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30 Day Creativity Boost challenge - starting Monday February 1

Here’s your invitation to join the 30 Day Creativity Boost starting on February 1!

Let’s get 2016 going with a bang and do a 30 Day Creativity Boost, a 30 day challenge dedicated to… 1,325 more words


Creative Sprint day 17 to 20

Day 17

Teach us how to do something

One for the lampworkers today. I was really rather pleased with my simple solution to videoing myself whilst lampworking, clearly my hands are busy, and I don’t always have an assistant handy, and it isn’t the easiest thing to film as I move around a lot and the camera struggles to keep continual focus. 250 more words


Creative Sprint Days 12 - 14

Day 12
choose an activity you normally do today, and do it backwards

Ok, so I can’t un-melt glass, and un-make a bead…but I can reverse my hands. 338 more words


Creative Sprint days 8 - 10

Day 8
recreate or interpret a work of art you admire

it often comes back to the great wave.
promarkers on watercolour paper. I left out Fuji and the boat, because to me its always only about the wave. 337 more words


Creative Sprint Day 6 & 7

I know I’m super behind now, though these were actually done on time, I have been having internet connection issues to say the least. I have tried several times to upload these pictures, and even just now its taken two or three attempts. 98 more words


Creative Sprint Day 4 & 5

Day 4
contents of my pockets or bag…

well I don’t use pockets much, so that leaves my bag. technically I had a bag of threads and things in there to make tassles with, but that didn’t seem very imaginative since I already planned to do it, and I didn’t have the rest of the things I need to complete the earrings, it would just be a tassle. 257 more words


Creative Sprint day 1 - 3

Creative Sprint – a 30 day creativity challenge. I signed up ages ago, and forgot really, so I wasn’t exactly prepared when the first email landed in my inbox! 553 more words