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Small talk

How’s the poetry going?
Is a giveaway question
on the pavement.
It signals you
have not read
anything much
the poet
might have
written recently. 271 more words



Here is another new image which is celebrating the life and activity at an…….

Title  :  Intersection

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The Graveyard of Unfinished Articles

The truth is that while I will go to just about any lengths to stay on a schedule, even a self-imposed one, when I allow myself the freedom to only post when I feel like it, it becomes easy to put it off or just not bother, and that’s how I’ve ended up with such a paltry output on Medleyana this spring. 731 more words

Creative Process


Here is a recently captured image of an interior showing a spectacular……

Title  :  Stairway

Of course I have taken the image to somewhere new in an attempt to find a new way of seeing it. 7 more words

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Bird O'Clock

Celebrating Community and Mystery

(Art and Soul Space blog’s first birthday continues through the month of May.
Why not?)

What I remember: 344 more words

Creative Love Exchange

Amphibious Words


Word amphibians hold the real treasures
felt in the veins. But we talk more, more.
Make more words known to each other.
Chime this topic. 76 more words


Irises in Bloom

I made my annual trek to the Napa Country Iris Garden a couple of weeks ago. Just gorgeous there, as usual. I thought these photos would be nice to share on Mothers’ Day. 86 more words

Oil Painting