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A sense of magic

I was born in a year with heavy snowfall, that just happened to be the year of the Cernobil accident. I was barely two weeks old when I abandoned the cat I was sharing a bed with to start my first winter journey, crossing the Carpatians with my parents. 147 more words

Value of You

Value of You (Song Lyrics Only)

I’m almost alone

I’m almost afraid

And I don’t know

I don’t know

What I’m to say


(Chorus-) 259 more words


The Fortress

The walls climb
Towards the clouds
Ever higher
Trying to touch the sky
And all the while
We watch
Our mouths gaping
As we wonder what you might become… 7 more words


Confession of a Writer....."The gauntlet "

If you really want some honest feed back about your writing…..go where people read more than they write. Writers, we have to remember, we are not writing for the writer, more than we are the reader. 37 more words

Confession Of A Writer

Using creative writing to improve health and wellbeing

Writing about a past traumatic experience has been repeatedly associated with improvements in health and psychological wellbeing. An explanation of these beneficial effects is that the process allows an active reappraisal of the event, marked by changes in cognitive linguistic indicators. 73 more words

Creative Writing

Poem: What i Have Learnt- |Eye Am Emma|

What i have learnt,

is that you should never

Just be nice,

To get anything back.

Because the chances are

No one is ever as nice… 127 more words


Expressive writing as an adjunct treatment for substance abuse

Although women with substance use disorders (SUDs) have high rates of trauma and posttraumatic stress, many addiction programs do not offer trauma-specific treatments. One promising intervention is Pennebaker’s expressive writing, which involves daily, 20-minute writing sessions to facilitate disclosure of stressful experiences. 149 more words

Creative Writing