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Flying the Nest - Goodbye Children...

Nobody told me that the hard part about parenting is when they are 18 and move out.

It’s so hard.

You no longer make any… 276 more words


Writing Wednesday - #2 - 30 Minutes/Day Is All You Need

If you’re like me, you have a LOT of things going on.

  • Day job
  • Maybe some freelance jobs
  • Kids/Friends/Spouse
  • The Windows… They are so smudgy…Is that grime in the shape of unicorn riding a squirrel?—F…
  • 1,046 more words

Not Being the Parent, My Parents Were

I am the oldest of four. I am 60 parts my father and 40 parts my mother. I can tell you neither of them knew how to deal with the person they helped create. 367 more words


Happy shopping with toddlers

It’s hard enough getting time to write a shopping list these days. Let alone get through a whole supermarket without at least one mini-meltdown. Shopping with a toddler AND a baby… lunacy. 171 more words


"Well... the truth is... actually... I'm in love."

You know that scene from Love Actually? The one where the stepfather is trying to now be THE parent after the son’s mother dies?

And then the next scene we see these together, they have the following dialogue: 359 more words


Where I Question My Own Parenting Skills

A few weeks ago, my 13 year old daughter and I were doing something. I can’t even remember what – but we were working together to complete a task. 784 more words


3 Life Lessons From My Mother

I’ve been thinking about the influence the women around me have had on my life.  I thought about friends, Aunts and Cousins who have been a great inspiration and support. 1,315 more words