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The Best Ideas Always Come When We're in the Shower

There are a few certain things in life. We know that death and taxes are certain, but here’s another one- it’s certain that your most brilliant ideas will come to you when you’re in the shower and have no way to record or write them down. 255 more words

Creative Thinking Techniques - Part 3 - It's Just Like

3rd in a series of short blogs outlining some different creative thinking techniques that can quickly be applied in the workplace for good effect. This time we look at a technique where you relate your problem to different everyday situations or scenarios to generate some potentially new ideas or perspectives. 470 more words

Creative Thinking

An Open Letter to Moms

“An Open Letter to Moms” is a Kid President video that would be perfect to show your students right before they work on their Mother’s Day gifts.   19 more words


Tuning In Not Out

Altman suggests we try to HEAR others to help us remain open, compassionate, and less defensive during conversations. Below are his excellent tips:

H: Hold All Assumptions…

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The Stress of Uncertainty

“New research suggests that stress from fear of the unknown can be greater than the stress associated with knowledge of an outcome, even when the outcome may painful.

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The Making of the Maker

The Making of the Maker” is an article in Parentage magazine by Sarah Virginia White.  White interviewed 10 young people about the things they make, what inspires them, and how their parents help them.   202 more words


Looking Back: DCLivingLab Day 1


The Embassy for Creative Affairs took the initiative to set-up the first edition of the DCLivingLab with the aim to incorporate the view and the voice of young professionals and students in the practices of the… 714 more words