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D.I.Y. Easter Bunny Help

I don’t know about you, but since December, I’ve been promoted to the Dollar Store V.I.P. customer list! Between, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St-Patrick’s Day and now Easter, I have spent a small fortune on useless meaningless made-in-China nonsense, that quite frankly, my kids only care a few minutes about. 529 more words

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Girly-Do Updos... 'Rid those nasty nits

I remember when my daughter was born, I was so eager for her little peach fuzz to turn into locks so I can play with her hair, like I did when I was five with my dolls. 391 more words

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My baby is turning 18

I wonder if most parents start to feel anxiety when their child is about to turn 18. I’m not talking empty nest, because I still have three more daughters that will be home. 472 more words


Make the Most of Clean-Up Time

Letting a child freely explore is, well, very messy. The explosion of blocks, dolls, and books may leave you a bit overwhelmed. But, clean-up and other household activities are a vital part of a young child’s growing independence and can be capitalized on to promote growth and responsibility! 208 more words


Blazé over Superbowl 50? Here are some storylines that are sure to get you interested.

Ok so to be real, I could care less about football. There I said it. Some girls say that they watch because of the players hot factor, but what’s hot about a bunch of guys giving each other concussions, which will statistically, end up in at least half of them involved domestic violence? 458 more words

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A Perfect Snow Day Calls for Slow-Cooking - Meet the Crazy-Larry Chili

My Dad’s Famous “Crazy Larry” Chili

My dad, like myself, loved to cook. He always had the same ritual. He’d put on a jazz CD, open up a decadent bottle of wine, pour himself a glass, and start cooking delicious complicated food, while belting out the tunes. 463 more words

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A snow day like today day calls for PJs, fuzzy slippers, hot cocoa, and my dad's chili. Bon Appetit y'all!