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So I am currently 31 years old and fighting a nasty alien called cancer (aka Clieve). I was diagnosed when admitted to A&E March 2015. Since then I have gone through biopsies, chest drain, Picc line added, Chemo x 6, loss of the feeling in my fingers and toes, what feels like a million and one scans – X-rays, CT, PET, MRI – had them all, now I have to face a Lumbar puncture on Monday plus my radiotherapy starts in 3 weeks. 129 more words


080120XX Udita


There were always bubbles at bath time. Such was the way of the universe, and little Udita Bhakta had come to expect as much. 211 more words

2nd Street

Questions on what I do, what it's called?

Writer, author, novelist, reporter,..

Because of my health, I can’t do what I want, so looking for jobs is harder than I thought.  While laughing off my sadness, I thought : “Maybe I should create my own job or design my own new type of function.” 48 more words

About Writing

Groom's First Look

I remember walking down the aisle back in 2012. I kept thinking, “Stace keep it together, no ugly crying please”… and I had every intention of keeping my make-up in tact, that was until I saw Wes. 154 more words

The Shank Tank

Friday 5: How To Motivate Yourself

Hello and welcome back to another installment of the Friday 5!

(It is intended to be weekly but creativity was stalled while I worked on my main… 1,324 more words


Studying Animals Will Save the World

Shortly before his death in 2011, Steve Jobs said,

“I think the biggest innovations of the 21st century will be at the intersection of biology and technology. 634 more words


Day 3/4 - 100 Day Goal with the Business Bakery

I’ve decided instead of blogging every evening about what I have achieved that day to blog in the morning about the previous day and then layout my plans for the rest of the day. 199 more words

100 Day Goal