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Night & Memories

Night and memories

has an unusual connection.

©Kinjal Jain

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2019 Aspirations

The year is almost a quarter of the way through. With this comes the realization that I’ve got to make serious strides if I am going to put myself out there. 290 more words

Creative Writing

Night time blabbering 281

I’m working on that novel. My daily input is around 4 000 to 5 000 words, which is pretty good if I can say. I am near 70 000 words and I plan on adding 40 – 50 000 words more. 340 more words

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Every Spring I Look

Every Spring I Look

The daffodil greens birth themselves
out of the sleeping dirt, aiming for sunlight.

And there is a part of me that half-expects… 177 more words


Pageant mom variations.

Why are some women

always that time of the month

no matter the time

Giant's Drum Kit

There’s melted Jr. Mints in her
mom’s van and they’ve been there
since her brother borrowed it to go
to the movies last summer.
They use mop handles as swords… 168 more words

Creative Writing

There Was Once a Time

There was once a time

When I was sailing through the storm

But knew that I’d be alright,

However stark the wind,

However turbulent the sea, 104 more words