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WWE Creative Reportedly Happy With Short Time Span Between Pay-Per-Views

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

With the WWE Elimination Chamber only having a couple of weeks to build from the last pay-per-view and the next pay-per-view on the books, the WWE creative team is said to enjoy this particular task. 68 more words

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Rainy day flashfic: Spatter

Rain is falling beneath the eaves. We stand there and stare as the fat drops spatter on the windowpane, distorting our view through the glass. Rivulets run but I’m distracted by a twitching spasm beneath my ribs, flesh quivering beneath my kneading hand. 463 more words


"Unskippable" pre-roll ads

Geico’s unskippable ‘saving’ campaigns (Trueview pre-roll instream)

Mcdonald’s Fake banner campaign (Invideo Overlay i.e 15s)

Source: http://blog.naver.com/stussy9505/220372349529


How to reuse Yankee Candle wax to make Tarts

I seen a post online on how to reuse the wax of an old candle after the wick has burnt out. I thought I would put it to the test using one of my favourite scents “Pink Dragon Fruit” by Yankee Candle. 194 more words


That night

You drifted…

with the pleasant summer dream

under the moon beam

on the cool sand

of the quiet ocean

that did not question

your emotions… 13 more words


The Creative Blogger Award

Yes, my dear loveys, I know that I am spamming ya’ll with posts today….I haven’t felt this well in awhile, so I am making up for days when I should have blogged, was planning to blog, but didn’t blog because I felt too sick or tired to do so. 276 more words


Into the Mind

Focus now, and imagine an empty page of a book. The white page is bright against the dark cover and the other pages yet to be turned. 777 more words

When Writing Affects My Life