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The snow swirls, landing gracefully on the windshield and I can see my breath through my unfocused vision. The vast cab of the old pickup leaves me feeling small, alone on the cracked leather bench seat, my white, boney knuckles looking lost on the massive black steering wheel. 319 more words

Even Artists Need Creative Outlets

The irony of commercial art is that you still need a personal creative outlet, creating art for yourself not for commercial purposes: stuff that would only have one fan. 204 more words



The skin on her shoulders burned under the midday sun around the straps of her flowing sun dress. The elastic straps rubbed into the red, tender skin, further irritating a pain that was already starting to distract her from her moment of bliss, but she turned her sun up to greet the vibrant blue sky that shone down upon her and felt her face warm under its golden caress. 299 more words


Her feet pivot and twist, her socks sliding smooth across the hardwood floor, picking up bits of paper and dust left over from the move. Her hips rock to the same beat, activating abs that are sore from lifting and dropping boxes in her every spare moment for the past week. 319 more words

My Sexy New Art Journal Adventure

I have a confession to make. I have never enjoyed art journaling. It’s something I’ve wanted to do more faithfully because it seems like a valuable tool, but I’ve just never “gotten” it.   859 more words


the cook

The pungent smell of onion filled the room, stinging her eyes which watered in response. Still, her knife flowed up and down in precise strokes, leaving elegant strips of the pearly white vegetable in her wake. 333 more words


There are moments when it makes sense, when it clicks, when it all falls together and the chaos of time and rush and hurry cease. It’s a brief moment of clarity when you can see a piece of your life in something outside of yourself, but you realize that the thing isn’t actually outside of yourself at all, but instead was a part of what makes you, you all along, you just never knew. 311 more words