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How Tom of Finland Inspired a Generation of Queer Image-Makers | AnotherMan

Post Includes Mature Subject Matter and Content 

Without Touko Laaksonen’s risqué illustrations, the landscape of queer art would look radically different. Here, we explore his influence on five different artists, from Robert Mapplethorpe to John Waters…

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In this hand drawn animation a line is being extrapolated through a grid. When the line surpasses the boundaries of the grid, the process spreads to and reflects on its surroundings. 69 more words


Where are younger creatives finding their Inspiration?

(Source: thenextweb.com)

Many aspects of the media seem to take great delight in pointing out the differences between generations in the workplace. We have all seen the videos where smug parents mock their Gen Z kids for not knowing how to dial a call on a… 564 more words


An Aerial Tour of an Abandoned Chinese Fishing Village by Joe Nafis

The small fishing village of Houtouwan on the Chinese island of Shengshan has been abandoned since the 1990’s. Due to increased competition with nearby Shanghai and a depleted fishing supply, residents were forced to find work in other towns, leaving their own coastal village to the whim of Mother Nature. 90 more words


A Rare Glimpse at a Deserted Great Wall of China Captured by Andres Gallardo Albajar

This past February architectural photographer Andres Gallardo Albajar traveled to the Great Wall of China where he was able to take in a rare sight—one of the seven wonders of the world without a single soul to be seen. 121 more words


The Emperor of Time

The strange and sordid tale of Eadweard Muybridge, the man who accidentally invented motion pictures. The film is told from the point of view of Muybridge’s abandoned son and viewed completely through a nineteenth century early cinema contraption called a mutoscope. 32 more words