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Irreconcilable love

He told me he loved me

but when he was asked to define

from what vines he created those words

i heard


You see, 257 more words

Creative Writing

A Dollar A Day

Every day I drop a dollar in the homeless man’s hat.

The chink-clink of the coin is a sign that hearts are alive.

It’s the dog that pulls at our purse strings. 250 more words


Straight to the point

What did you think of my latest poem, Babaloo?
Which one, Oolabab?
You know. The one you ‘liked’. What did you like about it?
You did that thing you do. 41 more words

Creative Writing


I couldn’t commit.
Kept my options open
knowing that some day
I would change;
my wants, my needs
unsated by another.

Please don’t commit to me. 82 more words


Lazy Sunday Mornings

It’s another Sunday! Another week gone by, was it good for you?

Just finished reading Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, (or in Swedish, “Men Who Hate Women”). 390 more words


An Arrival

Three weeks have passed since the change in address. I’m a California resident now–for the time being. It seems as though I should feel more glamorous, more professional, more something anyways. 655 more words

Creative Writing

I'm not ready to die

Life, like the seasons, is cyclical;
a circle of growth, life, death and suspension.
Did I mention I’m still growing?
I’m at that mid-point between spring and summer… 189 more words