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Last week Hattiesburg wrapped up its Festival South events.

What is Festival South? Festival South is a month full of fun activities hosted in Hattiesburg. They’re even divided into different categories like food, music, art and other fun areas. 345 more words


The 21st century struggle of creativeness

Warning – this is going to be the “going deep” a.k.a. very goddamn long post.

I honestly sincerely completely admire all those people who manage to be creative on the 21st century, who are able to think of something new, either it is a peace of art of any kind or a business idea. 1,202 more words

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All He Made Was Good

When God created the world,
He began a major project,
And when each phase was finished,
He saw that it was good.
Sometimes we face a task… 849 more words

As I Come Singing

Being a Lefty in a Righty World...

And I’m not referring to politics here (don’t want to go into that formless blob of human waste which is the political system), no….I am talking about the physical limitations of using tools designed for a right-handed person, whilst you are a left-handed one. 486 more words

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Another side to my creativity (God that sounds awful…) is my YouTube Channel, feel free to check it out.
There is some Minecraft Videos, Vlog Teasers, videos of my photography and lots of other random bits and bobs. 12 more words

Vlog Teasers

A widow's initiation; The first three months.

As I walked down that hospital corridor I also thought ‘I’m in for a crap couple of years.’ In the recesses of my mind I remembered a nugget of information learnt in my nursing training about grief – that on average that initial deep grieving for a broken relationship lasts 24 months. 2,220 more words


Learning to throw clay!

Today I went to a pottery class and it was honestly the best experience! If you are into creative things then I definitely recommend trying pottery out! 180 more words