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Brent Underwood & The Half Hour Intern saved my flight

So, my Virgin America flight to L.A. wasn’t so bad since I spent my times listening to this great podcast; The Half Hour Intern – the podcast is about people that do extraordinary things, like you! 117 more words



i fear what i’ve become
but how i love it so
never needing to know
the guilt and pain of my sin
it has been cast… 54 more words


to be whole

head swimming
with sickness
body aches from the same
feeling useless and tired
body shutting down
screaming at me to slow down
too much happened too fast… 40 more words


I Wish I Wasn't Real

I desire not to be real
to not have a heart
to not have to feel
life would be easier
if this hurt didn’t exist… 86 more words


Fleeting Joy

my heart aches
i can’t seem to surrender
i want to give it all away

but my mind won’t let me
i hold on too tightly… 77 more words


Curse the Scientist

a mistake was made that
I can’t take back
and my stomach drops
it turns over and gives me pain
curse the scientist
who have yet to have breakthroughs… 36 more words


South Australian Highway

Photo by Lara Carryon

The moon, squashed and lame, still struggled
shining brightly over the world.

The trees, tall and tired, stood
black and stalwart against the approaching light. 148 more words

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