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Embracing the Storm

This precise moment is a very happy and well anticipated conjunction of time and place which I have waited anxiously for two decades to witness. I do believe that in my complete sober state I am experiencing a piece of nirvana for the first time in my life that I wasn’t even sure if I’d live to see…It is quite nice actually, peaceful, serene, quiet and comfortable. 1,185 more words

Mental Illness

Recording of "Shadow"



crushing juniper berries
at dusk

the dog shadows me
in his absence

* * *

“Shadow” first appeared here in April, 2015. It could be considered a companion piece to… 31 more words


Further apart

Growing further and further apart.

Not knowing what to do or what is right


Mock the News

A Weekly Satirical Insight into Maastricht’s Many Maniacs

by Alex Doug Johnson

University College Maastricht to Introduce Compulsory Eccentricity in Style Course

After reading multiple feedback forms from UCM graduates of previous years, all of whom remain unemployed, the faculty has decided to heed the words of these titanic walking comedowns. 362 more words

Creative Writing

The Parisian Tourist Snapped My Heart

Walking by without a care in the world, she snapped pictures of buildings and places and people and walked along the riverbank and sat under a leafless tree, looking out over the Sienne. 747 more words



FEBRUARY 12TH, 2018.


I’ve been having a rough time lately, again. It’s affecting more than I wish it would, especially friendships, relationships, things to do with my social life and those I surround myself with. 362 more words

Coming Of Age

The Misfit Holds Court (poem)

Trickster figures often show up in my poems. They spin elaborate, entertaining lies which speak to conflicts within their souls (or so I imagine).

The Misfit Holds Court… 88 more words