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I Wish I Was Enough

I can’t help but want to help a wounded bird fly again, or even perhaps a little kitty trapped in a fire escape. And yesterday, there was indeed that opportunity. 717 more words



I’ve been gone for so long that I had to re-log in, how lame is that.

I thought I’d write a catch up on life since I’m now 20 and have had writers block since March. 1,174 more words

30-day writing challenge: day 1

She didn’t know how she ended up in this place. It wasn’t like she was forced to come and live here or anything. But sometimes it seems as though you missed a certain segment of your life, lost track of the realm around you. 510 more words


Girl on Fire

She walks on flames,
And never mind her burns,
She closes her eyes,
Looks away and turns.

Whenever you add,
Another liter of gasoline,
Instead of a bucket,

42 more words