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Clone Inc. Answers for you, from you

I sit in the chair and realize it is the same type of chair they’ve got in waiting room. I remember them: firm, gray, sterile. 342 more words

Flash Fiction

Here Comes the Sun

(500 words)

Communion with the sun, the ever-burning giver-of-life, was where they were headed. Interminable stone steps rose above them. They carried torches, tiny dots of light bobbing against the black mountainside. 509 more words


face fuzz

face fuzz in the a.m.

face fuzz in the eve

face fuzz on fleek



full time chin sleeve

face fuzz

turns cute to handsome… 42 more words


Cold Blooded

As silent as a candle’s flame flickering out.

As soft as an autumn leaf fluttering about.

As stealthily as a house fly perched overhead.

As menacing as the shadow lurking beneath your bed. 538 more words


Echoes of Misery

I repeat myself over and over
An endless string of blunder—
Knotted and tied with my affliction
Ending nowhere but in damnation
Echoes bouncing on walls and pillars… 55 more words



We say we love fall because the leaves change color.

But, it’s because we think there is beauty in death.

That’s the truth.

The leaves aren’t changing, they’re dying. 189 more words


Hungry Hungry Hippo

It is cold. It is dark. It is wet. My friend is late.

I light a cigarette and stand just inside the subway entrance. Three drags in, a Hippopotamus in a police uniform walks up to me. 433 more words

Flash Fiction