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Becoming a Writer

No, I’m not talking professionally. And yes, writing in my blog is a lot of fun. But it’s becoming more and more apparent my blog is not quenching my creative thirst. 187 more words


Does he have an aversion to clothes???

C: Oh my God – they took of their shirts!!! Look! THEY TOOK OFF THEIR SHIRTS!!!!!

ME: Yeah – not surprised.

C: What do you mean by that? 196 more words


How the Steve Aoki BTS MIC Drop Remix Day Really Started...

I woke up at 5:45 AM to my phone alarm. Reaching to my bedside, I went to put the alarm on snooze (as I habitually do every morning at least three times before I actually wake up; a horrible habit, I know). 275 more words


Sometimes I'm Full of Awesome Ideas

I messaged my daughter yesterday…

ME: Oh my God! I just thought of something fun we can do!

ME: Next time we go to an electronics store, lets sync my phone to a demo Blu Tooth speaker… 57 more words


Affirming Your Child through "Milestone Moments"

What stage of development is your child in now? What developmental milestones should you expect next? Being alert to what is coming next not just physically, mentally, and emotionally, but also spiritually will help you be a proactive parent. 285 more words

Confessions No. 14 – Black Sheep of the Family

Maybe it’s because from the get-go, my MIL pushed her ideas on me about the norm of a proper wife and mother. Maybe it’s because, as much as I do care about them, I find them so much more conservative than I am that I feel suffocated after visiting them for a mere two days. 226 more words


Flying the Nest - Goodbye Children...

Nobody told me that the hard part about parenting is when they are 18 and move out.

It’s so hard.

You no longer make any… 276 more words