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Tell Me What You Want to See

I would really like to know what you think. I’m asking because I’m trying to decide in which direction I want to go. I’m open to all possibilities right now. 19 more words


Unintended Side Effects of Reading 18th and 19th Century Literature

Words come and go. Just like anything else in life, things pass out of favor and fade away. I read a lot of old works. I love the early colonial and American writings. 223 more words

Writing Journey

Chapter XXIII.

Selene’s Lamentation 

Oh Chronos! Thy unfolded yoke such burdens my life,
While my mind revisits the jokes and joys of the past,
The present readily beholds the delights of the arts, 131 more words


Are Autistic People Socially Awkward or Creative?

Over at Behavioral Scientist, they’re challenging audiences to rethink autism’s social awkwardness as, instead, what they’re terming “social creativity”:

Instead of viewing people with ASD as “socially awkward” individuals who need to be “fixed,” we should instead conceptualize them as socially creative.

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To Be All Else

No one ever receives what they want

And that is beautiful

We want

What we’re not

And we strive

To be forgot

And that is beautiful. 36 more words

A Call for Curiosity

Creativity is imagination at work. This combination of individuality and innovation is as unique as each of us. It represents originality. It is one of our most treasured traits, and if we are not careful, we will lose it. 434 more words

Life And Musings



It’s a walk in a park.
People say it’s hard and you are not good enough, unexpected obstacles fall on your way, path goes in circles for a while, but none of this is real, it is just a walk in a park and you are the one, who is making it harder for yourself. 272 more words