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Three in a Café

He sits hunched, the crown of his skull as devoid of hair as his jaw. He sits and scribbles. Sometimes his pens scratches wildly, tearing its way across the page. 271 more words

Undergraduate Creative Writing

The Dark JKCC

The gentle, empty rumble of countless voices crashes against my ears. My nostrils drag in the warn, sterile scent of thousands of computers working in unison, every other, more organic smell obliterated by the work of the Proletariat priests who tend to this grand place. 110 more words

Undergraduate Creative Writing

On Workshopping

Hello blogosphere! Sorry I have been MIA as of late – this semester has been kicking my but, for lack of a better phrase. I have been writing and typing like mad lately, finishing stories for my classes and publishing articles for Odyssey, and have unfortunately neglected my own little corner of the Internet. 521 more words


Hundred-Word Lives & Extension

The sun is barely awake, despite it being closer to noon than dawn, and the dim light isn’t enough to draw the chill from the air. 509 more words

Undergraduate Creative Writing

Three people in a cafe

The first thing to notice about the girl sitting at the table nearest the door is the strong scent of coffee hovering around her which, when linked stain on her t-shirt, hint at tragically spilled coffee. 100 more words

2nd Year - Fiction

The Dark Room

As you approach the end of the corridor the day light that was shining through the dirty skylights before has decreased considerably. The outline of a door handle can just about register in your vision so you reach for it, the shockingly cold metal turns and you push through to the next room. 274 more words

2nd Year - Fiction

Just back from The 2016 York National Book Fair which was held at the city’s racecourse. It’s the largest out of print and antiquarian book fair in the UK with dealers from around Britain, Europe and North America exhibiting their stock. 355 more words