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Baby, it's cold outside

Between the fall colors and the cold, November has settled herself (himself?) into the seasonal groove. Here are 10 words that remind me of November (my favorite month!). 31 more words

Beyond Our Reach?

Finishing the week of patterns, I felt compelled to make something with a deep space theme, after visiiting Kerfe ansd Nina’s blog Method Two Madness… 38 more words


Do it for the Process

I love the hashtag “#doitfortheprocess.” I don’t know who first used it, but the message behind it is an important one, especially for me.

Years ago when I took that first drawing class, I created a drawing of a bear that we were surprised looked somewhat realistic. 303 more words


Winter Coat

Day three of my painted pattern making. The green pattern cut up in squares reminded me of a winter coat. And, the night sky pattern was perfect for the backdrop.   34 more words


Woven Bird of Prey

I’m back at it again with my painted patterns. This time I took two patterns that I made with a sponge and watercolor, cut them into strips and wove them together. 45 more words


Painting Patterns

I painted some patterns this weekend to use in a variety of ways in my artwork. This week I’ll be posting some of them incorporated in my art making. 71 more words


It's aliiiive

As I sit here recovering from knee surgery during this beautiful fall, I’m inspired to write a bit. Play with me? Here are 10 words for you to incorporate into a piece that’s 250 words or less. 13 more words