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illustrator + author, anna walker

Anna Walker first came into my children’s lives with her delightful illustrations of Australian seasons in All Through The Year, followed by Hurry Up Alfie… 825 more words


"I literally can't even deal with this right now"

Hi friends,

if you’re wondering why I used that title for this post,  I used because it is probably a quote I have used several times in my life, possibly a day and it is also a quote by my fave Rachel Zoe! 322 more words

Fashion And Celebs

I've Seen The Photography Light.

Photography is a vast subject and has many complexities both in terms of technical functionality and artistic interpretation. It can also be as easy or hard as you want it to be. 1,087 more words

designer, laura blythman

Prolific Australian designer Laura Blythman seems to have a hand in everything right now. From her latest collab with Such Great Heights, to her designs for Cotton On Kids and her delightful prints at… 1,717 more words


The Art of 'Seeing'

In my latest blog entry I want to make some very ‘woolly’ non-technical suggestions for ways to improve your photographic skills. If that last sentence makes no sense I am not surprised. 680 more words

Karitos Retreat 2015

“Hey! How do you get out of here?”

“We don’t. We’re trapped,” I wanted to say.

I never intended to write this blogpost. The title, yes; the content, no. 841 more words


Follow Your Passion, revisited

Create, test, refine, repeat. ✎ By Wayne K. Spear

We have all heard the phrase, many times now:

Follow your passion.

It usually means Quit Your Job.

320 more words