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Life is One Long Storytime

Scenario 1: A parent settles against a pillow propped on a bedroom wall next to his young son, now curved about the warm bulk of his father. 3,203 more words

Some Doll

I was halfway to my fifth birthday, so it would have been the third year my parents sat me down on the couch and handed me the Montgomery Wards Christmas Catalog. 1,330 more words

We, the People. We, the Rocks.

It can be difficult to love rock. Bioerosion, glauconite, miogeosyncline, they aren’t words that inspire. Even cleavage becomes a sigh when it’s all slate and dust. 376 more words



I don’t have a problem believing that God was a man.  Had he been a woman, he would have cleaned the house instead of resting.


Book Review: Beyond Our Degrees of Separation by Judith Ravin & Muhammad Hassan Miraj

Beyond Our Degrees of Separation: Washington Monsoons and Islamabad Blues
Judith Ravin & Muhammad Hassan Miraj
Inkwater Press, 2017

4 stars

Cross-cultural writing can be illuminating as well as problematic. 678 more words


February, 1939

February was a cute month full of Babu’s sass and shut downs.  I’ve been in the habit of transcribing across the table from her as she eats breakfast and sometimes it is just too much to read what she has written at 20 years old and look up and see her ever so innocent 99 year old face.  970 more words



I have no idea what he said, but it was a very lovely combination of words.