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Wow, I am terrible at this....

Seriously. Terrible at this. And I kind of knew ahead of time that I would be….

It’s been MONTHS since my last post…. Getting close to a year since I started and got 3 posts in before I stopped…. 405 more words

4 Things I’ve Learned from Going through a Crisis

This article was originally written for and published on TheSeeds4Life.com website. Thank you Matt for giving me the opportunity to share some of my experience to a broader audience! 351 more words


back to school

Reaching over toward the digital clock face she held down the flimsy plastic button on top so that it flashed to her alarm and manipulated the other button until it reflected the proper time —early enough to be uncomfortable but still later than she would have had to rise for her normal work day. 314 more words


The world was coated in soft, gritty white. She tossed flour out across the counter top and watched as it landed and exploded into powdery plumes that drifted through the air and clung to everything from her own apron to a bowl of fruit sitting on the table. 317 more words


There was a mouse in his house, he was certain there was, a small little mouse, a brown thing with fuzz. It left little prints in the flour it spilled, from the canister he had only just filled. 331 more words


She felt the pressure at the top of her throat, right behind her nose, the heavy tightening that meant she was fighting back tears, struggling to stay positive, not to let this day get the best of her. 330 more words


She laid as still as she could and tried not to think about how much it felt like she was cooking. The dock was smooth under back, but it’s bleached wooden surface had been absorbing the sunlight all morning and now it felt as though it was releasing the pent up heat all at once, directly into the pale skin of her back. 305 more words