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How to have a bigger, happier, more interesting life

Creativity can take many forms.

In fact, it can take on such unusual forms that you might not recognize it as creativity at all.

But, in whatever form it takes, it’s important that it’s in your life; because we are all inherently creative beings, and we need an outlet for our creativity in order to feel more fulfilled and alive.  745 more words


Gone, But Not Gone

Are you with the bird floating on the breeze?
Are you the whisper amongst the trees?
Are you the wind rippling through the grass?
Are you the sun shining down at last? 131 more words

Dealing with loss: a new way to approach closed doors

Open doors are often viewed as gateways to fresh opportunities. Conversely, we might assume a closed door denotes an end. However, I read an article recently that describes doors in an expanded light: closed doors can also signify new beginnings. 141 more words


Be a miracle worker: start with yourself first

What lies before us and what lies behind us
are small matters compared to what lies within us.
And when you bring what is within out into… 142 more words


How to begin...

How does one begin a blog? By beginning is the obvious answer. I feel ridiculously anxious about this; writing a blog ought to be relatively easy for a writer! 116 more words


The rat race

I feel a bit frustrated with life at the moment. Having travelled so much not long ago to find myself living a very stressful, demanding and not very fulfilling life has me planning what my next move will be when I get a chance to break through. 507 more words


Because for us, it's not optional or extra curricular

When things become too overwhelming for my children. When their heads are spinning and they are literally walking around in circles, we go outside. Once we get our big energy out, we have to recover from the intensity we were burning off (my children have some challenges with over stimulation and sensitivity related to heightened imaginations. 415 more words