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~What's The Joke?~

What did you say? Laughter bursting

This elated feeling euphoric in style

Transforms emotions into a smile

Bubbly resonance erupts from within

Leaving less of a smile but a shit eating grin… 53 more words

Human Behavior

Weekly Writing Prompt Response: 7/17-7/23 (2016)

Okay! I’m glad that I’m actually a little more together today, as far as getting things posted. I’m going to get this up, and then do a little more writing for my NaNo before updating you on my progress for Camp! 906 more words

Creative WRiting

Book Thought Friday (A day late)

A tad late is better than never though, right? I wrote the majority of this last night, but I got so tired and I wasn’t feeling well, so I decided that it was better to post it this morning, as opposed to pushing myself through with it and ending up feeling worse. 1,032 more words

Creative WRiting

In Memory of Bob: The Vorrh

About a year ago, a coworker named Bob handed me this book and told me to keep it as a parting gift. At the time, I had made some stupidly grandiose plan to drop everything and move out of state. 451 more words


To Market, to Market (yet again)...

In 1988 – which seems like eons ago now – I signed up for a writing course with The Writers Bureau. At that time I was hoping to pack up teaching soon and concentrate on writing a novel. 1,188 more words

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This morning photos near Corning NY was a wee bit chilly, or down right cold for those who are from Florida. The sun gleamed over the dark green forested mountain into the valley filled with morning mist and fog emanating from grasses and trees. 54 more words

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Reinkommen (Get in) - The Cafe part 2

By Meg Sorick -This sequel to The Cafe (not quite what I’d originally planned) is also a sequel to Distant Light – written by my talented friend, Cake ( 1,403 more words