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Lost and Found

I’ve always been a writer. For as long as I can remember, writing has come easily to me. It’s therapeutic. I write when I’m sad. I write when I’m angry. 504 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

Today's creativity- Its relaxing

Today I have spent a lot of time trying to calm myself and relax,

One of those things is editing and creating in Photoshop, none of these are perfect… 136 more words

ADHD OF THE MIND- I write this for me but also for you out there who can relate and not feel so alone

I never realised how much my mental health Illnesses effected me

As a child I was afraid of everything, I couldn’t sleep and I had nightmares. 1,084 more words

Why a Creative Outlet Can Make You a Better Writer

I started, stopped and recently re-started making jewelry. I started because I would see a necklace at a store, for instance, and analyze the ways that it could look different.   659 more words

5 Alternative Reasons Why You Can't Find Inner Peace

Ahhh inner peace, your personal serenity, and a big contributor to keeping us sane. Why can it be so hard to achieve sometimes? Here’s five big reasons that may be affecting you from achieving it. 830 more words

Welcome to Grog and Games

Hello everyone and welcome the Grog and Games blog!

I just wanted to put something up to introduce everyone to the Grog and Games site. Here on Grog and Games myself, Michael Wagner, and my podcasting partner in crime Benjamin Goe will be putting up reviews, opinion pieces and news about video games and alcohol as our title would suggest. 105 more words

Grog And Games

Vampires Are they Real- I am one

I don’t sparkle in sun light

I don’t turn to ash when day light touches my skin

I am not allergic to garlic

And I have a cross tattoo on my skin, so crosses do not bother me… 657 more words