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Making Time for Yourself

Someone asked me recently what I would be doing to entertain myself if I was back home. I didn’t have an answer. This is, I think, for two reasons: 823 more words



We stare towards the brightest light,
feeling the seduction of the pull
drawing us in to the spell
a thousand stars beckon us to believe. 117 more words


I wish....

I wish that there were more hours in the  day. To accomplish all that I want to accomplish. (Work, exercise, clean, down time, read, write, did I mention clean?) 161 more words


What did I Do?

She believed in me in a way that no one else ever did. No one ever believe in anything I wanted to accomplish and no one ever would. 1,252 more words

Helen says: "I want to move forward and being here makes me feel positive in moving forward all the time.."

“I was brave enough to get out of an abusive relationship and then just so fortunate to have been pointed towards this project. It’s just been miraculous. 613 more words


A Few Facebook Likes and some Media Attention, 2018

I feared the guns pointed at me,

when I nearly met the devil in 2015,

an ego of death,

mettle tested

under duress finding PTSD. 101 more words

Advice on being shot, 2018

A bullet creates a wound that

typically lasts seven days.

It enters through the front page

and stays,

obliterating soft news tissue,

an issue of hyperbolic shock; 119 more words