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The Myth of Equality

exposure on an equal footing

inspires equinoxes

the world around squirms

in big and small boxes

fairness is a myth

life on earth is toxic… 18 more words

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The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch

My first collaborative blog post is up!!! Why Write? Go check it out!! Quick!

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Horizons University

Different people’s brains seem to me to be predisposed to pay attention to different kinds of stimulation. My musically inclined wife, for instance, is much more attuned to sounds of all types than I am. 2,961 more words



the whirlwind of ecstasy

unearthed to the world

TJ’s HouseHold Haiku Challenge

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took me

to high peaks

of performance

but it was a business not my own

my soul was invested in things unowned


hits,  but late… 25 more words

Writing Challenges

A Shot in the Arm

Y is for Yet*

I love the word “yet”                                                                  It’s full of promise and optimism

I haven’t learned Python …

I haven’t published my second book… 55 more words

Personal Success

Make Stories out of Swamp Tomatoes

I can’t pass up a great, ridiculous idea like this. I am imagining: why she’d be the swamp, are they heirloom tomatoes, or Roma? Is the zebra a pet, or an imaginary companion? 94 more words