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My creative side seems to like to wake up at 2 am!  Why!  i am suppose to make a submissive necklace. It didn’t have to be today, i have plenty of time.   155 more words

Mature Readers 18+ Please.



“Feel the very contemporary world of (…)”

“I love it that way, too”, she told me


Text & Imaging : Bilal Giolat




“I have dreamt about it my whole life”, she said

I was still wondering at that moment how to have that machine take us exactly where we were supposed to land.  12 more words


hello, so today’s challenge is the last one for now,

I have to Practice a random skill everyday from today:

There are many available How To’s on YouTube and other video sites. 233 more words


Interview: Hayley Elsaesser for TEO Magazine

I have been super lucky to be involved with TEO Magazine both writing and doing makeup for them.   It truly is an inspiring magazine and only fuels my creative side more and more, which is the kick in the pants I needed this year!  85 more words


July 29, 2014

My mind has been all over the place so far this week.  The result?  I’ve got a lot of work to do before Sunday.  That means that no, I have no real aim for Sunday’s sermon.  134 more words

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