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How Do You Feel To You?

Well I feel my breasts, my hips,

my mounds and lumps

on this body that belongs to me, this body I’ve been told to own. 45 more words

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When Push Comes To Shove

We are the egotistical pigs of a new generation
The self-made gods, the pride of a nation
It’s only ourselves that we see in the mirror… 293 more words


The Workers of Venus - A Short Story

This is a work of fiction. In this piece, Venus is depicted as it was imagined to be by astronomers a century ago, and not how it is known to be by astronomers today. 2,927 more words



And with that the rice tumbles from my hands and thunders across the kitchen floor. Drowned in a sea of endless rice, white like sea foam. 354 more words

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I've been a WordPress citizen for nearly half a year...

…or should I call myself a WordPressian!

I feel that my writing exploits have been enriched and encouraged by other citizens of this virtual empire. Connecting with other writers really does give me a buzz for writing all the more. 279 more words


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fill In the Blank.”

Three men men walk into a bar….and say “Ouch”!

Thank you very much, I’m here all week.

8 more words

Thank You

When I started writing my very first post, Yeah, I Think A Lot About Shit, I had no idea anyone would ever read my blog. 737 more words

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