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All Things New

wanting, waiting
longing for you
you’ve shown me truth
bitter heartache has
become all too real
letting go of the things
I feel
you’re my savior… 54 more words


Thankfulness Today

it feels right
to finally tell someone
to let another in
no longer having to bear the pain
on my own
we were meant to do this… 64 more words


Up in the Air

is there ever a good time
for death?
for the unexpectancy
of a loved one passing
on into the unknown
as I left you in tears… 74 more words


Flying Away

warmth and sadness
wrapped in one
one single feeling
I know it
I feel it
the song plays
and I’m free
hidden in stories
beautiful to behold… 39 more words


Honors challenge unit 3

This presentation is about the Ford Model T and how it changed the world. I really Enjoyed this project because We could chose anything that changed the world and research it. 23 more words



should I say
what I think I know?
there are so many strange things
I’m almost certain
that you are not
who you say you are… 40 more words


The Sun Will Return

Thick fog covers
trees aren’t visible
the sun is gone
it has abandoned us
never to return
let’s accept it
find joy in the cold… 70 more words