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~I See You~

I see you
You’re in my vision
Every place, every face
Reminds me
I see you
In my mind, my dreams
Awaken thoughts
I see you… 96 more words

Bipolar Disorder

The time it takes

The time it takes lets me down gently.
With fistfuls of lanolin and pocket knives.
There’s something to it, in the way
it moves me left to right then slightly left… 102 more words



Your distance is farther than miles

and your warmth is nearly diminished.

There used to be this fire

blazing and soaring

it couldn’t be controlled… 79 more words



If I’d had a chance
to think of that
maybe I would
who can say?
a picture on the wall
painted as art… 88 more words

Creative Writing

2017x55 (open-mic)

Hark, mucous nugget, back again

I lie awake wondering when next I will pounce

– and of you

“Sit down!”

from the depths of sleep I hear you call… 57 more words


Saturday the 15th.

It’s been a long few weeks. My heart did its usual slip and slide trying to compete against the norm of this society. I collect music like seashells on a beach. 241 more words

Creative Writing