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Siren Call

Carter Smith; styled by Joe ZeeAdvertisement – Continue Reading Below

For this month’s cover shoot, model-phenom Kate Upton took a jaunt to New York’s Hamptons to play the bombshell next door in looks from Michael Kors, Lanvin, and Fendi—curated by ELLE Creative Director Joe Zee. 112 more words

Shading in Zentangling...

To shade in zentangling,you need to-

  • Color-The simplest shading just adds a third color to the basic black and white of a zentangle piece.Try gray in spots where you would normally use solid black or white.It will add interest to dots,strings,checks,and more.
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From Thoreau, To Emerson, and now Whitman! 

I’ve always written poetry here and there, but I’ve been living and breathing it since March of this year. I carry a journal with me constantly so I always have a place to put my new ideas or to work on unfinished poems. 105 more words

NaNoWriMo 2015: Won!

Today I have accomplished the almost-impossible.  Something I’ve seen so many people start and give up after a few days.  Something that gets me surprised and impressed looks wherever I go (provided the topic comes up). 577 more words


Jane lies strapped to a cold, hard table. Her heart pounds so fast that it hurts.

Oh my God, aliens are real. She struggles against her restraints, stifles a scream. 13 more words


Still Yourself

When the noise surrounds you so that you cannot hear your own thoughts,
You must still yourself so as not to be consumed mercilessly.
In so doing, much clarity can be achieved and peace will come running whene’er thou summons it. 81 more words