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Midnight Connection

I showed you naked fragments,

how years at a time without it

were overcast. This is why you

held my hands with pleading eyes

at the door, wrapped me in cologne… 59 more words



Post flag tent meandering think stop try

Knowledge tricks quiet believing talent

Behave exchange knave knight telling up

Deep truck need neat beef feed steep tip… 7 more words



I take another sip of my glass of shitty $4.49 Riesling as another carpenter ant crawls up my unshaved shin. Is this what I’ve become? I think to myself. 230 more words


Don't let your days off be

day’s off.

That’s when you should be working for YOU.


1073. Viewing one's life

Harvey had, as is the lot of every human, passed on. To his astonishment there was some sort of continuing existence, and he discovered that if he travelled out into space far enough he could watch himself in the different stages of his life. 148 more words


Once Upon A Leaf

Soiled, decomposing, and barely skeletal
It might as well have been the dirt
The same dirt that the crying preschoolers uproot
The same dirt that swamps down their throats, engulfed by their mucus, until distracted parents scold them for bizarre appetites… 38 more words


Instagram Fixed&Old Memories

So leading on from my last post, it seems that Instagram was listening as the hashtags seem to be back working 🙏🏽😋. As of today anyway ha. 35 more words