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Ghost Stories

I have been working on a ghost story. My hope is that either the Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine or the Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine will publish it in their sections for first time writers. 995 more words

Captian's Log


Life can be murky at best.

It’s hard to stand the test of lurking uncertainty, difficult tendencies.

Thoughts that throw you into a head spin just when it’s time to pin a decision down. 101 more words

Music + Poetry

Lesson (Short Story).

This is a lesson for you to learn, that you can’t hide your pain forever. Someone will find the truth and will listen to your upset. 332 more words



I’m sure I’m doing it wrong.

In love with immediacy so long-form isn’t a strong suit.

It’s hard to stay focused on my next move, 355 more words

Music + Poetry


Judge blindly, no care for stature or class.

Remember to placate the harsh truth of false brass,

The tendency to give yourself a pass while failing others. 52 more words

Music + Poetry

Far from the norm

Outlier –

Separate from the rest that step in time.

Muscle memory dictates their lives, but not mine.

I wish I could march in the rhythmic parade, 72 more words

Music + Poetry

Now but not yet

A lot of the creative process is about “now but not yet”. You have a sudden cool idea, an epiphany you just have to¬†share with the world. 237 more words