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Trial Eight:

I have just about packed everything I predict I will need in order to finish the last leg of the year. In all honesty, I have squeezed everything I hauled from Johannesburg to Maseru back into the tiny bag I put my things in. 19 more words

Sulky Sundays

I think I should re-name my Sundays to “Sulky Sundays” because I seem to just mope around my house. I need a hobby to keep my mind busy. 462 more words


Work. Work. WORK

I have 2 exams, one paper, one quiz and 2 homework assignments dues next week. Technically I had spring break to do them. But I didn’t work. 171 more words


The Fine Line of Nice and Push-over

I find myself lonely and I try to reach out to people I have a connection with; then find myself feeling used an alone.

I like to give and help. 91 more words


The Best Broke Ass Birthday

I turned 26 Friday, last year I fell apart on my 25 birthday because I had not fulfilled my “life plan” I made at 18. I thought I would be in Law school by 25 an especially at 26. 481 more words


Little Shiva blessed

I am writing, typing, trying to recall a sensation, an idea, a meaning to grasp within the chaos, barely thinking, moving forward through the thick swirling matter that it is in my mind. 259 more words

Creative Writting

Why is writing important?

Why is writing important to do in school?  At jobs? In college?  Writing is important because it will show teachers and employers that you can think and write like a professional. 171 more words

Creative Writting