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I feel that “home” is that four-lettered word with an ever-changing and evolving meaning, holding a distinctive personality for all.

Moving to my fifth country in the last 22 years, I’ve found a new meaning to the word whilst in quarantine for 14 days in an airbnb. 237 more words


A toiling pen

Paces and ambles i took
Just to breath i made; to make my heart calm.
Calm for i to scribble as much to put my mind at ease… 102 more words


From hardships came success
And continuous sessions of life kept us going
Whilst we were as candles in a wind
But either way we kept standing… 72 more words

You Continue

So, you continue

on and on

into the night

and early morning.

Fingers get going.

Thoughts keep moving.

On and on, there goes the writer.



I don’t want your blessings.

I don’t want your blessings.

I don’t want your blessings.

Keep em’

Ask your God to bless the babies born with cancer. 64 more words


Roby's Sunset

“The Tomorrow” – Mamunur Rashid

Sun goes down alone and heaven fades. Doors and windows are closed but thoughts are getting in my head. Creating circles with faded memories on wet sand by the Sea. 40 more words


Your Choice

You’ve made your choice.

You could be elsewhere

but you chose to be this way,

to be this person,

to dedicate time and energy to this work. 8 more words