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For Mama

When I told my mother about the first girl I loved
and how it ended, her voice got caught in her throat.
It wasn’t just static over the phone line. 104 more words



Tired.sleep.do I have to…wake now?why not in.another.time? Feel so tried. What does it mean to fly? All I feel,all I see,through the half.of.my.eyelids is the night holding on to this…day have you come?will you drum off the sleep?the night stuck firm to my.mind. 44 more words

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Diary Gordy

Diary by Gordy after Junior has asked him to become friends:

Dear diary,

Today was a strange day because Junior (our new classmate) asked me if we could be friends. 177 more words

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I’m taking a few moments
This weekend for myself,
To silence my own mind
And listen to my breath.
With each inhale saying I
And each exhale saying AM…

19 more words

How Did the Author Do That?, by Dr. John Yeoman PhD, Reviewed.

This historical novel, set at the very end of the 16th century in London, is more than merely a damned good novel. It’s purpose is to help other authors improve their writing through example. 206 more words


False Hopes

Something that we talk about, mostly what we need;

A substitute is what I played when the teacher wasn’t in reach.

A thought of me; you’ll always have, a thought of me you’ll keep; 77 more words

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Dialogue between Junior's mum and dad

Dialogue between Junior’s mum and dad in which they discuss whether it’s a good idea to send Junior to Reardan:

Mum: “How do you think? Is it a good idea to let Junior go to Reardan?” 171 more words

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