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Week 49-50 02-15/01/2017 # Hello, I Am Your Story. Write Me.

– 7 min –

Write what you know. Write what is close to your heart. From that point of view, storytelling really isn’t rocket science at all. 2,018 more words


Week 47-48 19/12/2016-01/01/2017 # End-Of-Year Review: Still In Love And Now Ruined For Life (In A Good Way)

– 8 min –

As is not uncommon, I too did an end-of-year review for myself, about this past year. And of course screenwriting has had a big part in it. 2,052 more words


Week 42-43 14-27/11/2016 # Technically, I Have Now Written A Screenplay

– 7 min –

The reason I am saying ‘technically’ is because this screenplay I have just finished now, is not my screenplay, in that I have not come up with the story, the plot, the actions or the dialogue. 2,027 more words


Week 38-39 17-30/10/2016 # Immersion Phase 2: Pretending To Be The Screenwriter

– 5 min –

So, now that I know that I know how to do this, it was time to indeed jump in and just start doing it. 1,310 more words


Septembers of Shiraz, an Interview with Screenwriter Hanna Weg

Heavyweights Salma Hayek and Adrien Brody star in Hanna Weg’s Septembers of Shiraz, based on the novel of the same name. The story follows an Iranian Jewish family as they cope with the total upheaval of the 1979 Revolution. 1,093 more words