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A Meditation on Confession

Oh, how the words of confession reverberate the deepest parts of my being.

Most Merciful God–for you alone are God and You alone show mercy that is pure, for you are the source of mercy. 667 more words

Creative Outlet

Wingin' It

So here it is, in its full shining glory! The first entry to my newest endeavor…blogging. The ending of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 has been a major source of creativity for me. 760 more words


Waves of Change

Trapped within darkness

Void of all sound

Sinking, drowning…

Wait! What? Floating?

Waves of Beauty

I’ve been found.

©KMS 02.11.2017


I'm Writing a Blog Post, so I'm Neglecting My Kids and/or My House is Filthy

One of the biggest problems I have had with picking a creative outlet and sticking to it has been a lack of free time.  Every minute of free time I have is devoted to my children and cleaning my house.  673 more words

A sweep of consciousness

Polish face lifts

immigrants on a striking shift.

Release the scent of the maximum sedative.

How many wrongs make a right in a world indulging in a  toupe wearing predictive. 425 more words


A Creative Outlet + Why I Love Having One

I’ve never had career goals or one specific interest that consumed me. I’ve had many interests and I love pursuing them all a little bit at a time. 736 more words

For The Heart

Burnt Toast

There are some days when burning your toast in the morning is the final straw to tip you over the edge. You go from teetering on the verge of handling it all, to falling face first into the pile of rubble that is your life. 401 more words

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