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Gardeners of the Bloom

Gardeners of the Bloom

I’m the poet from the painter’s touch
Yet artists oft confuse what hues
May fall upon the canvas
With runes that they may find… 96 more words


The Worst Visitor That Has Ever Darkened My Door

Knock, knock…

Who is it?

There is no answer.

I look through the peep hole,

I look out the window…

I see no one…

Knock, knock… 231 more words


This is My Body: Figure Drawing Session #1

The other day, I had the chance to work with Alex Alford at the Colourfield studio in Asheville. Being able to connect with him, to lay everything down and work together to create art: that was a wonderful treat. 41 more words


Folio: Matthew Wong

Matthew Wong is a documentary photographer based in Vancouver, Canada. Matthew’s interest in photography first took off in 2010 using nothing more than his smartphone; he is now… 99 more words



Question: why didn’t my mother take me to the gallery?
Question, did yours?

There’s a strange shadow hanging over the art world and creative industry in the eyes of those who raised us. 724 more words


Bilbao: Bold as Basque

Is it Dublin? Is it Pontypool? With all this white sky, its liquid fill and frequent spill you’d certainly think so but whatever it is, I like it. 1,155 more words