Making School New

Suzie Boss, Summer 2016

On a typical school day in the Elizabeth Forward School District, which covers parts of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, students engage in learning activities that are anything but typical for public education. 442 more words

Creativity And Innovation

How Integrating Physical Art Into Digital Creations Expands Creativity

By Katrina Schwartz,  August 1, 2016

Students in Cathy Hunt’s art classes are constantly blurring the lines between physically created art and digital creations. In one project, students created… 204 more words

Creativity And Innovation

Are you your organization's 'poet'?

“We’re going to miss this man, America. Whatever his flaws, he’s been more than our president. Time and again, he’s been our national poet.”

Frank Bruni said this of President Obama in a recent New York Times opinion piece. 449 more words


How Robots in English Class Can Spark Empathy and Improve Writing

By Katrina Schwartz, July 28, 2016

Mention robots to many English teachers and they’ll immediately point down the hall to the science classroom or to the makerspace, if they have one. 295 more words

Creativity And Innovation

Creative Problem Solving Training: What Works?

  • What inspired you to be interested in this topic?

My colleague, Dr Ian Hocking, and I were interested in the nature of creative problem solving and how, if at all, this could be facilitated or improved by using a structured thinking tool.

621 more words
Teaching & Learning

Public Policy in the 21st Century

July 17, 2016

Public Policy in the 21st Century

Our Public Administrators must abandon old mental maps and deal with the realities of our globalised, technology and internet driven and fast paced world. 127 more words