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How to get and stay creative (Day 8): Drink coffee/tea


You can make making tea/coffee and drinking them into your morning /afternoon rituals.

Get started rituals:

Now that you have mindfully made and drunk your cuppa, you are set to start work on what you wanted to work on. 73 more words

How to get and stay creative (Day 6): Take Breaks

How many breaks have you taken today? If you are working 9 to 5 or a version of thereof, you should really have taken at least 4 (four!), as our brains and minds inhabiting it work best in max. 135 more words

How to get and keep creative (Day 5): Stop Beating Yourself Up

In other words…forgive yourself and hug yourself…this is a new day. The past is the past. It is a different country, they do things differently there. 173 more words

How to get and keep creative (Day 3): Try Freewriting

…you could approach this one in several ways:

  • Stream of consciousness record of where you are currently in your notebook.
  • Opening up the closest book/magazine on page three, picking up the third word and taking it as your theme, writing anything that comes to mind connected to it.
  • 214 more words

How to keep creative (Day 2): Carry a Notebook

Yes, carrying a small/bigger notebook/sketchbook/playbook around and noting things down in it as they come to you, occur to you is the best way to tap into your own creative thinking and feeding it up. 233 more words

How to keep creative...Day 1: Make Lists

In April, I am sharing one creativity tip/suggestion that does not require much effort or time on your part yet sets off your creative energy. … 223 more words

[ MANW 2017 ] Wednesday Check-in

Here’s my Wednesday check-in for Monica Valentinelli’s Make Art Not War challenge!  As a reminder, these were my pledges for this year:

  • I will devote one hour every night to creating, be it art, photography or writing, whichever I’m inspired by.
  • 287 more words