I moved to Belgium, but spent at least two months each year with my family in New York, or Jamaica, or Israel. 516 more words


A Piece of Creative writing.

I haven’t shared entries with Babu is a long time.  It felt really good to do so today.  Here is a piece of Creative Writing from Babu!!  158 more words


eddie catalina part 5

the short walk to the basque restaurant was uneventful. however, by this time the small establishment was very busy. the staff was having a hard time keeping up with all the food and drink orders. 1,108 more words


The Pacific High and Aleutian Low

These posts are from a recent backpacking trip I made on the PCT with my dear friend Brad Shaffer. The post titles are taken from the great climber… 1,054 more words