Françoise Hardy Contemplates Le Large Like No One Else.

By John M Davis

Today, April 6th 2018 , the ever stylish Françoise Hardy is releasing a new album on Parlophone.  Her 28th French album is entitled, “Personne d’autre” ( 1,909 more words


Stay Relevant

As I recently watched my little cousin prepare for his entrance exam into secondary school, I was shocked when I saw with him the renowned Ugo C. 111 more words


Power of collaboration (my experience)

Very recently, a senior friend called to fix a business meeting with me, so I confirmed my availability and as we met, she informed me that she wants us to work together on a particular project. 99 more words


No more gas bill!!!!

  • How long does it take to install?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Where I can get it fitted?

These are the questions sane persons would be asking in droves….and since I’m sane, I’m asking.  235 more words


Sudan the last Northern White Rhino

It is sad to see how far Human kind can go in order to satisfy its need for profit, vanity, and ego. I have written several times of how Mother Nature has been abused in the last century. 616 more words


Oh Dear Me, A Childhood ‘Thrawn’ and ‘Chided’, Requires An Education System Less Ill-Divided! By Christina Milarvie Quarrell and John Davis

Christina Milarvie Quarrell is a Poet Photographer Artist born and raised in the Govanhill Gorbals communities. Her work celebrates the values of people before profit.  Art is her passion and she utilises community arts as a basis for the creation and gathering of working class culture, poems, stories and songs. 10,007 more words


Building an Enduring Brand

A few months ago, I was in the city of Uyo- one of the beautifully emerging cities in Nigeria, to attend a conference organized by one of my mentors and I enjoyed every bit of my stay in that city. 145 more words