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The Boy I loved

There was a boy I loved

He was sweet and nice

He smoked when we fought

He laughed at my lies

He never called me a whore. 115 more words

Good Bye

When the nomadic Sun will leave the ends

Of the roads laid far and near

I will think of you in my wearing steps,

But I will think of you my dear… 297 more words

feminine creative

she is intuitive, 
she is far-seer, 
she is deep listener, 
she is loyal heart.

She is the source,
the light, 
the night,
and the day-break.

Where is she present? 320 more words

The God

The crisp night fell about him as a rainbow envelops an Icy blue sea. It was his first night without the temple of gods and except the cold that seemed to double up with every passing hour, nothing mysterious about the night bothered him in little. 526 more words

Like never before!

He tells me he is clean and that in this life and death he would do but nothing to win me over.

But then he bends his head to his right and asks me, “Why do you take roses from men who don’t know you esteem Lilies?” 370 more words