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Something about mortality

 I may be known as an entity

Fear not for  your soul – though you may be left with a serious case of dysentry.

It’s hard to tell if truth is what people want. 546 more words


Creative Outlet

Why Creativity?

Sometimes when life gets really difficult, I forget to ask God for help. I get so caught up in my emotions, feelings of insecurity or inadequacy and thoughts that this trial will never end that it feels like I’m carrying a ton of bricks on my shoulders. 3,146 more words


The Key to Our Creative Outlets

This year marks another peak of the Internet’s rising sensation. An endless number of websites, blogs, and other forums are being created on a daily basis. 205 more words


About Me

Nepo Girl aka Northeast Portland Girl. I am just a girl working full time and going to grad school full time trying to find another creative outlet and place to share my knitting and cooking successes and failures. 100 more words


A silent scream.

Words cannot explain,

The torture of my soul.

Words cannot explain,

The making of my heart.

But words can be my solace,

A river to the ocean of life, 18 more words

Becoming a Writer

No, I’m not talking professionally. And yes, writing in my blog is a lot of fun. But it’s becoming more and more apparent my blog is not quenching my creative thirst. 187 more words


I'm Backkkkkk!

Don’t adjust your screens and there’s nothing wrong with your eyes. I’m really and truly back and musing once again!

I’m a little ashamed of myself for not posting for so long but  227 more words

Random Musings