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Creative vision of the World

Creative Vision of The World

Personality Creative Vision of the World is a complex hierarchical system consisting of values and worldview attitudes, emotional position to the world, as well as the creative method, understood as a multi-level techniques and  as a tool and means of its transformation. 3,142 more words


Summer Camp For Adults

A couple of weeks ago I made a second escape to John C. Campbell Folk School (JCC), this time with my longtime friend, Anne. As we sat at lunch the first day, we met Laura, who was on vacation. 695 more words

Living Bolder

One of the most wonderful things about life is...

One of the most wonderful things about life is that we are all unique with different levels of intelligence, interests, aptitudes, and desires. How dreadfully dull it would be if we all wanted to be nuclear physicists — or bakers. 123 more words

Creative Vision

Mwalimu's Thought of The Day

Today was one of those days. They say when it rains it pours, will there no one here to talk to, so I think I’ll have a little talk with God. 9 more words

Critical Thinking

Relationship/Recommendation Tip:

What others think of you is important, as long as it coincides with what you think of yourself.

If you are recognized by others as a positive person who always makes an important contribution, you will be in demand, for there are never enough such people in any organization. 70 more words

Positive Mental Attitude

If you have no major purpose....

If you have no major purpose, you are drifting toward certain failure

Not having a major purpose for your life is like trying to navigate without a chart. 98 more words

Critical Thinking

A most beneficial use of time!

The most beneficial use of time is silent meditation while searching for guidance from within.

We all experience rare moments when a blinding revelation comes to us when we suddenly see things differently than ever before.

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Positive Mental Attitude