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windows down

my roots wandering through the mountain peaks

searching for nothing but

a home in a heart

the road goes on and on

and I wonder how far it’ll take me the next time around, 58 more words

Creative Writing

A Lovely Chat

This is probably one of my more favorite short screenplays I’ve written. Give it a peep:

A Lovely Chat

Daily Updates

Sige Na, Ako Na

Sa bawat sinag ng araw na ang binabalik sa akin ay ambon,
Bawat oras ng bukas na magiging isang simpleng kahapon,
Sa bawat sandaling huli na ang pag-dating, 172 more words

Creative Writing

The Wish By Rose Ugoalah

Tommy tossed in his bed. The licourice, Cheetos, wine gums and ice cream from the evening’s escapades sat in his gut like a ton of bricks. 883 more words

to name a muse.

What is a muse? To most, and to me (for the most part) it is a person or thing or whatever is in the noun’s position┬áthat inspires; the things that draws or spurs or ignites the senses and sends the body and brain in to familiar nostalgia. 514 more words

Creative Writing


Why does interest slack
It’s washed out muted colors
Smeared, Empty
Not able to capture the attention
Further engaging
Yet void of substance
Once looked upon with delight… 15 more words

Bipolar Disorder

~Dream Book~Super Immortals~

There is this book of dreams serendipitous it seems~

As I stumbled across this man holding it in his hand only by request~
This book of dreams was a lifetime collection of this man and his art even more to beseech his most fascinating heart~ 211 more words

Bipolar Disorder