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This crucifix is a copy of the one through which God spoke to Saint Francis of Assisi in the year 1205, saying “Go, Francis, and repair my Church which, as you see, is falling into ruin.” 381 more words

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Dissolution; or I'm Still Trying

I’m standing in a vacuum. Perfect quiet, perfect stillness. There’s no air left to breathe or speak or cry. Grandpa’s study is cast in shadows. Hours yet until dawn. 2,859 more words


My Generation Cannot Count Change: A Rant

I am tired of hearing from the generations above me, “this generation cannot even make change” (referring to retail services etc) as an argument against our competence and intelligence. 367 more words

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Dealing with Doubt

Image: Romain Toornier 

My first day of classes is in twenty-three days and all I can think about is not going. I have this vision of raising my hand after attendance is taken and saying, “Excuse me, Professor, you didn’t call my name.” He’ll scan the list one more time, shake his head, and tell me to go to the main office down the hall, on the right. 822 more words


I've Got That Summertime Sickness

I stood in my kitchen waiting for my bacon potato soup to heat up. I’d been eating a lot soup lately. A sore throat is a sore throat. 1,543 more words


Perspective from my Garden

By this midsummer date, pretty much everything is dried up, brown, or dead. Hot August bears down too hard, too hot, and saps the life out of every delicate plant. 248 more words

Daily Journal

street ghost

To my knowledge, in “Street Haunting” V. Woolf doesnt make explicit the distinction between “street rambling,” which she uses at the beginning of the piece, and “street haunting” which comes at the end. 1,738 more words