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38th stories the fall

Well, hello again my followers, passerbyers and WordPress community! This is the 38th post and I have accomplished much this month. I think the months are progressively getting a tad bit better and better. 561 more words


Happy Birthday Doodle

I just wanna share with you my doodle for my loving partner. He just turned 25 today!

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Loss of Normalcy

I have no need to be average or normal. I surrender the need to fit into the expectations of others at the expense of my own evolution.

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Stop destroying, start creating!

Something that I love to do is create things. I can be so self destructive in most aspects of my life, so taking a break from that and using creativity as an outlet has been something that has really helped me through my darkest times. 248 more words


365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 150

150. Magazine:

I’d always wanted to write for a magazine and although I’d done a few articles in the past, this was something bigger than that. 160 more words


Bridge-less river 1: apps

If I make a app, I will call it ‘music collector’. Basically, it is a app to assist people to find the songs which they hear on street, in a shop, coffee or somewhere they past coincidently but attracted by a melody, to quick found out what the music is, they just need to open the app and touch ‘listen’ button, the system could recognize the name of the songs within 5-10 seconds. 207 more words


Winner's Bid

– This is a piece I wrote for a competition. As far as I am aware, it didn’t win. However, I like it, and quite a few others who have read it have enjoyed it too. 1,014 more words