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Shifting Sideways: When work becomes play

I may have mentioned my dirty little secret: I love stationary. I adore it. I like cards, specifically, that have no printing on the inside. I write in them in portrait mode, whether the picture is portrait or landscape. 242 more words


Day One

Hello, and thanks for dropping by!

So I’ve recently got myself a macbook, and within a few weeks I’ve already managed to have a number of documents clogging me up. 124 more words


The Moody Blues

A new study has revealed neurotic, moody, introverts are more likely to be creative geniuses. See? I told you I was S-M-R-T.

If you are a tense and moody neurotic, take heart – you could also be a creative genius, as a new study backs up the belief that neurotic misery and imagination go hand in hand.

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Finding Buddha - Part 1

In life, we take birth, we struggle and, eventually, we die.

Struggle is the essence of life.

The entire act of life’s conception, per se, is full of struggle. 1,141 more words


The King's Speech: A Tribute to the Artistry of Michael Jackson

First, let’s start by wishing the late great King of Pop himself a Happy Birthday, he would have been 57 this year had he not, at long last, fulfilled his purpose in life six years ago. 1,191 more words


Special, or the lack of being so.

It has been awhile, but here I am nonetheless. Honestly, I don’t even really know why I’m here. I guess there are just some things I gotta get off my chest. 1,215 more words

Free Write

I Ordinary, meet Extraordinary.

With the decision to start this blog, other than providing information and insight on creativity and art, the decision was made that this blog will have to offer something more. 1,084 more words