25th Anniversary series: Technology and the Arts and Media World to 2040

Technology has re-shaped the arts and media world dramatically over the last 10-15 years.  It seems inevitable that many more fundamental changes will occur by 2040. 1,093 more words


Why Should We Build Classes Around Mobile Technology?

Using an app he created, in classes he has configured around mobile technology, Ronald Yaros is preparing his students for a future that will revolve around their technological skills. 211 more words

Digital Media

25th Anniversary series: The Renaissance of the Digital Age, and How Play and Creativity will Evolve

“Renaissance” is the re-birth of new concepts out of the old. It is the deconstruction of what has been done and understanding its fundamental principals in order to create new meanings out of the previous. 978 more words

SAMI Consulting

Mr Transformation Blues stays on as Pemandu Chief

September 9, 2015

COMMENT: I respect his decision to stay on as Pemandu Chief. In the face of a gathering economic storm,  his presence at Pemandu will keep the team he assembled in tact to carry on the tasks he sought out to do over the last six years. 1,441 more words


Disney Classes

One of the many cool opportunities offered to members of the Disney College Program is the chance to take classes. I believe at the Disneyland program its a mandatory part, but here in DisneyWorld it is optional. 629 more words


Flipping the Field Trip


August 19, 2015

Last spring, crowds of teenagers were let loose in Raleigh’s North Carolina Museum of Art. No tour guides, no shushing teachers, just kids following their curiosity through the galleries. 327 more words

Creativity And Innovation

My Mother’s House explores death, grief and memories as a Minecraft poem

by Stuart Dredge, August 11, 2015

Poet Victoria Bennett and digital artist Adam Clarke’s ‘poem-world’ shows popular video game as a platform for art and expression… 142 more words

Digital Media