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So Close

I was so close to going to sleep happy. Not that I really sleep, for about a year my eyes create weird shapes in the dark that I KNOW aren’t there and I KNOW it’s my brain but I still can’t sleep. 667 more words

The Boy Next-Door (Ish)

I know the connotations behind the whole “Boy next door” label, but I have one of my own.

Ever since I was about 13 years old I’ve had this huge crush on a boy that lives next-door but one to me. 592 more words

A Song

This is a song I wrote 4 or 5 years ago while in university. The original source of inspiration came from the many reports of sexual assault on and around campus, and the tragic… 121 more words

Acoustic Guitar

Creating: Finding the Beauty of Cards

I have to admit a social faux pas that I am guilty of on a regular basis- I frequently forget to send cards on special occasions. 441 more words


Parenting Club

If you are in the know

Of child-rearing woes

never desist, kids persist

to close down the show

with a red nose and clown

shoes to cause a stampede… 11 more words

Mental health and using writing as an outlet for illness.

Almost half of the total population experienced a mental health condition at some point in their lifetime. People suffering from a mental health condition can experience significant distress and disability , individual’s ability to relate with their family , friends , work-mates and broader community is affected by their mental health. 597 more words

I Still Love Myself

I guess it’s best to start at the beginning. Well, the beginning of the end of what I knew to be safe and familiar. The end of a chapter in my life I hadn’t even wrote a rough draft for, which made its impact all the more unsettling. 598 more words