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Basically, while being body, mind and soul or a triune creature, we live a separated life. Each of these elements forming what we may call I has its own objectives that are in most of cases mutually exclusive in relation to two other elements. 22 more words



‘I say that I create my life by myself and at the same time I have an idea that a large part of happenings in my life does not depend on me. 76 more words



Why do you dislike your experience? Why do you treat is with such disapproval?

The creator loves himself, whatever he is. He loves all his aspects as he loves all he is.



Clear vision doesn’t require the knowledge of any language. Language proficiency is only required for the fuller description of the seen. A new language should provide an opportunity for the full, not partial description of happenings. 25 more words



Every word you say has a magic power as it drives the energy and affects the flows of happenings. A word coming from the Heart creates Love. 39 more words


Unconscious Creativeness

Every human is a creator by substance. Therefore, no matter whether we know ourselves or not, we create our lives all the time. Though when creating without knowing ourselves we get what we eventually do not want to appreciate. 133 more words


Creative Resilience

It must be said that this lecture by David Puttnam was incredibly interesting and I would like to explore the points Puttnam made of self confidence and not being afraid to change thing to suit yourself. 241 more words

David Puttnam