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Above the mountains
the geese turn into
the light again

Painting their
black silhouettes
on an open sky.

Sometimes everything
has to be
inscribed across… 80 more words


The "Wow" Factor in Creative Writing Vs Applied Linguistics

I distinctly remember the first time it happened. It was after I’d graduated from my creative writing degree and begun my applied linguistics degree. A family friend I hadn’t seen in a while dropped by the house and conversation naturally turned to what I was currently doing with my life. 540 more words


Phases of living

One thing I have needed to learn over the past year is that…

it’s okay to do things for awhile, then move on

In the past, I’ve judged myself harshly for this. 312 more words


Don't wait till it's perfect to start

I would like to think that by sharing my sometimes good sometimes really shitty art that I can inspire people to just do something creative because you want to, and it feels good and not wait until you’ve done an art class. 39 more words


Storm Tossed

You stand silent and serene
The time has come for everything to be seen
The land you’ve walked, the rivers forged,
The road behind, the way before… 959 more words


How to develop a creativity practice

Based on my personal experience, and scientific studies, I truly believe that spending a little time being creative each day is as important for your well-being as nutritious food, daily exercise, and a good night’s sleep. 638 more words

Art As Meditation

Golden Ratio in Art, or Bogus Bias in Brains?

There’s a pattern there, see? Bogus, Bias, Brain = B, B, B. The Universe has order. We can all sleep at night! Yay! (That’s a joke, of course) 609 more words