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I always wondered what it was like, before I was born.  I suppose I couldn’t see or feel anything.  But I can’t imagine a lack of vision and feeling.  609 more words

Wild Hyacinth

April is greening, there is rain, sometimes slant and hard, sometimes hail. In April, rainbows may follow, forming perfect prisms, even the indigo and violet bands in the bow are bright as they bend to shimmer in the treetops. 59 more words


The Scotlands

By Lauren Turner

It was a small but lively borough of Wolverhampton. The Scotlands was where I played, explored and grew… all within the boundaries of a small street and the cul-de-sac that led off it. 1,927 more words

Black Country

To Disappear

Last summer I thru-hiked the Northville Placid Trail with my father. It was 133 miles of mud and mosquitoes, storm-ravaged bridges and swollen lakes. The trail only crossed four major roads (except for a several mile road walk at the end), and my dad and I could walk an entire day without seeing another soul. 445 more words


April A-Z: January

Usually, when I “end one year” and “begin another” inside this project I celebrate almost as much as I do the actually changing of years.  Ok, that’s an exaggeration, but possibly this January, the January of 1940, deserves to start without a lot of fan fair.  121 more words


You Want to Be a What?

She looked at him with disbelief. Did he just say what she thought he had said?

“But what about us?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” he answered. 693 more words

Short Stories

Love and Death in the Sunshine State by Cutter Wood

In Florida, a stolen car, a missing woman and a conflagration draw a writer from out of town to ruminate on the darker side of human relationships in this thoughtful melding of true crime, memoir and speculation. 511 more words

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