Understand Courage to Develop Followers Into Heroes

When given the opportunity, cultivate environments that help followers be more courageous. When needed to face adversity, lead the charge so as to reduce the requirement for followers to find their own courage. 383 more words


Grow your Business with Referrals

While waiting at the hotel lobby for a meeting, I could observe a man standing at the reception desk with his luggage, talking with the front desk officers, like someone trying to check out after spending some days there. 267 more words


Make a difference through INNOVATION

A few Sundays ago, I walked into an outlet Aleda Dolce- of one of the premium ice cream brands in the city of Port Harcourt, with my boss and a colleague. 203 more words


Call for papers to special issue on "Collaborative practices" in Creativity and Innovation Management Journal

The MIB group is continuing their efforts to explore and problematize collaborative innovation practices, in order to extend our knowledge about what happens as different actors (both on an individual and organizational level) engage in interaction to innovate together. 313 more words


Case in Point: Managing Inventory to Maximize Profit

Do young professionals want robot vacuum cleaners more than they want waffle makers? Catering to young professionals who have little time to cook meals or clean their homes, The Young Professional Dream Company, Inc. 876 more words

Creativity And Innovation

Will you also be Left Behind?

In the course of the week, I had the need to send various items via courier to their destinations and after weighing several options, I decided to try out the services of two of the big players in the courier industry. 200 more words