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Dear Diary

October 27, 2026

Dear diary,

Dean and I have been together for ten years today. It’s so hard to believe it’s only been ten years, it feels like we’ve been together forever, yet sometimes it feels like our first date was yesterday. 459 more words

The Driveway

Emily would have never guessed that something as small as walking down the driveway would change her life. She had done the simple task so many times, get home from school, check the mail, go inside. 652 more words

Don't Scream.

The words left his mouth like words leaving the mouth of a mother cautioning her child but yet I received them as though they came from a stern army veteran. 179 more words

Prisoners of the world: Are you one?

Two cells join, veins form an interwoven web of a character like no one could ever phantom while the cells divide into trillions of warriors pledging loyalty to only one being- a child is born. 524 more words

Education is Suicide.

A man stood, walked down the hall and everyone’s mouth was agape. His strides matched that of a cat- poised, powerful and poignant. One step, two steps -a snail would have bested him to the podium. 383 more words

Last call

Ally is on her way to her engagement party but she is super late.

Pick a number…any number between -0 and 1. That’s the amount of patience I have right now. 1,087 more words


We think we want to be special but what does it mean to be special?

It’s an assignation. It exists in the interstitial space between objects. 285 more words