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6 Impacts Skills That Every Entrepreneur Should Master.(5 minutes read)

True entrepreneurship involves a mindset of solving problems. But real success goes well beyond the bottom line to impacting lives and leaving a legacy.

Many global challenges need innovative solutions that, no doubt, will be solved by entrepreneurs. 799 more words


5 Ways To Creating A Successful Media Empire!

Do you want to Excel in the media world? Or do you want to turn your blog into a successful media empire. You don’t need to kill yourself to gather the ideas, you want to create that possibilities. 528 more words


Get real

Reviewing Create Special – a new book on entrepreneurship

Writing a book for would-be entrepreneurs is not easy if you care about the people with the business ideas more than your reputation as a writer. 1,047 more words

Learning About Earning

self-assured or cocksure

It’s good to know that you have confidence in yourself, that you are the one who believes in you, that you trust the vibes you have and you are doing the things you want to do. 159 more words

#PersonifyME: Changling90

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She’s cold. She knew she would be. Knew she could not afford to lose the warmth of the cloak. 417 more words

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Arrows with Mace and Squiggles

This one was fun. I used a compass to draw the overlapping circles and a triangle to draw the spikes on the mace balls. I penned the two converging lines and their parallels. 32 more words

Personal Stories

Bicycle and Dumpster

I didn’t hear any noises coming from the dumpster, so I imagine the bicycle owner just stepped away, or was unable to dispose of the ride in any other way than abandonment.

Personal Stories