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You always like to be “Different”.

Shell-shocked, that statement incinerated my world – of skyscrapers, buildings, lights as bright as the sun echoing names of hero, heroines, stars and valiant men, and with streets paved in gold with not a piece of debris in sight. 332 more words

A Faux Pas

Cyndi shoved her way through the school halls, her vans squeaking loudly on the tile floor, as she searched desperately for Tyler her head whipping back and forth so quickly it was a miracle she didn’t get whiplash. 1,920 more words

Original Fiction

(Fictional) Murder With Purpose

You stare ahead blankly in utter and complete disbelief, your friend is dead. Murdered right before your very eyes. How will you ever recover from this? 1,029 more words

Creative Writting

M.A.L.C.O.L.M. Chapter 3

After last night an idea had started to form in M.A.L.C.O.L.M.’s mind, a new and unique idea, his own idea, which made it all the more potent, and entirely impossible to resist. 3,742 more words

Original Fiction

Late Night Colours

Sitting in the darkness, the computer screen glow covers her face, another day done, another she wishes would be her last, for when the morning comes and eyes open all she feels is pain. 24 more words

M.A.L.C.O.L.M. Chapter 2

Olivia was an odd contradiction of practical and quirky.

Her apartment was in walking distance on a good day, and biking distance on a bad day, to Donovan Towers. 3,177 more words

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Those you never think of...

That boy at school who is energetic and strong, whose brought the school to victory through sports many times, the boy who fiercely protects the fragile book-loving girl, the two seem at odds, but have the closest of friendships. 452 more words

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