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She wasn’t afraid of relationships… okay, that wasn’t entirely true.  The idea of being hurt, of being vulnerable, of putting herself out there and not being met… that freaked her the fuck out.   473 more words

Their Time

She gently woke to the late August, pre-autumn ocean breeze cascading into the room. The ceiling to floor curtains fluttered from the gentle motion of the crisp air. 679 more words


Vignette: Far Far Away

The ocean air didn’t feel quite right to Anna, so she waved it away with a twirl of her fingers. She shielded her eyes against the morning sunlight and looked out to the islands in the distance. 77 more words


Between Atoms and Saturn

A thin film of night

Casts like spool

Dressed in lamp glow

Barely visible.

A warm front

June in its veins

Slinks through town.

A yawn of deep frost… 267 more words

Creative Writing

Life comes at you fast

Life comes at you fast.
Sometimes it drags
like molasses on
your breath.
But the only guarantee’s
that even slow days

I’ve watched lives… 82 more words

Creative Writing

Lost to Found

This life is a constant change

of what I thought

was mine.

Grasping at hopes, falling for them

and reminded that nothing

is sure.

I can’t comprehend why I go… 18 more words

Creative Writing

The Cost of a Rose; or, The Ordeal of Blood: Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Beneath these battlements, within those walls,
Power dwelt amidst her passions; in proud state
Each robber chief upheld his armed halls,
Doing his evil will, nor less elate…

2,169 more words