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'Battlescene' - page 240 of the fantasy book I'm writing (sneak preview)

‘Well we can’t just leave them out there to die.’ Cried Mit as he made for the door…

   …He burst through it, and as he stepped blinking into the morning sunlight, he suddenly wished he had armed himself with his fuldrak weaponry before coming out, the only thing he possessed was his hokhead daggers, which remained on his person at all times, but they weren’t much use alone against a horde of orcs. 4,472 more words

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Tenderly through damp hair,

Along the soft curve of her neck–

Lost in deep pools of blue.

Somewhere in that moment–

When in union, 39 more words


'The Duke’s Silver Watch' A Short Story By C.T Herron & Greg Provan

The world was as black as pitch, black as ink, black as a starless void. The twin moons hid their lambent lunar faces behind stubborn melancholy clouds, if it wasn’t for the crunching of well-travelled path, under his horse’s hoofs, to guide them, Ali Saris feared they would have fallen foul. 5,710 more words

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Ocean Vuong's "Self-Portrait as Exit Wounds"

Today’s offering on the Academy of American Poets Poem-a-Day site is Ocean Vuong’s “Self-Portrait as Exit Wounds,” a superb end to a week of immigrant poems by Juan Felipe Herrera, Chen Chen, Solmaz Sharif, and Mai Der Vang.


Haiku for Osage

I’m going back home

To the woods, to the doggies,

And the Indian well.

To the woodpeckers

And the rocky mud soaked creeks

And the horse named Bruce.

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Poetry: Melody of Being Animate

Anyone that has met loyalties s..(suicide..)

“Open your window, make plans so you aren’t consumed by its dishonesty, you’ll make rush decisions think they make sense then you’ll be met with, realization or distractions whatever feels more comfortable, you’ll catch its meaning, meditate its feeling n think about, what it is that got you here in the first place, what it is that made you feel so strongly about loyalties s, you’ll figure out the perfect day, realize that the more you think about, the more you are wasting time, you’ll get what you need, sometimes this is so irrational its been in preparation so many times, that sometimes there is no preparation, it was the first time when I was 11 that, I had met such an indecisive me, never felt something that resonated so close to my heart, that made me feel its adrenaline to this extent, I was blown away by its commitment, its wasn’t until multiple similarities, years that went on by, when its attempt to commit started fading, not completely gone, but fading, I stand here 22, waiting, to turn 23 n still, fading, starting to realize that this commitment to loyalties s is slowly, fading each time it gets close to commit, there is a rage of rush memories, emotions, happenings that flow too fluidly it catches me, to realize, the dishonest in this commitment, I put the object back into its drawer, turn the lights off n walk away from its, loyalty, realizing..”