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I am an unstoppable force, moving through space and time.
I will tear you down, I will tear myself down – bathe in kerosene and strike a match. 57 more words


Micro Poem

If you haven’t noticed already, I am a big fan of quotes. However, instead of browsing different websites to find that perfect quote (about “endurance” for instance) I will often times go to Google images and find a quote that way. 90 more words


Finding the perfect degree course isn’t easy for a creative induvidual …

Choosing my degree course was probably one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in terms of time, effort and fighting the ‘giving up’ mind-set. 455 more words


The White Oak

Barren limbs stretched towards pale skies

Empty and naked among the wood it stands tall

Proud and brazen against the grain of February

Wishing perhaps all its acorns did not fall… 28 more words


365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 42

42. Warehouse:

His father was a hoarder. There was absolutely no doubt about it.

Jack stood outside the shed his father had built and surveyed the mound of scrap metal, car parts, door frames, kitchen sinks and other bits-and-bobs that had finally spilled out onto the surrounding slab of concrete. 94 more words


Stand up. Take note.

If you walk into any start up, internet, technology or media agency..or basically any company here in the silicon valley these days you will see a gigantic sea of open seating and stand up desks.   238 more words

Inkblots: Character Generation Pt 3!

I knew this would end up being a long one.

Since I started talking about characters, I’ve covered the basics (i.e. how mek charcter plz) along with genderbending and its uses when writer’s block comes a’knocking. 615 more words