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Knowing that youll get there and knowing you'll be great

This is a short essay I wrote about starting a new chapter in life, please let me know what you think!

I’m a vine. I curl, I have so many intricate little flowers and leaves. 556 more words



I like girls…/

you should/

– I’m not specialyzed in pleasing guys, sorry!

Creative Writting

innocent witch

you tried to break me

’cause it’s easier to carry a bag of crystals than a sculpture

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My New Home

Hello! My name is Saxton Hail and I am nine years old. The Jenkins adopted me several months ago, and welcomed me warmly into their family. 707 more words

Issue 1


sweety, my rocket is not made of your eyes
my voice will be on air even your station is closed

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"Not Lemonade"

When life gives, your lemons make something else. Tell us about a time you used an object to resolve a tricky situation in an unorthodox way. 268 more words


"kick It"

What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?

The number eleventh item on my bucket list is “Rock Climbing” and I plan on completing the listed item within the next two years when I take some beginner rock climbing classes. 64 more words