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Poetry: The Quest from Stress

I opened a notebook this morning, in preparing for a workshop and found this poem. I thought I’d share it before I take a few more steps west in my new journey. 64 more words


The Grail


The Grail

By Nandy Ekle

I found it on line, filled out the order form and typed in my payment information. 253 more words


End of Photography, age of filters.

In recent years I have become a little blind to my creative side and have allowed myself to slowly but surely stop taking pictures with anything but my daily life line the “cell phone”. 148 more words

Daily Reflections

My creative side seems to like to wake up at 2 am!  Why!  i am suppose to make a submissive necklace. It didn’t have to be today, i have plenty of time.   155 more words

Mature Readers 18+ Please.



“Feel the very contemporary world of (…)”

“I love it that way, too”, she told me


Text & Imaging : Bilal Giolat




“I have dreamt about it my whole life”, she said

I was still wondering at that moment how to have that machine take us exactly where we were supposed to land.  12 more words


hello, so today’s challenge is the last one for now,

I have to Practice a random skill everyday from today:

There are many available How To’s on YouTube and other video sites. 233 more words