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Ignite your Passion – 3 Job Related Benefits to Having a Creative Outlet

Fifteen years ago, circumstances led me to connect with Nancy Palladino, who I now call my soul sister. We decided to form an acoustic duo called ‘Chicks with Picks’. 638 more words


Scared of Being Judged

I’m going to cut to the chase. I want to start a YouTube channel.

I want to do it as a hobby. Night after night I find that there are no more TV programmes I want to watch and I’ve worked my way through the newest videos from the YouTubers I’ve subscribed to. 172 more words

Creative Outlets

As a person who has grown up with a number of emotional issues, I have been subject to the term “Creative Outlet” many times.

What is that? 168 more words

Mental Health

Crippled With Fear

I am scared of a lot of mundane things; spiders, falling from heights, what’s lurking in the dark, clowns, jelly (Yes, jelly, don’t judge me) 750 more words

Brave Heart

The bravest of hearts is not the one fully armored,

but the one who’s worn on sleeve,

bare and scarred.

Creative Outlet


The more I read what I’ve written below, the weirder I find my writing to be. Whatever, I’m just happy to pen down my thoughts. I obviously understand what am I trying to say. 33 more words

Creative Outlet

The Importance of Creativity

Creativity is really important to me. I like to consider myself a unique individual, and yet I know all too well that in a lot of ways, I’m still a part of the identity crisis of “Everyman,” the traditional, mundane, and sometimes boring reality of every day life for every day people. 865 more words

Creative Outlet