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the night before

The final check mark had been placed on her list, the final guest had been walked out. She’d scrubbed her face and brushed her teeth, donned her pajamas and bid her goodnights. 338 more words


She used to write him letters while she straightened her hair in preparation for their dates. She’d known right away that he was the one for her, no hesitation, no questions, no safeguards. 339 more words

When Boredom Strikes

Now that I’m back from my long awaited trip to Colombia, I have nothing to look forward to. Well, except for another stressful year of high school. 257 more words

Creative Outlet


She’d had this image, conjured this friend, drawn forth from her imagination this extraordinary man. He’d made her laugh and lifted her up, used his sweet laugh and kind words to instill a confidence and a sense of wonder, his mere existence serving as evidence that there was still magic in the world. 315 more words


The wooden spoon dragged through the heavy liquid, drawing swirls in its darkening surface and scraping the metal pan beneath, whooshing out its dull song as it constantly shifted the sauce around the pan. 334 more words


It was the kind of place that came to life just before the sun peeked over the horizon and stayed awake long after it sank back into darkness, too busy and electric to be ruled by the dictator in the sky. 325 more words

the sea

The sun kissed her shoulders, wrapping her in a warm, good morning hug to welcome her to the day. The frothy water skimmed shyly up the sand, slowing before trembling around her toes, inviting her to play while caressing her sandy skin and reminding her that it could be gentle if she wished. 312 more words