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Creativity Chef

I’ve spent the last two days at the stunning¬†St George’s Park, doing some sessions on creativity for the FA. It feels a bit weird to be saying that, but hey, go me! 449 more words


What am I doing when I am not painting

What am I doing when I am not painting?
Knitting, writing, drawing, or daydreaming?
Music sounds great as well. And reading, not to mention.
It is hard to decide. 160 more words


Making Something New: A Makerspace Activity

Recently, the Children’s Theatre Troup directed by Kelsey Brown presented “Another Kid’s Treasure Island” at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. This play also featured a makerspace activity for attendees to use a variety of objects to make something new. 487 more words



The only time I’ve ever gone in for counseling was when my father was dying for cancer. Half a dozen trips to the psychologist, and I realized that the best therapy was simply writing about it. 604 more words



But he didn’t want me in the way that I wanted him. And it is my fault for not realizing this sooner. The time spent trying to convince him that I was right for him would have been better used to focus on myself.


Kahlil Gibran's timeless wisdom on the purpose of poetry and meaning of work

Kahlil Gibran, born in Lebanon, was a poet, artist, philosophical essayist and a novelist,who emigrated to New York in 1885. His work, written both in Arabic and English was very much influenced by the European modernists of the nineteenth century, with deep mystical, philosophical and spiritual understanding of the world. 468 more words