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Teachers' Day gifts

Elephants to represent matriarchal love, zebra crossings to represent tireless guidance, seigaiha waves to represent a depthless wisdom:

The good thing about the ammunition specialisation course is the copious amounts of free time you get. 97 more words


A 'Night of Comedy' coming to Sycamore View Church

Thanks to Justin Ardrey for this guest post about the comedy show coming up at Sycamore View Church of Christ!

Looking for a good laugh? 111 more words


Out out brief candle

I re-designed my phone wallpaper with an extract from my favourite Macbeth soliloquy to remind myself to indulge in neither self-importance nor self-pity.

On a side note, Ian Mckellen is such a charming Thespian.


Chicago Creatives Cocktail Party Attracts Multiple Talents

On Tuesday, August 25, 2015, hundreds of actors, directors, and screenwriters from Chicago’s movies and entertainment industry came together at Rockit Bar and Grill in downtown Chicago to share their current work, gain attendees for their creative groups, or simply sip some wine and catch up. 201 more words


Asher Jay’s top ten writing tips for writers

In a series of posts, we here at Nothing in the Rulebook have been asking writers to share their top tips and advice on writing. Today, it is our pleasure to bring you the top writing tips from Asher Jay – artist, writer, National Geographic Explorer and creative conservationist. 151 more words


TASHAWNA WILLIAMS at VIRTUE - an all female creative exhibit

Meet Tashawna Williams.

She is a studied photographer who agrees that feminine power is a secret weapon. Often under estimated but never predictable. When touching on the ever controversial topic of feminism, Williams believes we should focus on unity and uplifting. 306 more words


Quote Monday

I hope you are all well and ready for another week of creativity crammed within the confines of our “regular” lives, unless your creative life is your regular life, then good for you! 57 more words