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Why do I love Creatives?

I choose to work with Creatives, simply because they inspire me. Creatives are without a doubt, the people I love to capture most. They gift me with so much motivation it’s amazing how powerful an impact can be just by being surrounded by other creatives. 109 more words

MARNS Motions

The Lazy Eye - by PATTI JURINSKI

The Lazy Eye

My father has a lazy left eye that wanders off mid-sentence as if bored. When we sit down for dinner, and he starts yelling at my brother, the eye wobbles towards the door in search of a quiet corner. 340 more words


Remembering Snake Skeletons and a Cherry Red Impala -Artist, Finn Lafcadio O'Hanlon

Remembering Snake Skeletons and a Cherry Red Impala

On the 21st September, a second solo exhibition by 24-year-old English-born American artist, Finn Lafcadio O’Hanlon, will open at the Whiteconcepts space in Berlin. 565 more words


You're a Writer, Damn it! Own it! - Assistant Editor, Justin Hunter

You may have seen me on Twitter or in the emails you’ve received recently. That’s because Kelly was kind enough to let me join this amazing journey. 370 more words


What I do vs. Who I am

Am I the only one who is always thrown off a little by the question “So…what do you do?”

I know this question is going to inevitably come up when going to a networking event, adding someone on Facebook, parties, chatting with friends of friends over brunch, and most other encounters where I am meeting someone for the very first time. 684 more words

Goals And Dreams