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Maybe I Should Love You Less.

Maybe I should love you less because right now, if we were to measure our love on a balancing scale, with you standing on the left and me on the right.  243 more words

Creative Writting


You get hurt often times,
You slid down the last past
Past of your sensitive cloning
Yet those forms kept you running.

Its hard to love… 53 more words

Creative Writting

Speed Another Day

Ell’s lips twisted in annoyance, as red and blue lights flashed behind her, the siren letting out a piercing wail. She grumbled loudly as she quickly decelerated pulling onto the shoulder of the road. 540 more words

Original Fiction


A face from the past,

Cuts my soul deeply like glass

My heart skipped a beat,

But all I could do is smile and greet… 21 more words


Fate whispers

Fate whispers to the warrior, “You cannot withstand the storm.”

The battle weary warrior glances up at Fate, forcing his eyes to open. Weary and wounded he reaches blindly to his side until his hand wraps around the hilt of a sword. 337 more words


The Need

Micheal was standing across the street from the Diner where Monique was working. Hidden just out of sight in the shadows in the alley, he stood there staring at her through the window. 2,265 more words


The choice

On a secluded hilltop in the dead of night, a small fire is raging. A silhouette of a man sitting next to the fire is seen in the cascading light of the flames. 636 more words