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Thoughts on Corporate Values and Creativity

I’ve noticed recently that words like innovative, creative, and self-starter are often thrown around by companies to describe their ideal candidates, particularly within tech and media. 921 more words


May is Honor Older American Month.  I am dedicating this column to honoring the many wonderful women who are using this bonus time in their lives to blaze trails filled with creativity.   394 more words

Wired to Create

Source: Psychology Today, Jan 2016

Is there a relationship between intelligence and creativity?

Intelligence, as traditionally defined by IQ, does show a positive relationship to creativity. 370 more words


say hello to my new little friend

I am now the proud owner of this new little fellow, a Go Pro video cam. A co-worker just sold it to me, along with… 62 more words


I think I made it through, alright.


I have now completed Spring semester.  Ultra good part?  I’ve completed the requirements for my AA!  Now I have a Summer to pursue my own studies, before heading back to the iSchool in Fall.  287 more words


One, Two

One: Tell me about your skills.

Two: I nourish well.

One: Can you fight?

Two: If I need too, yes.

One: I can pay you well to fight. 234 more words


Doing anything worthwhile is hard. I’m trying to write a book about UBER at the moment, and despite the fact I have been researching it for over a year ~ the project seems even bigger and harder than when I first took it on. 642 more words