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What is time when its not spent with you?
When I’m alone just what can I do?
For all of my hours are spent thinking of the one. 78 more words

A Bedtime Story.

Hush child, and let me tell you a story,
of a land filled with beings of magic,
a kingdom where skies are hand painted gold and crimson, 232 more words


Doubt laps like a stubborn incoming tide at the rock of conscience, eroding the skeleton of humanity upholding it’s being until in a flurry of ponderous eddies we reach the seabed of immorality, the place with the rare ability to crush both the soul and esteem as we reach the conclusion we simply cannot be innately good beings if we so easily succumb to the ooze of debauchery. 188 more words



December sunrise,
paints the sky with
multi-coloured beams of light.

The forest is waking up,
stirring softly
a new day is dawning

Silence is haunting, 57 more words

Divino Miedo ©

El inacabable calvario de mis acciones

me hace creer que existo,

me reprocha el ser dueña de este cuerpo

y me reclama la presencia de este acertijo. 116 more words


Delighted by Choice ©

I am delighted to see you

with these two eyes that can’t take a lie.

I am surprised by what I am seeing

but that won’t make me fall apart. 88 more words


A Long Overdue Aplology Letter.

Dear writing,

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Emily it’s too late, too late to come grovelling towards me in the hope of receiving an apology”  – but before you walk away, hear me out, ok? 360 more words