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To You,

​I almost have no emotions lately and the only emotions left within me is how much I love you and care about you. I love you so deeply that without you it feels like I am going to die. 113 more words

Sa Dilim


As our light found us in our bed,
All stories are next to ours
You think too much over the future
while i lived in the present. 55 more words

Creative Writting

Reason to Write

Some years ago back in our Creative Writing class, my professor asked everyone, “If you are to write a book, what are you going to write?” My response was simple, “I am to write my life,” and his response was, “Who will read your life? 233 more words

Sa Dilim


It is the color I see in my vision when she walks in the aisle,

Despite she wears the color of the gown, the gown of a bride. 228 more words



At the door it waits,
A call to my own time
Her snowy unblinking eyes, deep to my soul
My scary thoughts of lossing thee… 65 more words

Creative Writting

The life of a phone

I can not believe this girl. I have been loyal to her for years.Years I listened to her bullshit. Her constantly complaining to me about her problems and asking me questions that google don’t even know the answer to. 497 more words

Horror on memory lane.

Walking through the vast expanse of dry sand, the wind thought it amusing to blow in a fashion imitating a pacing man. As I tried to get my hair to listen to me and not the wind, I craned my neck forward with hands over my eyes I tried to make out the figure approaching me. 377 more words