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The 3am voices

Your mother’s vagina – says A in a Hokkien so richly vulgar, so warmly familiar. He steps forward and in the darkness there is only a golden glint of his spectacles perched on the emptiness above his striped collared shirt. 244 more words


Midnight Creatives #1: His Loss

She breathed deeply, closed her eyes,
Little diamonds streaming down her face.
“It’s over,” she whispered; closed her eyes once more-
Kissed me one last time and walked out the door. 35 more words


A Letter To An Old Friend

Years have passed.
Time’s been lost.
We’re adults for sure,
Very much mature

Guitars abandoned,
Tunes forgotten,
Memories lie asunder
Across paths long trodden.

Broken shoelaces… 72 more words


Drawn to the Lakes

I’m excited to announce the launch of Drawn to the Lakes over on Facebook. An online network for creatives in Cumbria to come together and make connections, share advice and hopefully arrange some cool creative meet-ups and events in the near future! 54 more words


Inspiring Artist: Banksy

If you read my post a couple months back about urban art, you know I’m pretty inspired by street art. During our visit with our Kiwi friends this past week we talked a lot about the culture of street art here in Israel. 519 more words


White -2

I am white,
I’m a light
I’m beautiful and distinguished.

White flowers could be anywhere
But what makes me peculiar,
What makes me stand out… 133 more words


Let Me Introduce Myself...

I told you I was a procrastinator…oh wait…just a second, text coming in…ok, maybe easily distracted too. Some moron trying to get me to confirm my identity to my Facebook account over a text! 415 more words