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Inspiration Call: Writing Topic "Addiction"

Inspiration Call: Writing Topic “Addiction”

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Hope v.s faith

Hope Hope Hope…. until you choke
Hope is a farce and smells like arse
Hoping hoping while I do nothing to reverse the inverse

Faith comes into play and that should stay… 57 more words


Writing Challenge: Day 14

Prompt: What movies do you never get tired of watching?

I would say there are quite a few I could watch over and over. Let’s see if they match up to anyone else’s! 68 more words

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To what extent
can the howling internal
be superimposed onto
a perfunctory mask

to make
a believable image
of the whole?

© Zelda Reville


Modern Love

The very old and the very young were the only ones without their eyes glued to a pocket-sized screen; a modern city.

Me, I was an old soul. 151 more words

Short Story

Nature's Wig in Labor

A god’s wig turned pitch black
Becoming bloated with a tumultuous future
Storm clouds increased
Concentrating for the common good

“Let the future be born,” someone said… 103 more words

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It was the week before Valentine’s Day, which meant that many of the school’s student organizations jumped on the financial opportunity to sell chocolate, flowers, and heart-shaped cookies to desperate eighteen to twenty-two-year-olds looking for love. 6,005 more words

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