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Thoughts of a stand-up comedian: Next year is my year

Competition season is upon us. I’ve already crashed out of two large competitions for new acts, Laughing Horse New Act of the Year and Leicester Square Theatre New Act of the Year. 1,036 more words


After The Storm

by Ron Gibson

Yesterday, the lights returned

above you, the heat inside you.

Con Edison takes a bow

for my doing.

Last night, there was no night. 127 more words


11 things about mel

Who writes here? In this ‘11 Things About’ mini-series, the people behind child mags blog (hi!) let you in on a few of their quirks and secrets. 266 more words


                                  Don’t Moan by ROB TRUE

They had all grown tired with her constant moaning.

Standing in the kitchen,

surrounded by meat and flies,

a whirl wind of chopping and stirring, 444 more words


I'm a Winner!!!

Although four days ago I want at all sure it was possible, I just validated this years novel at 50,631 words and got all the fun… 408 more words



by Dee Lean

A black cloud moves in amidst rolling thunder and thick, heavy droplets of rain. I stand by idly waiting for it to come closer. 446 more words


Love your enemy



Love your enemy, they say. So I love them by killing them softly with my kisses, dripping with this unquenchable hate that grows stronger with each passing day. 358 more words