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10 Ideas for a Creative & Unique Wedding

It’s that time of the year again—wedding season! Here are some fun, creative and cute ideas we found to make the big day extra special. 712 more words


Wedding Tip of the Day

You may have been thinking of releasing doves or butterflies at your wedding, but you might want to consider this easier and safer option instead. You’ll still get a breathtaking scene without worrying about harming or getting harmed by actual wildlife. 36 more words


The Groom...

People like to talk about weddings in superlative terms. Your wedding should be the “happiest” day of your life, the “most important” day of your life, the “biggest” day, and so on. 60 more words


Outdoor Garden Ceremony

An outdoor garden ceremony paints a lovely contrast between the openness of the venue and the intimate and personal atmosphere of the event. (Photo Credit: Figtree Wedding Photography)


Creative Weddings Tip of the Day

A good wedding planner knows how to capture the essence and the quirks of the special couple and will find a way to inject playfulness, fun and humor that are still reflective of the personalities of the ‪‎bride and ‪‎groom. (Photo Credit: Natalie Grono)


The Holiday of Love: Valentine's Inspired Weddings

One of my favorite holidays is Valentine’s Day.  Not only is it fun to decorate for, but it’s also an occasion to celebrate LOVE.  If you are having a February wedding, this holiday is the perfect choice to use as an inspiration for your big day.   430 more words

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