Solving Really Big Problems

Earlier this month I attended Pyxera’s Global Engagement Forum in Washington, DC with many other leaders from multiple disciplines.  I was intrigued by the Conference’s post- SDG theme of solving really tough global problems — in other words, engaging in discussions of “solving the solvable.”  That theme was consistent with a conversation that I previously had with Deirdre White (Pyxera’s CEO) specific to food waste while we were on a panel together back in November. 929 more words

Food Waste

MI Magz (Digital Magazine)

Halloo kawan!! Salam dari kami tim redaksi MIMAGZ, pada matakuliah kreativitas dan inovasi kelompok kami mengangkat majalah berbasis digital. Di edisi pertama kali ini kami meliput beberapa informasi, yng pertama tentang program studi D3 Manajemen Informatika dari sejarah, budaya, pengenalan dan kompetesi kelulusan. 180 more words

Creativity And Innovation

Numbers and Shifting Assets --Old Game by Sime Darby

April 13, 2017

A QUESTION OF BUSINESS | Numbers and Shifting Assets –Old Game by Sime Darby

by P.

Sime Darby Restructuring benefits Investment Bankers, but not its shareholders. 963 more words


DIII Manajemen Informatika Pilihanku


Prodi DIII Manajemen Informatika adalah salah satu prodi yang ada di Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Stikom Surabaya, prodi tersebut tergabung dalam Fakultas Teknologi dan Informatika. 323 more words

Creativity And Innovation

The Impact of Training on Innovation

The positive impact of firm-sponsored training on workers’ wages and productivity is well documented. At the same time, many studies are highlighting innovation as an important component of firms’ performance.

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Even Shakespeare had a writing circle

During a recent visit to the central branch of the Boston Public Library, I took a break to check out an exhibition, “Shakespeare Unauthorized… 380 more words


FoodPort: An Airport for Food

Steven Colbert once noted, “If the human body is 98 percent water, why am I only 2 percent interested?” Colbert’s jab appropriately questions our wasteful mindset regarding our most precious resource. 1,236 more words

Food Waste