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Today is the day

As the title suggests, today is the day I start my very first blog. The day I set my little baby free and let it explore the world. 256 more words

Creative Outlet

Color me in.

So many people talking about the colour pink.

Easy on the eye,fun and a welcoming pool of fuschia hues to dive into and sit and think. 518 more words


All that Jas (or how my blog got its name)

I used to ask myself why I could not just do as people do. Now I know I could not because I am not. Not them, not anything, but me. 113 more words


A Migraine...

Original photo taken by me

A migraine is like getting caught be an undertow in the ocean…. You get pulled under water and just about the time you get yourself up for a quick gasp of air then you get slammed under water again…Rinse and repeat

Chronic Migraines

Here we go again

Why do I have to keep enduring you?

You don’t listen
You don’t respect me or my body
You don’t ever let up
Why does this keep happening to me? 217 more words

Chronic Migraines