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Unusual collisions with meta-design, aeroplanes and coffee

Recently I had the privilege of attending a conference in Glasgow called Unusual Suspects, with a group of other people from Northern Ireland, funded by the… 712 more words

Social Innovation

No Need To Train Creative Thinking (We Are Already Born With It... We Just Have To Develop It!)

We thought we can force learning creative thinking. Most of the time we thought that creative thinking is just for the artisans. But, hell, no! All of us are creative + creative thinkers. 37 more words

Creative Thinking

How Creative Life Needs Creative + Positive Thinking (With Concrete Examples, Not Just Another Bulls**t!)

A lot of people want to have a creative life. Well, including me. I should have that since I am a craftsman and I make something out of art. 2,770 more words

Thinking Positive Tips

How To Utilize Creative Thinking To Your Life ( + FREE Downloadable Guide Notes)

Creative thinking. When we hear these two words “creative” and “thinking” the first time, we immediately say, “Hey, it’s for arts. I’m creative because I love colors and I love to draw.” 1,092 more words

Creative Thinking

How To Live A Creative Life

Creativity is an event wherein something valuable is formed. It comes in different forms. It may be in the form of music, writing, engineering, teaching, carpentry, and so on. 1,057 more words


Put Your Goals Into Action Through Simple Method (Strength Funnelling) + FREE Printable!

There are a lot of available goal-oriented pieces of advice online. When you simply type “steps to achieve goals” and other relative terms, you can see a lot of Google results. 218 more words

Creative Thinking