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Will Readers Like Your Work? (Answer: Who The Hell Knows?)

It took ten years for me to set my current work in progress to writing. Back in college I wrote the initial chapters for it, wasn’t feeling it, and filed it away. 608 more words

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Q: Is your work fast or is it slow?

A:  I work extremely slowly.  I’m a full-time artist and I spend three or four months on each pastel painting, sometimes longer if it’s an especially difficult piece.   63 more words

Creative Process

Medleyana: Year Four

I’ve been thinking about Dungeons & Dragons lately: specifically, the period in the mid-1980s when I was most obsessed with the game. (This is a periodic thing for me: I don’t play anymore, but once or twice a year I get the itch to relive past glories.) I’ve been reading some of the adventure modules and other materials from that era, and one thing I remember is how much time I spent as a kid just reading those same books, poring over the pictures and the endless statistics and rules (well, the rules I mostly skimmed) and regretting that I didn’t get enough serious playing in. 1,304 more words

Creative Process

How To Create A Daily Writing Habit (And Be Prolific AF)

I generally have a hard time with posts like these. The strategies are great and the advice solid. Plenty of people know to get up at five in the morning or prepare their space and materials the night before or to put up a great big sign telling your loved ones to leave you the hell alone. 636 more words

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How To Find Inspiration

When I start working with a new client, before I put down a single word or offer a single piece of advice, I give myself time to fill the tank. 633 more words

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Why Your Writing Will Never Be Perfect

My first photo mosaic was for a high school photography class my junior year, an assignment inspired by some of David Hockney’s work. I remember being impressed by Hockney’s work and how every single photograph was but one shard of an entire scene. 591 more words

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Where Your Best Ideas Come From

“You will like it, because you get to do the same thing over and over again for four hours.”

My roommate Leah said this as she took me to this paddle sports fair where anyone could try out a paddle sport for the day – kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards. 515 more words

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