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Sharing your writing

People write for any number of good reasons—from cornering strangers in an elevator to demand they listen to a poem (this happened to me) to plumbing the depths of the human condition like a pebble sinking into a very deep lake. 314 more words

Creative Writing Austria

Writing a Story From Start to Finish

This Saturday, the Workshop Express will be going on a longer journey than usual. I’ll be heading to Dublin, a two-hour journey from where I live, to give the next in my series of creative writing workshops at the National Council for the Blind. 450 more words


My earliest poetic loves are what I now know to be comic and so-called nonsense verse. Examples include Edward Lear, Spike Milligan, most nursery rhymes plus Pam Ayres, Stevie Smith and Ivor Cutler. 152 more words

Three in a Café

He sits hunched, the crown of his skull as devoid of hair as his jaw. He sits and scribbles. Sometimes his pens scratches wildly, tearing its way across the page. 271 more words

Undergraduate Creative Writing

The Dark JKCC

The gentle, empty rumble of countless voices crashes against my ears. My nostrils drag in the warn, sterile scent of thousands of computers working in unison, every other, more organic smell obliterated by the work of the Proletariat priests who tend to this grand place. 110 more words

Undergraduate Creative Writing

On Workshopping

Hello blogosphere! Sorry I have been MIA as of late – this semester has been kicking my but, for lack of a better phrase. I have been writing and typing like mad lately, finishing stories for my classes and publishing articles for Odyssey, and have unfortunately neglected my own little corner of the Internet. 521 more words


Hundred-Word Lives & Extension

The sun is barely awake, despite it being closer to noon than dawn, and the dim light isn’t enough to draw the chill from the air. 509 more words

Undergraduate Creative Writing