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What is life? : A Journal Entry.

Thursday August 27 2015.

What is life without happiness, without the bearings of your soul.

it’s dark and cold

like the dirt

without smiles, and laughter, and LOVE… 74 more words

Story extract idea...

It was just then at that moment,it had clicked,it was him,him all along.Trying not to show the  state of panic through her face,she  forced out a smile how could she have been so dumb.All she could think was but why?,why would you do this?,and how the hell am i going to get out of here alive?.He turned to her and stared straight into her blue dazzling eyes,as if nothing had ever happened.His eyes looked stone cold,the hairs on her neck stood up high,she felt sick.”You look so beautiful,especially in this light”,he leaned in to kiss her.Her natural reaction was to push him away,but luckily she had a second to think,she had to kiss him,if she wanted to survive she had no option. 110 more words

Mexican Immigrants to Blame for Illness Outbreaks in the U.S.

It’s no secret that the U.S. has been plagued with several illness outbreaks lately.  The Ebola scare seems to be the first to come to mind, now the most recent is… 300 more words

Creative Writting

Writings from the soul

Hey kitty cats so I was flicking back through old journal entries the other day, just reading through some of my writing & I’m actually proud of many of the pieces. 184 more words

Being Happy


She exhaled ,slowly

And waited for the one she loved.

Under the crystal chandelier she slowly put her red lipstick,put on her velvet silk dress and her favourite heels.She was ready to walk out that door-for the first time in a long time.Nothing was going to stop her now. 88 more words

Creative Writting


Trial Thirteen


The thing I wrote on my mother’s hands is lost and I cannot seem to find it. My hands look like hers. Almost exactly. 179 more words

Harry Potter and the Pallas's Cat

Albert was very grumpy on this particularly bright Sunday afternoon; of course, Albert was grumpy most days but this day was especially grim. Victoria, the other Pallas’s Cat at the English zoo, was always banging on about how he ought to “cheer up” because “the weather is so much lovelier here, isn’t it, Al?” Then she’d usually swat at him lazily from her favorite perching branch. 1,227 more words