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Ten Minute Tuesday: Journal Prompt


They either weigh us down or we let them out to keep them from eating us alive.

Sometimes though, the weight gets too much and our judgement let’s down our guard, then we tell our secrets to the wrong person or at the wrong time. 163 more words


Fun in Kudla – Just another Day

Saraswati and Rajesh, a newly married couple, had just moved into their brand new house. They had spent all day lugging huge crates, putting things in order, falling over the neighbor’s cat, and smiling at curious neighbors who dropped in under the pretext of introducing themselves. 763 more words


Creative thinkers and critical mass...

Recently, I read an article about a 22-year-old young woman, from Chicago, who is slated to become the next Einstein. Clearly a genius in her own right, she set about building an airplane when she was in high school. 440 more words

Writer's Life

Thoughts from the Past

Since I am too tired to write something new today, I thought I would post these questions and answers – some thoughts from the past. 720 more words

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Overcome Fear - Take the Plunge

I am not a coward, but I do feel scared.

I guess all normal human beings feel scared. In my case, it is fear of the spotlight. 586 more words

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Time to Part

Terrible companion!

Why do you stick to me thus?

I have been ruthless all my life-
Callously severed ties,
Heartlessly broke relationships,
Turned my back on passions. 38 more words

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The Dog War

It seemed a good idea at the time, a great way to teach my annoying neighbor a lesson.

She had brought an Alsatian and spent most of her time teaching it to bark. 202 more words

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