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Jack & Kat

___Craig said sumthin to me yesterday.
Kat looked up from her phone, the blue blaze of the screen licked at her neck. ‘Wot?’ She said. 362 more words


How to draw like a fashion designer

My various attempts to foray into the world of fashion goes like this:

:idea: Primary school (aged 8 or 9) – a friend and I decided to create a fashion “catalogue”. 372 more words


The Month of Heartbreak



I had dressed rather nicely, for it was only a simple Wednesday. But this month had already been filled with infinite disasters. It seemed to happen annually. 1,710 more words


People - Ever met?

Continuing on the ‘love tip”, I’m wondering if you’ve ever met someone like this: a creative personality. If you want to increase the size of your ability to love, then interact with a ‘creative personality’. 242 more words


As children, our biggest fears are things likes the boogie man, and the monster that sleeps under the bed. I would love to be afraid of those things again instead of having the fears I have now. 300 more words