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Queen of Hearts Fairy, Original Painting 

Queen of Hearts Fairy

Series: Portraits of the Unseen

8 x 10, Acrylic

I tossed my heart over the fence

Now I’m just moving my brain to where my heart is…

42 more words

"Look to the Lady"*

When I close my eyes

I see you walking down the aisle

Feeling blue, draped in black

So beautiful in white

I’m the ghost, the Banquo by your side… 8 more words

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October Horror Prompt 6 - Bored Spirits

I’m really enjoying doing these prompts. Getting my writing on every day is really helping me to get into a mindset for NaNoWriMo. I hope that everyone else is having a bit of fun with it. 678 more words


One liner Wednesdays (c. Abyssbrain)

Isn’t it ironic that the bluntest people come to the point the fastest?


On Fiction Writing, Observation, and Local Color

Rubberized Jackdaw & The Fountain of Peninsula:

A Writer’s Life

I begin.
This process is difficult. The kind of difficult that makes over-eaters and alcohol drinkers, or obsessive housecleaners. 839 more words


Missed Mar(X)

I loved him not for the things he could give to me,

But for the beauty he brought out in me

Taking the trickled price of the soul unfolding and holding onto what was nothing more than a dream which would cost the astounding hounding feigns their reward… 40 more words

Creative Writing

Happy Anniversary!

Today marks my 4th anniversary on WordPress. Yay me! And yet, I feel like I’ve contributed very little to the WordPress community. Oh well… still 4 years in the same place is pretty good. 124 more words