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Guest Blog 4

Our fourth guest blog posting by Faith is a lovely expression of the revitalising joy of creativity.

Making one’s life into art

The brief for this blog invited us to share our ideas about writing, our writing practice, or anything that is dear to our heart. 619 more words

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Guest Blog 3

We are now half way through our Creative Writing workshops at the Edge Cafe, and I am looking toward selecting pieces for the chapbook anthology we are preparing. 880 more words

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Guest Blog 2

This week’s Creative Writing at The EDGE guest blog by Munizha explores perfectionism in her writing practice.
Munizha prefaces her piece with a quote from American poet Sharon Olds: 875 more words

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Guest Blog 1

Part of our creative writing project at The EDGE Cafe is a weekly Guest blog from one of our group.

This week’s blog is a piece about the pleasures of writing by Bernice Zieba. 632 more words

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The Amazing Tips to Make A Communication Workshop A Super Successful Event

Experts from various fields and backgrounds often organize different workshops not just to generate income, but to learn new things and to give back some of what they have learned along the way. 424 more words

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Why creative writing is sunshine for the imagination

The mind becomes light when focused upon the present. It’s as though the curtains are suddenly drawn back and sunlight streams in. Creative writing is a wonderful activity to engage the imagination. 101 more words

Want to Host A Creative Art Workshop? Promote It with These Tips To Make It A Success!

Hosting a workshop through some online organiser is a tricky matter, and being successful seems to be a distant dream if the planning isn’t proper. This is a very meaningful and exciting way to strengthen your relationship with current clients, build new relationships and further develop yourself in the area of your field. 442 more words

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