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Where I Question My Own Parenting Skills

A few weeks ago, my 13 year old daughter and I were doing something. I can’t even remember what – but we were working together to complete a task. 784 more words


3 Life Lessons From My Mother

I’ve been thinking about the influence the women around me have had on my life.  I thought about friends, Aunts and Cousins who have been a great inspiration and support. 1,315 more words

Putting the Punishment in Time-Out

As any parent knows boundaries are important. Nothing gets done, behaviors spin out of control, and there is utter chaos in the home if you don’t set some basic rules. 1,193 more words


Becoming Mother

We are not born mothers, we become it.

I believe we become Mothers many times in our lives, whether we have children or not. It is encrypted within us, women, like a seed ready to get activated in the relationship. 246 more words


Light & Shadow play

When you have a toddler to entertain, you just got to be creative. And when you have enough sunlight even indoors, you’ve got to soak your toddler in it! 370 more words


Fatherly | Win Parenting

For Parents Everywhere, Fatherly/Win Parenting Is a Great Blog!

Brought to You by My Curated Information Blog, Create & Be Well

          Most of the parenting blogs I come across are by mothers; this one–discovered only the other day–is by a father and it is a wonderful resource. 62 more words

2016 Holiday Musing #1

So the 2016 Holiday Season is here! Wait, Holiday? Yes, our society has now dubbed it the Holiday Season. In reality, this time of year is the holidays and it always has been. 1,481 more words