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aka: post-teen angst

We are born, we grow up, we suffer violence, we are told we deserve it, that it’s just the way life works; we are put to work and no matter how hard or how much it is never ever enough; and when, in our blind agony, we fumble for a hand to hold in the dark, we are told we are predators, sick, a fetish. 302 more words


Book Publishing Reflection - Paperback Formatting Widows/Orphans

So I thought I’ll start this little series of posts right in the middle of things. This is a topic  I briefly brought up in my post about publishing my book, … 460 more words


A Living Flame

A spark, an ember, a lightning strike
A little bit of heat and fuel to ignite
Two ingredients, combining and coming to life.
It moves elegantly across the hills… 103 more words

Creative Writing

Confrontation (Seeker Part 30)

The climb to the little used courtyard on the far side of the castle was steep. Camus led the way holding bushes and tree trunks aside for the Seeker and his young niece to pass. 1,243 more words

Creative Writing


I see you

I know you

I know your pain

I feel your pain

I hold you close

To my soul

And sit with you… 95 more words



Nothing’s set in stone,
But once you put it in sounds-
The universe remembers forever.


A Druid's Tale Pt. 1

I was just a boy when I first encountered magic. A wondering mage came through our village and enchanted us by his spells. He was able to manipulate small objects into floating around as if dancing together in unison. 589 more words