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04: My very public mug face and how I get it

Here’s me, I’m going to outline a list of all the things that has me rolling in sweet sweet reverie. From my beauty routine to where I eat and what apps I use. 749 more words


Thoughts On The Gorgias

In the Gorgias dialogue, Socrates travels with his friend and follower Chaerephon to the house of Callicles, whose name means “famed for visible excellence”. At Callicles’s house a distinguished guest and self-proclaimed Rhetorician from Sicily resides, along with his follower, Polus. 545 more words


Podcasts for Writers (and Other Creative Types)

I decided to throw together a short list of podcasts I think are worth listening to for all you writers and creatives out there. It’s another wonderful way to discover information and see what others are doing. 491 more words


negative on negative

people against people

anxiety and violence

violence doesn’t have to be


it can just be a feeling of

constant loathing

the people around you or frustrated with… 54 more words

"Inspiration is for amateurs, professionals just get up in the morning and get to work."

Inspiration will not come right away, you do not wait until inspiration shows up to begin your creative work. Like Pablo Picasso said: “Inspirations exists, but it has to find you working.” 95 more words


I’ve given almost no consideration.
Yet as my dissertation on the absolute
is muddied in the waters of semantics,
I can understand my breath undoing itself. 75 more words


Another deadline approaches

I’ve done it again.  I have once again given myself the impossible task of finishing a cross stitch by a set date that I have absolutely not chance of achieving hahahaha ~goes and sits in the corner and thumps head against wall~ 357 more words