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The Protest

“Mummy, what’s that lady doing?”

“She’s protesting.”

Jenny pushed Tom before her, guiding him past the other shoppers with a gentle, but insistent, hand on his shoulder. 890 more words

Jo Danilo

Creatives with Claws.. Gggrrr!

The ‘Publish My Book’ button seems to be a multitasking piece of HTML. Not only does it somehow transfer all your words and pages into a proper book that people can buy on the other side of the world – wow! 369 more words

Jo Danilo

Halloween Drawing Challenge

Hello! Yes, it is me. I took a brief hiatus from this blog. I was going through some personal things and then I hit the dreaded block. 985 more words


7 Lessons From a Week of Forced Creativity

It’s been just over a week since I kicked off my year-long creativity challenge and it’s been an interesting few days.. Projects have kicked off and completed and lessons are being learned. 676 more words


Can Creativity Save My Life? A 365-Day Challenge

I came home from work exhausted for what felt like the thousandth day in a row. I wanted to go for a run or do some yoga, cook dinner, write a little bit and end my day with things I love. 317 more words


How to get and stay creative (Day 8): Drink coffee/tea


You can make making tea/coffee and drinking them into your morning /afternoon rituals.

Get started rituals:

Now that you have mindfully made and drunk your cuppa, you are set to start work on what you wanted to work on. 73 more words

How to get and stay creative (Day 6): Take Breaks

How many breaks have you taken today? If you are working 9 to 5 or a version of thereof, you should really have taken at least 4 (four!), as our brains and minds inhabiting it work best in max. 135 more words