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~The Moth~

~Like a moth to the flame, bursting with light, I eagerly follow and put forth no fight~wings spread outward fluttering fast, I am hoping to captivate love at long last~burning the edges as I ignite in flame when I finally realize that it’s not a game~I struggle to back track to gain back my strength I’m slowly learning that you will go to any length~This marvelous magic stunning surreal I am waking up and I can now feel~ your powerful magnetism drawing me near as I let down my walls and abandon all fear~ 180 more words

Human Behavior

The Old Tee Shirt

The three Graces by Sandro Botticelli

“Shit” said Sandro Botticelli “I’ve split paint all over my surcoat. What’ll I do now, I’m supposed to meet Catherine de Medici for lunch and that’s the only decent stitch of clothes I’ve got. 315 more words

Seeing Red: 99 word Flash Fiction

“Shut those dogs up.”

“Yes” I was already out the door. “Hannibal! Lector! Come!” I walked towards the frenzied barking. Hearing ‘ Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaak Bwak Bwak Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaak.’ I ran. 175 more words

Irene Waters

31 Days of Horror Prompts for October #23

Hey, everyone! I’m going to get today’s prompt posted up, so that I can go ahead and start posting my backlog of responses that I haven’t done. 205 more words

Creative WRiting

Bipolar Quirky Poetry ~Mad Love~

You’re my Micky to my Malorey

I’m your Bonnie to your Clyde

Jump in the car my love lets ride ride ride

Going 100 miles an hour with you by my side… 39 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Writers Need Other Hobbies, Too!

Slept in super late this Sunday as per usual, and made pancakes and bacon for brunch. Got some stuffed pepper soup stewing away in the crock pot, and here I am sitting here at my desk spending some quality time soaking in my light box’s rays. 310 more words