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3 Ways to Wonder About a Sound

A toddler hearing an unfamiliar sound:
Stops everything.
Looks around for the source of the sound.
Points excitedly to the source of the sound when she finds it.
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When to Resist the Urge to Teach

Five-year-old Hannah was looking closely at a daisy growing on the edge of the playground. When I walked over to her, she remarked, “Flower petals are like fingers.” 502 more words

Early Childhood Education

Welcome to the Tiger Farm

An important part of young children’s creativity is that “the young child is not bothered by inconsistencies, departures from convention, nonliteralness … which often results in unusual and appealing juxtapositions and associations (Gardner 1993, 288).” Unfortunately, we as teachers sometimes work against this, steering children right back to literalness and conventionality. 438 more words

Early Childhood Education