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Bisney 'The making of'

As a way to engross my subscribers into my creative process I invite you to behold the ‘magic’ of Bisney in the making: (image those words sounding like the over dramatic narration of Hollywood movie previews)  32 more words

The flower

It had been years since anyone had seen her, the flower of Miata village, Maua was her name and as a flower she was indeed beautiful, skin so soft yet as brown as the earthen pots before they encountered sooth, hair as black as the sooth itself and long cascading down her back when she let it out . 271 more words

Creative Writting


How many dicks would snow white have had to suck if she was real, not a cartoon character?! 

So lets get the story straight my names ‘Valerie, and I from New York’, she exclaimed in a strong, wise guys-ist kinda way,  96 more words

Maybe I Should Love You Less.

Maybe I should love you less because right now, if we were to measure our love on a balancing scale, with you standing on the left and me on the right.  243 more words

Creative Writting


You get hurt often times,
You slid down the last past
Past of your sensitive cloning
Yet those forms kept you running.

Its hard to love… 53 more words

Creative Writting

The Princess

She stretches her hand out in front of her and clenches her fists. She grabs. And grasps. But she clutches nothing between her fingers. She holds onto nothing. 55 more words

Speed Another Day

Ell’s lips twisted in annoyance, as red and blue lights flashed behind her, the siren letting out a piercing wail. She grumbled loudly as she quickly decelerated pulling onto the shoulder of the road. 540 more words

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