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Got some spare time doing nothing, so I decided to spark some of my “creativity” doing random e-book cover.

While listening to 90’s rock music, I came up with this idea: the “book title(s)” are actually song titles, and the “authors” are the band’s name. 74 more words


Miniature Paintings on Tea Bags by Ruby Silvious

Some of us may give our used tea bags a second life by squeezing an extra steep out of them, but Ruby Silvious takes things a step further by using the thin paper as a canvas for miniature paintings. 35 more words


Words| The Artisan

By A Forgotten Deity
The workshop is a well lit room full of tools and projects. Some complete and others that have lost their essence. Wood shavings are scattered in various parts of the room, how else would you know work happens here. 735 more words


Welcome to the Creatives

In a world where magic comes in many forms, the creative arts hold the key to some of the most complex and beautiful aspects.  The struggle is how to make them portable, usable in a modern age where everyone is on the move and everything is able to be put in a pocket. 360 more words

Student Blogs

Decoupage Door-Stops

So, tripping through Cyberspace I happen upon gorgeous bright colours and artistic stuff and come to a stop at door-stops.

This  is a site with decoupage wooden items and all is creative projects and stuff.   58 more words


The Surreal Objects of Nancy Fouts - Colossal

Everyday objects take an unusual turn in Nancy Fouts‘ bizarre sculptures. Playing with unexpected combinations of violence and peace, the natural and manmade, interiors and exteriors, Fouts challenges viewers to rethink the categories we habitually place different objects in.  45 more words


The search for "aha!" moments - TEDNYC

In 1988, Matt Goldman co-founded Blue Man Group, an off-Broadway production that became a sensation known for its humor, blue body paint and wild stunts. The show works on the premise that certain conditions can create “aha moments” — moments of surprise, learning and exuberance — frequent and intentional rather than random and occasional. 50 more words