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Her hair felt stiff and thin as she ran her comb carefully through it, worried about rattling out any more of her wispy white strands. These brittle things had nothing in common with the honey brown mane that used to flow down from her scalp in thick waves that curled softly around her neck and cradled her face before streaming down to her waist. 305 more words

not the same

The moment was real, time was passing, but he wasn’t reacting. She said his name, let it quiver out of her mouth, full of uncertainty. But still he didn’t move. 340 more words


It is a gentle warming light, a glow that grows from within, further stoked by each bitter swig until it consumes you and heats your passion to a much more visible fire. 338 more words


Looking out from the flat glass screen of my television, she delivers her final line, a simple “Thank you,” and the emotion wells in her eyes. 343 more words

Pillow Art - Pölster; kunstvoll arrangiert

In our house, whoever gets up last, makes the bed.  This means that more often than not, Charlie makes the bed :)

Bei uns zu Hause, wer zuletzt aufsteht, macht das Bett.   159 more words


Sick and tired of being sick and tired, I asked myself at the beginning of this week as I rushed towards the door and ultimately work – pretty much convinced that all my current complaints are symptomatic of a blocked throat chakra – to please, just tell me exactly what it is I’m lying to myself about. 1,419 more words


He was vibrant and bouncing, laughter and dancing. Light emitted from him in cascading rays of tickle me pink and shimmering oranges that blended with the pink to create a flawless sunset. 333 more words