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Little Shiva blessed

I am writing, typing, trying to recall a sensation, and idea, a meaning to grasp within the chaos, barely thinking, moving forward through the thick swirling matter that it is in my mind. 259 more words

Creative Writting

Why is writing important?

Why is writing important to do in school?  At jobs? In college?  Writing is important because it will show teachers and employers that you can think and write like a professional. 171 more words

Creative Writting

My "About Me"

So I realized that I didn’t give too much background about myself in my last blog post aside from the fact that I have ADHD… 417 more words


Light My Fire

I am an avid reader and with so much on my plate I like everything at a finger’s flick. I realized my issue when I bought a Mac laptop. 597 more words

Creative Writting

When the end of days came

When the end of days came we expected it to come with Armageddon and chaos. We expected thunderbolts and lightnight in the sky, we expected blood on the streets and smoke in the air. 306 more words

Creative Writting

Why I thought I am in love with you?


I am at a crossroads in my life. Trying out between being an expat for a while or returning home to everything I know. But in the end I want to just continue exploring because it is a hell of a good time getting to know yourself when you only can know yourself. 354 more words

Why Jerusalem is the center of the world

In my visit to Jerusalem I wanted to learn how what happened in this spot shapes so much of our world today.

Jeruslem was settled over five thousand years ago and grew to become a capital city, a trade and military outpost and a holy temple for three of the largest religions in the world. 315 more words

Creative Writting