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A creative point of view – Take 3

I’m not sure how practical this would be. It’s certainly creative, and I admire how long it must have taken to create it.


Oh Yes

There is something important about how some steady sunshine shakes you up, how new beginnings are inherently a little bit magical, how hard it actually is to really hit any kind of rock bottom – even just the bottom of the swimming pool. 210 more words

Written Word

Remix Culture: Because it can always be worse

Go ahead. Laugh and cringe at how bad it is. I know it too!

This is laughable remix of last weeks lecture on remix culture. 97 more words


Original Unoriginality: Remix Culture

November 2014: Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars release the single Uptown Funk. The song stays no.1 for 14 consecutive weeks on America’s Billboard charts. 395 more words


My Muse is a Diva

My writing muse is a diva. She looks like your stereotypical Greek Muse (think the muses from the Disney movie Hercules as pictured above), but she is sassy, snotty, inconsiderate, and diva-licious. 164 more words


Just Dance

When one has an eating disorder and the depression that comes with it, they lose many parts of themselves. For me, I lost my femininity , my creativity, and quite frankly any interest in most things. 420 more words


Am I Getting Better?

I wanted to write about free time today. I’m very guarded about my time. The need to be by myself and do non-work things is akin to the need for sleep. 559 more words