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This quiet, lacking house. This open mouth.
We are always tripping over teeth, scattered
by the doorstep. Clean up your young years,
your mornings of lingering, longing. 59 more words

Creative Writing

humanity is dead

Twilight comes creeping along and
the sun slowly sinks behind tall buildings
casting strange shadows in
the empty streets.
Am I the only one alive… 103 more words

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Sing for Me

Sing for me

as the sun rises just before I wake

as our breakfast we do take

Sing for me

as we go throughout the day… 70 more words

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Money over Love

Pretty words spill out

from your unguarded mouth

while the truth hides inside

your pretty veiled eyes.

If you really love then how can you… 84 more words

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New thoughts on publishing posted

Good morning, Write Edge readers! In my continued efforts at keeping up my writing pace, I’ve posted my latest thoughts on my publishing ventures. Find out how this past week in writing has gone for me by going now to¬† 11 more words

New Books

Folding Clothes

The basket sits
half empty with unfolded clothes.

Or is it
half full?

Either way
the clothes need to be folded.

So, I must go
fold them.

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All of the margins

in my school notebooks

have lots of color

and doodles.

I think

I should stop

because the doodles are

sliding out of the margins… 19 more words

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