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She answers to “Mama,” “Mommy,” and “Babe.” Her eyes are tired, blue-purple circles painfully visible beneath her thin skin.

She puts on a healthy layer of chap-stick. 340 more words


finding meaning in a handmade home

Jo Rutgers, mum and business owner of Little Village Handmade is well known on Instagram and the internet for her signature house cushions. Jo chats to… 1,226 more words

Jenna Templeton

Alone, She Walks


(Edited by Kelly Fitzharris Coody) 

Alone, she walks.

She walks in crowds of people, head turned down, studying her feet as she puts one foot in front of the other. 574 more words


Chasing the lasting silence




These are the lights that are a ceaseless blaze
Of an undying night soaked to its negroid skin
With an ontological fear of the finality; 158 more words


Tiny Bandit Pops Up on Bunker Hill

Experience Brookfield | As a friend of Brookfield, we aim to enhance your day to day experience by delivering unique and unexpected events to downtown Los Angeles. 131 more words

Almost Invisible

Sometimes, when she’s hardly there at all, I suggest a separation, a short time only, her parents’ place perhaps, but she says nothing, reaches out to touch me, pulls back, and the two wine glasses, the two plates will still need to be washed each evening, reminders that she’s here, still here, just not really with me at all. 563 more words


12:33 AM

I joke with my friends and family that I feel like I’m becoming a grandma if I don’t stay up past midnight. I’m so used to being roused out of my sleep, plagued by creative thoughts. 357 more words

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