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I Didn't Sleep

A sleepless night

I tossed and turned

creating tangled sheets

in my bed

a restless sleep

this witching hour

with a busy mind

creative play…

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5 Wallpapers That Will Spark Your Kids Creativity

Your child’s bedroom should be a place that sparks their imagination. It should be a room they can go to to be themselves, be creative, be anything they want. 243 more words



(for Emily Dickinson)

Poem is heaven,

writing poetry, life

writing life is life loving

life for love, the silent core

that sings to itself is

perpetually poem.


My Homemade Play-doh

Last summer 2014, I was really into watching play-doh videos on Youtube. One day my mom let me make play-doh. The ingredients I used were salt, cream of tartar, flour, water and food coloring. 65 more words

Creative Play

Talk about worldplay!

Last month I had the great good fun of talking with cognitive psychologist, blogger and podcaster Scott Barry Kaufmann about my book, Inventing Imaginary Worlds: From Childhood Play to Adult Creativity Across the Arts and Sciences… 108 more words

Dancing in a Ball

A so cute moment yesterday when he dressed up his Lola Nel and turned her to a princess. He let his Lola stand up and grabbed her hands afterwards. 92 more words

4 Year Old

Creativity is the Playground for Your Spirit

Curiosity is my soul’s way of calling me. Curiosity beckons me to return to the heart of my true self.

Curiosity is the road to creativity. 29 more words