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Acceptable Judgment in our society

​Never have I ever been more judged by someone than when I have needed help the most. Why is it human nature to think 2 or 3 or more times before getting someone? 334 more words



​I found myself here broken and in pain

Unable to fix myself
I am alone
trapped in this hell
It is dark, void of emotion… 96 more words



​How did I end up here?

I keep searching for an answer
One that will never be found
I carry this with me every where… 42 more words



​The walls have been built and secured

The windows have been darkened
The distance between us
grows further each day
How do you help someone that is broken? 21 more words

Chronic Migraines

Wet Paint

It’s all so new! Like walking out of the nail salon with that fresh coat of high-gloss scarlet, screaming “stop and stare at me!” I’ve been talking about doing this for quite some time; I can’t believe I’ve actually seen this project to fruition! 490 more words


The Toll & Randomness

Those of us that suffer from chronic pain can relate to this. I get migraines every week, I feel like I am on survival mode so much so that I can’t comprehend anything else. 161 more words

Chronic Migraines

My Intro

I used to believe everything happens for a reason, but then for no (known) reason I started getting chronic, debilitating migraines, sometime after I turned 30. 768 more words

Chronic Migraines