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Another Monday(Poem)

Mondays are so bittersweet.
They come so fast
They start the week.
Even though their no different
From the others.
Just a day that many dread forever. 28 more words


Telltale sign of caring: sucked all moisture out of tongue.
My mouth is getting put to poor use, to retelling and relaying.
Drawing sentences out of you like pulling string from lips of woven dolls, 80 more words


Daily Poem 02/03/2015

Hey guys to start this off I’m just going to say sorry, for not posting more regularly but I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things, so here’s today’s daily poem. 70 more words


In memoir fashion - Loosin

If you want me
Let me know
And if your answer is no
Stop making me want
You for my own.
I lost my first game at six, 12 more words


Bad Poem

Very Bad Poem

I was taking that test.

I wasn’t ready,

I was shaking,

I thought to myself.

I cannot do well in the making. 243 more words

Bad Poem

Kate Paxson


Creative Writing

Bad Poem

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me

I feel so down when I break a bone… 102 more words

it's a process

When I cannot, I do

When I am restricted, I will

Tie my hands

I’ll use my tongue

This is when I create.


When you can you won’t  12 more words