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Guerilla Bunny

Going everywhere she shouldn’t and taking photos like she should.

The concept began rolling about my brain around in my brain a few months ago, when I had trained my covetous gaze upon a bunny mask of one Suicide Girl. 154 more words


week 16 || 2016: when you're a mutha bleeping artist and people don't know ish

I love art. In all of its many facets.

In middle school, I used to draw and sell comics for classmates. I was a furniture salesman and merchandiser. 615 more words



She should be 12 today, my little cousin, Bethany, who was taken from the world before she even spoke her first word, before she even had her first birthday. 174 more words

Back to College

So tomorrow I go back to college after 2 weeks “Spring Break” I used to be so excited to go back to college because I genuinely love it. 231 more words

What’s in a Name?

Deciding to start a blog was easy. Choosing the name of the blog was not so easy.

I have always viewed blogging as a creative outlet and a place to show personal style. 141 more words


We Broke Up

Yeah it was inevitable, I’ve had the endless “I told you so’s” speeches from my mother and friends. We weren’t working, and I know it’s every ex’s job to pin blame on the other but genuinely, it was his fault. 393 more words

Creative Deficiency

I just finished reading this article about how it feels being an introvert but perceived as an extrovert. Everything it said resonated with me. Among the many valid points she made, Zara wrote, “maybe it’s the inner shyness that’s the very driving force behind creative expression.” 896 more words