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she’s all knowing
rigid to a fault
a steadfastness
all her own
she carries her weight
and stand tall
to all.
her facade
is only her shell… 9 more words


My darling girl.

You were so unknown me to

Just a future distant hope.

You crept up upon me,

You taught me how to cope.

Oh my darling girl, 102 more words


Out In The Open

Anything that leaves me hollow, satisfied and complacent.

misguidedly pour my faith in. Tried to replace it. Time, energy, effort, always in use. Never wasted. Resourceful, hard to forget like a fragrance. 63 more words

Personal Development

The Lonely One

Author’s Note: I found this piece with some old writing of mine. It may seem crude, but this originates from a piece that can be considered one of the first things I ever wrote for fun(I was very young) even if it was originally a page and a half. 279 more words


Photo courtesy of Aleia Dela Cuadra

By Dahlia Suiter

Oh, how the clouds love to trick us, appearing soft at first glance, capturing our delicate minds in their haze. 540 more words

Creative Writing

Lined Up in Hangers

By Aleia Dela Cuadra

I get complimented a lot on my outfits.

I almost never wear the same outfit twice.

The magnitude of my full range of clothes allows for that. 96 more words

Creative Writing

Turmoil to Recovery: Part 4


By Soli Williams-Garcia


all I can do is say the word,

but actions speak louder than words so of course you won’t believe me, 176 more words

Creative Writing