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Skin: Blogging 201: Poetry Day Three

You thickened your skin until it was armour. Poured yourself into the mould of something else as if it would keep you from harm and wielded smiles like knives. 140 more words


Tangled Thoughts

Life, as it keeps meandering
Through unknown roads, creeks, plains, and hills.
Downstream, Upstream
“Move on”- being the mantra.

Love, a passionate flame
Keeps blazing the soul inside, scorching desire… 35 more words


What Is Your Gift?

The rose that bloomed between our lips


When we brushed away the petals

and cleared the crumbs of brittle leaves

all that we had were sheets. 89 more words


Felix, Fly DRAFT ONE

It was not the most breathtaking place to be tacked upon a wall for eons. Surely other drawings had it better, were lucky enough to be stored somewhere safe, away from the outdoor elements.  1,593 more words

like mice

i would argue that loneliness can feel so loud
like a hammer heavy without rest,
like when lyle left and i know:
i’ll only ever have these fibers, the ones… 11 more words



Fall in with me here,

these lines will not march themselves.

Why are you waiting?

Stay and we will go without,

leave you the dust of our wake. 10 more words



Wonders were made, sorrows were dismissed

Swords dropped and friendship bloomed.

Despite her slow pace he managed to drag her.

Took her to the dammed… 43 more words