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mke wangu

my wife

makes me feel like

im cheating with another woman

when she loses or gains weight

just a different kind of sexy

my wife… 58 more words


Poetic Unity Update!

Hey Beautiful People!

Had to put the ‘B’ and ‘P’ in capitals, just to put emphasis on your awesomeness…so the grammar police can have a rest day, today. 429 more words


Vividest, weirdest dream

Hi guys, this is one of the few dreams that I can remember…:)

Drunk and agitated we packed our bags and we arrived at the airport morning time. 225 more words


My Rise

This is bad…this is horrifying. How could I bring myself to this place again? These are the thoughts that repeat themselves over and over again. The ache that brings me anxiety and sadness is sickening. 330 more words


Adulting (18+)

So I finally have the time to write about my thoughts. It appalls me that as I revisit this blog to specifically pass the time I have during my summer, I get bombarded with important plans and appointments! 475 more words


Sullen Love

Love; four stupid simple letters, 

forming the greatest feeling of all.

From the hollow gravelly borders 

to the joyful, unborn babies of the small.

And yet we lie in the middle; 88 more words


Hidden Message

Music is my alcohol,
I get drunk and lose control,
My emotions flood,
And bloom like flower buds.

Lyrics become my own
Words thrown,
Towards the void, 47 more words