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Defeated Keyblade Hero 

He laid motionless

on the ground. Keyblade gripped tight.

Blood- slowly dripping.


Feral Friday

The Alpha’s Witch

Chapter One: Part Two

“Another, barkeep,” said Tess Guinn, slamming her glass back on the bar.

The bartender, a young guy that smelled more animal than man, scratched his cheek with a frown. 822 more words


rose quartz


tension, pulling, cracking skin

tinnitus leaking and

emotions traversing wavelengths in time…

i believe honesty rides a higher

frequency than lies

like a cowboy on the desert sun- 184 more words


Whispering gently into my ear,

your words brought me satisfaction.

I pondered day in and day out

about what they might mean.

Satisfaction wasn’t enough, 64 more words


Saint Val and I are disappearing

“What am I looking for?” I demanded of myself for the nth time. Amongst cobwebs, creaking drawers and dusted mirrors – in which I appeared to myself as a foggy ghost from the blurred periphery of mine eye – I rummaged around fervently despite having no idea what exactly I was searching out. 13,571 more words


~🦋~ Flight ~🦋~ (Haiku)

fluttering by light

moths meander by its sight,

sounds of wings in flight.

Creative Writing

"Baking is fun" (Repost)

”Baking is fun” My mother used to say whenever she made me work extra in her bakery. I can’t say I felt the same at the time, but baking grew on me. 389 more words

Flash Fiction