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Poem Credit © John Donne, Hero and Leander

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TMM: Is It Ever Enough?

Leonardo DaVinci’s last words were:

I have offended God and Mankind by doing so little with my life.

We really are our worst critics, aren’t we?

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Places and Voices

If you mapped out where you stay, what would that look like and what stories would you tell?

As part of a new project I have just embarked on, I spent this afternoon with two wonderful seniors who told me so much about the neighbourhood they love and the precious memories they have. 105 more words


Opportunity cost

Yesterday I talked about sunk cost. On the other side of sunk costs is opportunity costs. What you choose today reduces what new opportunities you can follow. 188 more words


Robbin Hood Bitterness

Do you know what movie has never come out in my lifetime? Robin Hood. Just kidding. I think there are at least 4 versions that I know of, and that doesn’t include the parodies of it. 514 more words


​Real Advertising: The Comeback

I sometimes wonder if our industry hasn’t wandered off the reservation.

How else to explain the banality of thinking that informs much of what passes for advertising today? 362 more words


joys sit light on me
as I watch
dark shadows
fade into oblivion
I rise above
petty squabbles,

I cast a glance
at the rock… 37 more words

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