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pot de creme

It arrived in a crisp white mug, settled onto an equally clean saucer, it’s delicate handle gleaming white as it traversed the maze of tables and shuffling chairs on its way to me. 338 more words

On Being Loved

Polarised mind
things I can say,
but only for others
or as others.

If I hide behind my
knowledge and all these
piles of books… 83 more words


The Blurred Lines

If all else fails and I
cannot stay within the lines of your

Would you cease to love me?
Or see me as useful? 126 more words


I Am Happy

I am happy,
happy so deep down inside.
I know it’s there,
if only I could find it
for just long enough to

I am happy, 111 more words



Wrapped in a beige sweater, it’s heavy cable knit pulled tight around me, it’s stretched out cuffs pulled down and wrapped in my fingers, my face nestled in the oversized cowl neck, I finally feel a touch of warmth. 327 more words


Buttload the only universal unit of measurement.
No matter the size, our butts are always big enough in our own eyes.
For whatever we measure in our lives.


My fork clinked noisily as I awkwardly fiddled with it and set it down on the crisp linen tablecloth, nestled in between a slightly larger fork and a clean white plate that sat expectantly waiting for me to pile on perfect piles of an appetizer and delicately pick at it in such a way that made me seem dainty, ladylike. 308 more words