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Doctor Doctor

“Say doctor, how old are you?” asked Adaley. He glanced at her briefly from above his journal. “29… say patient, how old are you?”
Adaley smiled. 69 more words

Short Stories

Falling for Fall

There are few seasons l like more than summer, but Fall is quickly starting feel like the place where I want to be. It’s growing on me, year after year I find something else that draws me into the embrace of Fall’s enchantment. 447 more words

The Blog


Everything seems dark from the outside.

Closer, you see heads,

changing scents and vents,

standing, touching heads.

Making every move,

its allĀ  about a cut, 47 more words

Creative Writting


I Wish but i could not spare

the reasons behind my deeds

yet i go on

aloud i scream my simple word;


it seems all places are closed… 62 more words

Creative Writting

The existence of Journalism is directly proportional to the existence of the human race.

Let us first agree on the definition of Journalism in order to maintain a uniform level of understanding within this context.

Journalism: the ETHICAL gathering and reporting of news on different publishing platforms by qualified journalists. 531 more words

the shore

I am standing on the shore. My toes are barley kissed by the waves that roll up the sand. I walk a little bit further until my feet are fully covered. 392 more words


How to be generous to yourself today

Today, I don’t want to ask, I only want to listen. Today, I don’t want to question, I only want to be available to see answers. 151 more words

Morning Diary