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Letting go is a choice

She would dream about him every other night, and it was always the same dream: His sad eyes would appear and would ask the girl one simple, soul-crushing question: 257 more words


Can i stop the time?
So that i’ll not forget you and us.
So that you can remember all good things you had.
So that we can look at each other everytime we want. 15 more words


Gender fluidity in creative writing

A man writing women’s fiction?

I am a man writing women’s commercial fiction. I never set out to trespass into a genre that is usually written ‘by women’ and ‘for women’, it just happened. 146 more words


Your Creative History and a Free Worksheet from "Creative Exploration"

“What experiences in your life have shaped your attitude towards creativity and your own abilities?

What has held you back?

What is your biggest creative fear? 245 more words


Waterstones Podcast

I am a little behind on myself. Actually I take that back I am behind myself totally and completely… I have no idea what I’m doing at the moment and my brain feels all over the place. 53 more words


1624. The pension

Errol was excited. Well, not so much excited as pleased. He had worked as an academic all his life, in the field of electromagnetic radiation, so getting excited was little over the top. 183 more words