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A government driver on his retirement by Onu Kingsley Chibuike

A government driver on his retirement by Onu Kingsley Chibuike, one might call ‘Twist of fate/Irony of life or Situational irony’ whereby a day that ought to be celebrated for freedom from daily stress associated with forced waking up early every day for work and having spent thirty-five years of meritorious service to his fatherland, […] …

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A friendship, born in trust
surpasses, what must..turn into dust.
There is a knowing, within each one of us
of a time before time, for which we lust. 77 more words


Beneath the Surface (A Manifesto)

Most people don’t understand what it’s like to hate life so much that dying seems like the only option. I do. I’ve been drowning my entire life. 411 more words

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a famous family ~ a poem and critique

her life was couched within parentheses,
which is to say mere mention of her was in passing,
perhaps as she passed, in a whisper of a breath, 165 more words


Caged Bird by Maya Angelou

a caged bird

stands on the grave of dreams

his shadow shouts on a nightmare scream

his wings are clipped

and his feet are tied…

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Он идёт сзади очередной женщины и, поравнявшись, вкрадчиво говорит:
— А вы из Франции, да, мадам?
При этом он отлично видит, что ни из какой она не из Франции: длинная, как жердь, неуклюжая, но зато целиком потерянная: то, что ему нужно. 399 more words


The one thing you forgot about was to breath. Yes, that’s right: breath. And with every breath you take, every exhale that escapes from your body, so does your every worry and anxiety. 42 more words