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I’ve contemplated many times shutting down my art page over the last 18 months. For those who do not know, in February of 2017 we found out we were expected a much wanted baby after several years of thinking we couldn’t have one due to my disability. 1,200 more words


Parenting 101

Kidding. There is no ‘Parenting 101’. If parenting was written like a manual – if that were even remotely possible – it would not only be the easiest job/role to do in the world, but it would also probably lack in how rewarding the experience would be. 862 more words


It's Official - I've Lost My Mind

Oh. My. GOD!!!

So I just emailed this private dance studio not far from my work place. I’ve been searching for hip-hop classes for my daughter and I’ve found a lot of these private dance studios that not only do hip-hop but dabble in k-pop hip-hop. 338 more words


Recognizing Proud Moments

As a parent, as a Chinese parent, I’ve been raised to put a lot of emphasis on academia. It’s in my blood – it’s natural. Even though I was born and raised here in Canada, that part was ingrained into me – albeit I’m a more water-down version of my parents. 644 more words


Better Than Coffee

My daughter looked extra sleepy today as we stood waiting for our Starbucks order.

So I showed her this…

She nearly started to cry. But hey… at least it woke her up! 51 more words


Becoming a Writer

No, I’m not talking professionally. And yes, writing in my blog is a lot of fun. But it’s becoming more and more apparent my blog is not quenching my creative thirst. 187 more words


Does he have an aversion to clothes???

C: Oh my God – they took of their shirts!!! Look! THEY TOOK OFF THEIR SHIRTS!!!!!

ME: Yeah – not surprised.

C: What do you mean by that? 197 more words