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Matereality: A Mesmerizing Short Film of Macro Magnetism Captured by Roman De Giuli

In this mesmerizing new short film, German filmmaker Roman De Giuli worked with magnets, iron filings, reflective pigment, and glitter to create this pulsing visual montage of magnetic special effects titled Matereality. 30 more words


 Versilia: Photos by Bernhard Lang - Faith is Torment

Aerial photos by Munich-based photographer Bernhard Lang of Versilia, the coastal area around the city of Viareggio in northern Tuscany, Italy. Shot from a helicopter in early September 2017, the images show the symmetrical arrangement of beach umbrellas from above—evenly spaced and color coded. 71 more words


Nighttime City Scenes Bathed in Neon by Photographer Elsa Bleda

Photographer Elsa Bleda captures hazy moments that linger on the outskirts of the cities she visits in Eastern Europe and South Africa. Bleda is drawn to nighttime scenes bathed in colored light, such as a flock of pigeons illuminated by pink neon, or a lone gas station emitting an eerie blue glow. 11 more words


week 46|2017: Ten Mentalities That Will Keep Creatives Broke

Y’all know I love a good list. I spied 10 Mentalities That Will Keep Creatives Broke on blkcreatives.com and knew that this was a read for me. 216 more words


Movers & Shakers: Kailee Feirer

It all started with a picture of her shoes. This picture to be exact!

As she sat with her friend trying to think of a caption before posting it on Instagram, her friend said, “#BrokenAnkles”. 326 more words

Movers & Shakers