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How To Get Out From Living From Someone's Shadow -- Start Chasing Your Own Dream!

“I’ve never like talking to people I’ve worked pieces not my work. And I’m just there to be a part of their creation. Anton Stephans, Auditionee, Week 2, X Factor UK 2015…

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Creative Thinking

When You're In Transition From College Life To Knowing What You Want To Do, Remember This Advice.

Every college student is in the middle of thinking what they wanted to do and what they should do to earn big. We have been in that situation. 541 more words


Knowing What Your Heart Desires To Achieve Isn't That Hard To Do. Just Know This First Step. (+FREE Ebook Download)

Achieving something is the most fulfilling feeling ever. Yet, we know and understand that there is that something that we really wanted to get. That something our heart really desired and longed. 359 more words


"I Have an Idea!: Creating Music and Dance with Young Children"

This article is in this month’s issue of Creativity Portal.

“I Have an Idea!”: Creating Music and Dance with Young Children 695 more words

Preschool Music

"Shake, Rattle and Roll"

I’m so happy to announce the publication of my new book! ISBN: 9780876593493
Pages: 184
Publisher: Gryphon House
Published: 06/01/15
Item Number: 10061

Shake, Rattle, and Roll…

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Preschool Music

Puppets Are Great Teachers of Reading Comprehension!

This article originally appeared in Teachers Net Gazette in 
May 2012.

Using Puppets to Improve
Reading Comprehension 1,543 more words

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Or You Could Organize a Flash Mob

“I don’t know why they even make the kids go to school during the last 2 weeks.  The textbooks have been picked up, grades turned in, and all the teachers do is show movies.” Okay, first of all – NOT TRUE! 539 more words