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A glabella and wamble- creative writing exercise #creativewriting #writingexercise

His glabella furrowed in the rain. He stood there waiting after it had stopped, the petrichor  causing his columella nasi to twitch. The humidity in the air formed dew drops at the tips of his frayed… 229 more words



They took you from me
Tears always seemed to plague your eyes, a devil conquering them.
They stole you from me,
The intellectual sweaters reeked of cigarette smoke, you stopped reading. 43 more words

Blue Haven

“All I see is blue” he says, the confusion in his eyes were so overwhelming for her. “No, you have to look closer” she insists, “Do you see the swirls mixing with the white?” She tried to make him understand her point of view, like she knew that he would soon will. 647 more words


The art of being vulnerable

“Don’t not cry. Cry. But cry in front of everybody.”
~ Marina Abramović

I was not sure whether I was going to write this blog post but I decided that I would, especially after seeing the above quotation.

1,030 more words

Beyond the Moon

Beyond the Moon…

I passed right through your latent soul
Without my skin and bones…
You thought it just
A chill from morning’s breeze…
You turned to hear… 236 more words



I am becoming
convinced that
each of us
every single day
has one choice
before us.

It is very simple.

We can choose,
in our speech, 17 more words


Wordless Wordpress

Wordless WordPress

The Epic Awesomeness Award

I am so grateful to have recognized by one of the most awesome persons in the blogosphere and such a good friend… 280 more words