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That duck is a real character! But why?

Sometimes we refer to people as ‘real characters’. How weird.

Is this uniquely Australian? Is it an Australianism? ‘Oh, my great aunt was a real character!’ Either way, it’s nearly always a term of endearment. 206 more words

5 Fun And Useful Books Of Writing Prompts [NaNoWriMo Prep]

How do you prep for NaNo?

Most of the time, when I talk about outlining on this blog, pretty much everyone who comments tells me that they don’t outline at all. 313 more words


#35: How I made the patchwork princess too? ( 2/2)

Part 2/2 – How I made the patchwork princess too?

The patchwork princess from primary school days grew up without anyone telling her the right words to use. 2,123 more words

Creative Writing


Kindness misconstrued.
Rug pulled out from underneath;
still facing the sun.

Creative Writing

So You Want to be a Writer?

Nobody says it better than a man who’s been there. Here’s another poem for writers, written by a man who says it how it is. 329 more words

The Road to Voicelessness

They sat in the crowded auditorium, watching local children performing in ‘Oliver!’ Madeleine’s humour was poked and then unleashed by the brilliant acting skills of Paul, who was playing Fagin. 583 more words

Creative Writing

The Pooch Plan!

As a fulltime, well into middle age writer, (eh hem – I am assuming I will live until I am at least 100yrs old) the size of my backside and how square it is becoming, is a constant worrying thought. 584 more words