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Yeezy Told Me to Drop Out

Do you ever wonder if you’ll find your dreams?

Yeezy said it best, and Yeezy definitely had his moments of poignant reflection once you got past all the arrogance and commercialism surrounding his artistry. 949 more words

Writing About Writing


The light is gone, and everything seems dusty and quiet as if left untouched for years. I am never warm anymore, and the silence is like a siren ringing in my head. 469 more words

Creative Nonfiction

Creative Nonfiction: Defining the Genre

by Elizabeth Ruth Deyro, Prose Editor

Creative nonfiction is the fusion of creative writing and journalism. On one hand, it uses principles of journalism to build the skeleton of the story, which, as suggested by the tag ‘nonfiction’, demands to be hinged on facts instead of merely the writer’s imagination (as opposed to fiction). 530 more words



when you cannot see your family very often, and you see them, in flesh and blood, and get to embrace them, and hug the little ones and ruffle their hair, and look into those innocent eyes, and listen to them tell you stories, and tell them yours, in turn… nothing else compares, no, nothing else compares.

Surrendering a Pocket Knife

There wasn’t much going on at the Spokane International Airport. Its two runways did not seem busy yesterday as I navigated the rigid airport security system. 943 more words


Dad's thoughts

He lets them pool around rocks. But like moss or grass, the thoughts grow roots and don’t flow. When I call, he circles back in on himself, in reverberating circles. 242 more words

A New Creative Nonfiction Workshop at Berkeley Extension is Now Enrolling

David Rompf is once again teaching a creative nonfiction workshop through Berkeley Extension. Instruction starts January 23d and runs through April 17th. At this blog I’ve written several times about creative nonfiction as a genre and my experience with the course. 128 more words