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Poem #73

Would you mind
If I steal a glance
Just a little time
Feeling some romance

Would it be a sin
To admire you
Every little grin… 30 more words



George Washington Smith is not only a prominent name in Santa Barbara, California but is also a well known name throughout the United States . The self made architect, born in 1857, is known for being a… 151 more words


Poem # 72

I think a lot
About holding your hand
I think a lot
About being your man

I dream a lot
About your embrace
I dream a lot… 39 more words


Poem #71

Luna, goddess of my sky
Dance with me forever
Twirl your celestial body round mine
Gravity of our attraction to tether

Take a spin with me… 44 more words


Medway Print Festival 2018

For Medway Print Festival this year at INTRA we have several exciting new printmaking classes, a lovely exhibition, and a new Zine & DIY publishing fair. 542 more words

What's On

Release Me

“Just make sure you tell my family it’s okay, I’m sorry. But it’s too late, I’m sorry. So much weighing on me. I don’t wanna live to see another day, I’m sorry.

233 more words

The 5 characters you need to reinvent

There are five basic types of characters in your story. And you need to destroy them. Then rebuild them.

Because much like cliches, characters can get stale. 803 more words