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St. Valentino

saint of saintless intricacies
a paint of faceless culprit
list of effeminate cantrip
an intoxicated love circuit
era of inductionless
diabolic love gnostic in
an unenlightened proletarian yard… 12 more words


romanov short story

written in 2016

I remember it clearly. Unfortunately, you do not seem to forget anything when you go; everything seems even more vivid than when it was all happening. 1,197 more words

Creative Writings


Light at the
hour of darkness

Life abundance
on the bed of death

strength in a
pool of weakness

extracted laughter
from the grief, a delight… 18 more words


Going to War ... with a Jack of Many Trades

Note from the Author:  This is part four of my experience during the
Vietnam Conflict.  You can pick up Part One, Part Two and… 5,742 more words
My Rants

Advocatus Diaboli

when I was young, teacher told me
I’d be an ogre’s child
if I salivated for aroma
from the bush

when I was young, father told me… 182 more words


Geroy Герой (Heroes on Their Thrones)

Guevara, the Che now lives
on the walls, a graffiti, and
Gandhi, an all time sage
who’s story is personal…
I see his round glasses, but… 162 more words


It's Okay

I believe there are people who are meant to walk into your life and change you. They are meant to change on how you see things, how you feel and breathe. 178 more words