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Charleston-based graphic designer Mike Winkelman has been doing a digital illustration everyday for the past 10 years. Currently on his eleventh round, the purpose of this project was to help him “get over the fear of starting a project, but also the fear of finishing one” and “to get better at different things” such as photography, drawing, and computer modeling.


Elaborate Paper Origami Tessellations and Kusudamas by Ekaterina Lukasheva

Moscow-based paper artist Ekaterina Lukasheva first tried folding paper at the age of 14 when a mathematics professor brought in a book on kusudamas. The traditional paper sphere technique requires an understanding of geometry to ensure the individual units fit together perfectly with the help of gl… 10 more words


Can creative entrepreneurs do good? Or rather, can they do good and be sustainable?

Is it possible to do good within the creative industries? That’s the question posed by Hesmondalgh and Baker (2007) in their treatise on creative labour, its meaning and practical implications. 602 more words

Masters Study

Obsession​ with Oddities

We all live for being different—even if you don’t admit it, it kills you to see someone wearing the same thing you have on. We like feeling special. 307 more words

Fashion Designers

The Neuroscience of Drumming: Researchers Discover the Secrets of Drumming & The Human Brain - Open Culture

An old musician’s joke goes “there are three kinds of drummers in the world—those who can count and those who can’t.” But perhaps there is an even more global divide. 54 more words


Suspended Ocean Wave Installations by Miguel Rothschild

Multidisciplinary artistt Miguel Rothschild works across a wide variety of mediums from modified photography to glass sculpture and textiles. In several recent works the Argentine artist has captured the slow roll of ocean waves in suspended fabric installations titled… 33 more words


Securing the Bag

Society believes that if you throw in a few racially ambiguous faces at fashion week, you can master the craft of diversity.

Racial ambiguity is defined as, not having a… 498 more words