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New Beginnings

The blank page. The first step to becoming a writer. The stage where most aspiring writers quit. The place where I’ve faltered the most. I’m confronting it once more, aiming to stop dreaming of being a writer and becoming one. 741 more words


Ripe for Picking: 99 Word flash Fiction

“I said bring your bog boots.”

“Should’ve told me I’d need clothes for the Arctic as well. I may have listened to you then.”

“It’s summer. 144 more words

Irene Waters

The Reason My Soul Stopped

I believe there comes a time to look objectively at my life and decide if there are any beliefs, behaviors, projects, relationships, dreams, and/or time spent in any other ways that are doing more harm than good, or simply need to be allowed to die a natural death. 403 more words

The Odd Bit

~The Moth~

~Like a moth to the flame, bursting with light, I eagerly follow and put forth no fight~wings spread outward fluttering fast, I am hoping to captivate love at long last~burning the edges as I ignite in flame when I finally realize that it’s not a game~I struggle to back track to gain back my strength I’m slowly learning that you will go to any length~This marvelous magic stunning surreal I am waking up and I can now feel~ your powerful magnetism drawing me near as I let down my walls and abandon all fear~ 180 more words

Human Behavior

Keys To Success

All of us have some sort of aspirations for our Creative Writing careers. Success is different for each of us. While we may realize that triumph does not come about merely by well wishing, too many times we act as if it will. 791 more words

A Word Fitly Spoken

Pull Me Close

Just when I feel I’ve slipped away,
You pull me back to You,
like a mother whose child
plays too close to the sea.


J.S. Harry is great. That is all.

IMAGE: J.S. Harry (photo by Edwina Pickles)

J.S. Harry was an exceptional poet – one of the most unique, endlessly innovative, intelligent, and at times hilariously wry poetic voices to have ever lived. 498 more words