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It's Not Enough!

Have you ever come up short? The bills come in and you don’t have enough to pay them? You have a quota to meet at work for sales and you just can’t get seem to get there? 316 more words


Train of Thought

In many of my posts i try to find a subject that is important to me and try to follow things through logically to some kind of conclusion. 345 more words

Life & Times

The "Creative" Diaspora Problem of the Workplace

After immersing myself with the culture(s) of the entertainment industry, my eyes started to skim around and the realization I was the only person of an ethnic background. 596 more words


Michael Bay Weighs In On 'Transformers' Swastika Critics: 'They Haven’t Seen The Movie'

Michael Bay is defending his use of Nazi flags in the upcoming “Transformers: The Last Knight,” and asking fans and war vets to hold their judgement until they see the final cut. 216 more words


H#57 18 minutes


These guys make my Tuesdays worthwhile. They share new perspectives and ideas about happiness and mindfulness.

They invite guest speakers and talk about their field of expertise. 96 more words


Creative News!

Never be afraid to share to the world what you have in your mind. ☺

Share what you’ve got!

Post your best photos and give a little caption about your blogs and share it to everyone!


Leese Can't Sing Two

Well, I’m doing another one. I’ve decided that I’ll do these weekly, or whenever I feel like it. So, without further ado, Leese Can’t Sing! Part Two! Here goes nothing.