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Paris street; Rainy day

Mr and Mrs C. had been married for such a long time that now they had started to reverse-count the time, until death would actually do them apart. 609 more words

A universe of...

A universe of atoms, that I am

I feel it, this wanderlust.

This unabating need for something

more, something otherworldly.

I hear it beckon the fire which slumbers…

21 more words


So, are You too busy loving her?
or, do, you too sometimes
think of that moment-
when you had
entwined your fingers with mine
and said that; 23 more words


From the desk of Pink...

‘Trust is quintessential for any friendship to thrive successfully. When trust is good, the foundation is strong. When the foundation is strong, the building will be sturdy.’

Poetry: what my heart has to say

8 months

Some days it feels like you’ve never been gone.

Closed eyes take me to yesterday

and you are there

your colours shining so brightly… 263 more words


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