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Would You Like To Meet The Fabric Of Existence?

What if someone said to you,

‘Would you like to meet the fabric of existence?’

And you said, ‘Yes.’

What would it be like?

What colour would it be? 254 more words

Creative Writing

One Sentence Writing Challenge

I’m still in Tolstoy’s short stories. Again, one particular sentence just struck me as perfect. So here’s the challenge: In the below comments, let’s see if we can write with similar excellence. 53 more words



Why does interest slack
It’s washed out muted colors
Smeared, Empty
Not able to capture the attention
Further engaging
Yet void of substance
Once looked upon with delight… 15 more words

Bipolar Disorder


Termites bite at the foundation. A structure to collapse. But I strangely pray for this old form to fall. The lumber is prepped.

Creative Writing

Addiction,Recovery, Relapse

Addiction, recovery, relapse; it’s a loop which grips you like a noose. That first step to recovery is painful and frightening. Many addicts are in two minds about it when they take the first step, so it comes to nothing; in no time they are back on the street scoring. 318 more words

Lifey Bit #7: Fuck you, I Love you

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I was sitting in my apartment, playing Skyrim, when I was shocked by a woman screaming from outside.

It is not particularly strange to hear the insane screeching of a madwoman in the great and weird city of Portland. 395 more words



Writer Susan McCartney is becoming something of a local celebrity with her feisty poetry performances. And here she is with copies of her books containing her poetry and stories – many of them written in the Creative Writing course at Kinsley and Fitzwilliam. 18 more words