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A UK city has just experienced a mass arrival of scientists. It's being ignored by the press, so I'm reporting it here.

Something peculiar is happening in a major city in England, and I’m quite sure that I am being blocked from making it public. I’m Hayley Benett, a relatively successful freelance journalist, and I moved to this city a couple of years back. 2,106 more words

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At the Crossroads of Life

I’m standing at the crossroads of my life

Wondering which path before me

Is the right one

They all look the same

There is no visible sign… 90 more words

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That Writing Slump

As a reader, I’m all too familiar with the reading slump. As a writer, I think I’ve experienced several writing slumps over the years, but passed it off as not being able to justify being on the computer instead of studying/working/raising kids or just plain writer’s block. 811 more words


Two Poems

By Robert Grant The Fens

The first proper job was at the age of fourteen,
Too old for any meagre paper round. 
I took the weekend work with the gangs… 637 more words

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Repost March 2, 2014: Sunrise Sonnet

As the body wakes
the sun builds above the hills
tight muscles ache
and meadowlarks trill

The quiet night sounds break
to a hymn of life… 39 more words

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Not to Everyone's Taste

The estate agent paled. Bright pinks paired with blood red; an unusually bright, garish colour scheme that flowed hideously from room to room. How was she supposed to sell that? 40 more words

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A Woman's Mind (Part 2)

Some days she feels happy. It is a rare occurrence, but one that does happen. She revels in these moments and wants to hold onto them for as long as she can. 75 more words