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Come and play with us!

Every week I set up a small world table for the kids to play with, I thought monthly I would share them to inspire  you (plus it keeps me motivated to keep developing my own ideas). 92 more words

Early Years


Like a sparkling treasure treasure chest hidden in a dank cave, Tiger is part homewares store, part art and stationery suppliers, part gift shop. It’s worth braving the grimy confines of Lewisham Shopping Centre for cheap kids art drawer supplies and stocking stuffers. 82 more words


Bubble Painting


Ideas – something that parents and teachers simply can’t create for children. They need to discover or construct their own ideas. Developing new concepts or ideas is an active process.   447 more words


Party Time

We’ve been having loads of fun these past few days over at the Friends Corner clubhouse.

After enjoying Shapes crafts and the like, we had apple cupcakes and apple slices to go with our Letter of the Week theme which began with ‘A’. 191 more words

A Pretty Picture

doesn’t always share the story…

of driving across the valley and up a dirt road to reach this high spot with a perfect view.

of wandering around the field amongst the grasses and cactus as the day waned. 262 more words


What is an art journal anyway?

According to the dictionary, a journal is a personal record of occurrences, experiences, and reflections kept on a regular basis. It can be said then, that an art journal is somewhere between a written journal and a sketchbook, but really it can be whatever you want it to be. 107 more words


How art journaling helped me (and how it could help you!)

I’ve been talking a lot about Art Journaling recently as some of you know I’ll be running my first workshop soon. I thought I’d write a bit about why it can be a great thing to keep an art journal. 527 more words