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A Nice Clear Explosion

A Nice Clear Explosion by E.Hammett 

My friend,

I can’t help but notice that lately you’ve been trying on a repugnant word. Maybe it looked cool on others; maybe it gave them some powerful façade. 617 more words

Are you a dreamer?

My mom always called my dad a dreamer. He had many lofty ideas but many of them were never executed. My mom on the other hand is more of a realist — having a plan,  seeking the means by which to accomplish her goals, all while tossing in a good serving of faith to see her through to victory! 354 more words

You wait for me

How leisurely you wait for me
As though time were meant
For just us two.
Is it that you secretly
Fear my presence?
Or are you simply… 143 more words


​To Wordsworth

​To Wordsworth
Fancy Oh poet!

A flower and a girl…

A moment to

Remember those letters you were once taught..

Vivid and kind as you are, 214 more words


My Mind

Lake of tears

Made from a field of fears

Even after all these years

They still flow
The fears you created

From showing so much hatred… 37 more words


A Thousand Swallows

What is it like
to start each night
with a sip, then another,
then a glass, and one more?

What does it say
when we pour a wee hair… 316 more words

Complications, One At A Time