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When all seems frail, remember that I am here

I’m not one for flimsy, graphite ambitions or intentions

My promises are not erasable

they decorate walls with lead paint

My love is a deep, red wine stain… 97 more words


~ Longing ~

Doth these depths
So greatly churn
As thy words swiftly burn
And yonder yet vaguely felt
Within your arms freely melt
It’s cohesive quality sinks right in… 82 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Letters to you #4

Dear whom it may concern,

It’s raining in California right now which makes this Sunday extra special. I didn’t really do much today except clean and prep for the Ducks game that was on later that evening. 127 more words

My New Micro-Chapbook is Available via Free Download

My micro-chapbook, No Eye But the Moon’s: Adaptations from the Chinese, is now available via free download from Origami Poems Project. And please peruse their… 9 more words


night lights (20161023)

will o’ the wisps
glowing in rain
accelerate toward me
like headlights
or those tiny ufos
in close encounters

i will
become less
suddenly insubstantial… 15 more words


The fruit of my womb
is Sorrow
I carried her through the whole nine months
I gave birth to her,
she gave tiny cries of joy… 48 more words


The Ogres...

(Written as class assignment)

Perhaps the 8o’s weren’t after all the best of times for one particular kid who went to schools! It’s was before any rules were set & been made effective if they ever exist! 590 more words