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⁂ Body Language (Fuuta) Forehead

📑 Table of Contents

  • Genre: Fluff, Family ☁
  • Word Count: 100 ☁
  • Pairing: None ☁
  • World: Anime, Katekyo Hitman Reborn! ☁
  • 105 more words
Creative Writing

The Goddess Shook in Anger - a Poetics Tuesday offering

She watched them as they traveled
on her oceans bright and blue
She watched them as they gathered
with their smiles all bright and new… 149 more words

Creative Writing

5 tips for getting back on the ball

So, it looks like I missed a post last Friday. Hm. That’s no good. I was traveling, if that helps. But I was also in a car for six hours (not driving), so there’s really no excuse. 734 more words


How Well Medium is Going

Medium so far has been a great opportunity. I’ve been rejected, I’ve been accepted and I’ve gained a few readers. So far I’ve made 21 cents, here’s hoping it goes up. 112 more words


"Flight of The Hunt" (Troiku)

“Flight of The Hunt”


seagulls squawking calls,

their webbed feet run frantically

searching for morsels.

fluttering, flapping,

swaying, and weaving close calls,

seagulls hunt marvels. 18 more words



She cries quietly in a corner, there is no violence, no words to cut, no cruelty to endure. But she can see the changes. She can see the hesitation in his words, the slight tremor in his voice. 93 more words

“Double Ferris Wheel”

Rusting bolts that attached my gondola to the double Ferris wheel snapped, treating me to a final, fleeting view of the midway.

Flash Fiction