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School Stories: Dead Cat Game – Dead Cat Wanted

On every working day, the Kudla Competition School bus would eject seven-year-old Imtiaz in front of his house. Imtiaz would then saunter up to his waiting grandmother, mother, or sister, deposit his school bag in her hands, and then run off to play. 720 more words

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Everything I Didn't Say

Here is a poem that I wrote. It’s my first try at one so it may not be too great, but I hope that it is at least decent. 248 more words


DIY: Mandala Salt Art Project

This Friday’s DIY project is a fun one that I first practiced with kids, then had a great time teaching to adults who wanted to do more sophisticated designs. 215 more words


Saraswati Learns Scooter Riding – Part V

Read the first Saraswati story here.

Read Part I, Part II, Part III, and Part IV of the scooter story.

Blushing fiercely, Saraswati mumbled that she would make some juice for everybody and fled into the kitchen. 1,421 more words

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Saraswati Learns Scooter Riding – Part IV

Bloggers Marathon Challenge – Day 2

Read Part I, Part II, and Part III of the scooter story.

“Legs!” thought Saraswati as soon as she overcame the shock of falling on the fallen Activa. 1,461 more words


The Weighing Machine

The Bloggers Marathon Challenge – Day I 

I wrote this poem several years ago, when I was in the habit of eating at the Court Canteen on Light House Hill Road, Mangalore. 216 more words


Saraswati Learns Scooter Riding – Part III

Click to read Part I and Part II.

Standing behind the little jackfruit tree beside her house, Saraswati surveyed the scene carefully. Being a quiet, shy, and secretive person, she did not want anyone to see her tackling the scooter. 1,074 more words

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