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More than a Number

More than a Number- song lyrics only 

I didn’t understand a thing I just read
I didn’t hear a thing you just said
No matter what you teach and preach… 280 more words


You Can't

Because you’re invincible,
Because you’re the core, the root
Of the tree that is our lives.

There is nothing without your smile,
Your hand when we call for help. 92 more words


Working On Black Friday

I have seen it all,

my friends. Black Friday. Retail.

Unspeakable things.


Call for Submissions: Postcard Poems and Prose Magazine

Hello Beautiful Thinkers,

Postcard Poems and Prose Magazine publishes 180 poetry and very short fiction features. Every feature is married with art by the staff and carries an expanded author bio with pictures and links to their work and websites. 37 more words

The Boy In The Heart Shades

Love Story - Author Mahinour Tawfik

At first it was thought true love doesn’t exist
But in front of true love, the hearts cannot resist
The day they met their lives have begun… 220 more words


Replacing Said Saturday: Happy

Today’s focus will be on replacing said with emotionally happy words:


“What’s that on your head?” he laughed.


“And you thought you were too short to reach the jar,” he joked. 128 more words


My Mr. Big

Just going to throw this out there into the world-wide-web …

I’m flatter for the curiosity. That you all allow me to occupy rent-free space in your heads. 657 more words