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Writing my way to sanity

The question has come up more than a few times since I began writing a blog, with regards to why I am writing about my divorce experience for all of the world to see. 1,318 more words

Deep Inside My Heart

I'm Going to Write...

If there’s one thing I want to keep up with right now, it’s writing. I lack motivation to bring myself back into art – at least for now. 151 more words



Summer is here, and our collective family life is busy. Days are full and long and at the end of the evening, when the boys are finally asleep, it’s all I can do to stay awake for an hour after them; but more often less. 250 more words


A Photographic Journal

I take photos. I take lots of photos on a daily basis. Mostly on my iPhone but more recently on my new little camera, a Panasonic Lumix. 346 more words


Runaway Train

There is an energy within me,

A buzz.

It cannot be contained or bound

By structures or hours.

It does not acknowledge the rules of society, 51 more words


Once more unto the breach

I haven’t written anything more than a shopping list or a thank you card in ages.  I journaled on and off in high school and university, and then blogged for a while, and then took a break.   190 more words


How to have a bigger, happier, more interesting life

Creativity can take many forms.

In fact, it can take on such unusual forms that you might not recognize it as creativity at all.

But, in whatever form it takes, it’s important that it’s in your life; because we are all inherently creative beings, and we need an outlet for our creativity in order to feel more fulfilled and alive.  745 more words