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Courtney Barnett "Tell Me How You Really Feel" Album Review

Following her full-length debut in 2015 and her collaborative project with Kurt Vile in 2017, Barnett opens her second album with the brooding, lo-fi ‘Hopefulessness’. Juxtaposed with the instantaneous, high-tempo melodies of her debut, Barnett takes her time to let us settle in. 205 more words


Slaves - Interview

With collars upturned, Exposed recently went deep into the eye of the unrelenting storm that is Slaves. While the punk rock whirlwind prepared for another huge UK tour, Lewis Budden got on the blower with Isaac Holman (drums/vocals) to speak about working with a Beastie Boy, how to “make it” as a band and the age-old dilemma of eating a mouldy egg sandwich or getting punched in the throat… 1,001 more words


mornings in bed

He has a smell that reminds me of earth,

soil kissed with dew.


I enjoy when it takes over, when it

pushes the lavender and eucalyptus off my sheets, 42 more words

Creative Writing

Miasma Sky


You tease with miasma sky

Make me feel alive


Joshua Tree (Haiku)

The musty sand blows

In eyes of weary gypsies

The trail was long lost


White Flag

A poem by Meg Sorick*

It’s a war of attrition
When the cease fire is ordered
No one knows who gave the command
The result is a stalemate… 138 more words


Thoughts of a spaceman: Three Line Tales

“Wow. That’s good shit. I’m off my face. Got the munchies but now, thanks to Soyuz MS-028 we got an Aldi. I’d forgotten how heavy  two shopping bags full of oreos, ice cream, cheese and chocolate are. 45 more words

Irene Waters