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Was in a wierd mood today....

…and wrote a poem. Poetry isn’t usually my thing, but this was kind of cathartic. It was jumping around in my head, and I threw it on paper, and this is what I got. 452 more words

Blind Sight: Leocardo | Chapter Twenty

Blind Sight: Through The Eyes Of Leocardo Reyes

Ermisenda Alvarez

Chapter TWENTY

People swarmed toward them while others yelled, “Stay back!” Leocardo kept blinking as his eyes attempted to adjust to the harsh light. 2,718 more words


The Game

I’m finally alone.  I rest my hands on the cool, metal surface of the table and quickly take inventory of all the old scars and fresh wounds that mar my once nimble hands.  1,537 more words

Creative Writing

7 Potential Conflicts for Your Story

We all know that there are the big four conflicts in storytelling:

Man vs Man

Man vs Self

Man vs Nature

Man vs Society

These conflicts are woven into the each layer of storytelling. 298 more words

Creative Writing

How Do You Feel To You?

Well I feel my breasts, my hips,

my mounds and lumps

on this body that belongs to me, this body I’ve been told to own. 45 more words

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War Requiem

Devastation was everywhere,

Owen looked down from the cenotaph,

the music was transcendent.

Yesterday I watched British director Derek Jarman’s 1988 film War Requiem, with Benjamin Brittin’ s War Requiem as the heart o the film. 28 more words



To live joyously
is to carry burdens
without letting
the load break
your back.