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The sun rays beat down upon me as a stared at the many flowers growing in the garden bed, I pondered for a moment, all these varieties colors, shapes, sizes co-existing together in its land of the urban garden. 38 more words


“Despite Mrs. Weldon’s wishes, I cannot in good conscience grant you custody. There is no precedent for this. I am sorry.” The voice wavered with the knowledge of the ramifications of her decision. 1,276 more words

Original Fiction


Little baby Frankie sleeping so sweetly, what do you dream about little boy?

Do you dream of your next toy?

Or maybe a puppy would give you joy? 63 more words

Daily Prompt: Mercy

via Daily Prompt: Mercy

Where was your mercy when you were planning my demise ?

That brief moment of ”she doesn’t deserve this”.

why shouldn’t i pull the trigger? 57 more words

Lest to forget

In a far away time, and a far away place, men cried out for country, for state,

blood was shed, lives lost, for those who head nations will have victory at any cost, 62 more words

Wild flower

Wild flowers grow here and there, in the wild flowers live the wild fairies

All the fairy boys and girls with there little tiny curls, and clothes made of nuts and berries.  16 more words


Tickles makes you cry,
You wonder if that human sees
You live or die
It doesn’t really matter.

I have seen the wounded skate
The one who became a stall… 53 more words

Creative Writting