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Artists Are A Special Breed (Feat. Adverse)

Episode 2. Adverse from Kings Without Crowns/Knuckleheads dropped by the studio. We talked about psychedelics, sensory deprivation tanks, and his creative process. Take a listen.


You wouldn’t believe all the great stories I have.

There was this one time I was sailing on the Atlantic ocean, and the ship was attacked by cannibalistic pirates who took the crew for hostages and lunch. 686 more words

The digital ad industry is officially out of ideas

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

caption Websites have lots of banners. source New York Daily News

Digital advertising sure seems to be stuck thinking inside the box. 903 more words

Money Matters

my life in a prose.

i like to be around people

but I don’t like to speak

i like to be alone

but I don’t like silence


Lavender Love

What started off as an hour to trim the lavender hedge, turned in to a day of getting my creativity on.

Quite a few bees had to be encouraged to leave before I could start in with the shears. 110 more words



***Found the picture on the internet.***

Some days are better than others

I become numbed to the pain

to the uncertainty

that weaves its talons into my being. 109 more words


My Little Piece of Heaven

We moved into our house 9 years ago, in October. It was a new house and there was nothing done with the garden. We were coming into the winter and would soon find out how water logged the garden gets in the wet months. 2,175 more words