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I’ve nothing to say
Perhaps that’s why you’ve gone away
All I know is that I love you
I thought you loved me too

Now you’re gone away… 49 more words

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Woman Alone

She should be a heart
headed home.
Instead she is sidetracked;
a question asked,
but never answered.

Truth, to him
is what gold leaf
is to a bookbinder– 34 more words

Creative Writing

I have

wasted most of my life

but starting


I’m going to

change that.

I’m going

to be a better person

and I’m going to… 21 more words

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“Good morning Greensburrow! This is your evening traffic report. For those of you heading home on I-78 you should expect a delay due to construction closing down the left lane around Exit 213. 2,912 more words

Creative Writing

Origins of the Big Bad Wolf pt. 10

(Lyrics from Wonderland by Natalia Kills)

I’m not Snow White,

Atria warned Atlas not to go. Despite the need for food and the little pups’ nagging for it, she had a bad feeling about his leaving. 244 more words


"They Kidnap American Girls"

I was told not to wander
into the brush.
For bad people go there
to bury those
exceedingly depraved.

I was also advised
regardless of boredom, 177 more words


Unconscious characters and Vegetable Patches

Today my male character (I haven’t decided whether he is a protagonist or an antagonist) slipped into unconsciousness. I ought to mention that he has been stabbed in the stomach and left floating in the sea for about five hours before being picked up by the heroine. 249 more words