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Copywriters - this one is for you.

Are you a copywriter? Want to be?

I did a little freelance copywriting whilst I was in between studying and honestly, writers in this field can sometimes be undervalued or feel a little isolated.  417 more words


Just a Suggestion

Sometimes I get questions about my patterns that are like the person is asking permission to make a change to how the they work the pattern. 658 more words


Transforming Reality

In allowing greater creativity to unfold in my paintings, I’ve worked hard to eliminate and simplify.  Without losing too many of my white areas, I built an abstract foundation with delicate calligraphic accents to evoke an illusion of reality.  61 more words


Adventures in Seeking Employment

March 23rd 2018

A type of prey that I have very little skill in hunting…. 740 more words


Show & Tell - Lettering

I like office supply stores, black nail polish, backpacks, and drinking cold beverages with a straw. Random things that don’t have anything in common. Except they do. 72 more words

Say Cheese

MYS Part 6 – Jenga and Relationships

Zara nods. She likes Sebastian. Everyone likes Sebastian. He’s very likable. And for a time, he was very lovable.

“I’m sorry,” she says with sincerity, but not with surprise. 312 more words


The fragrance of you have stollen my sleep.
You become the sight I can’t escape when my eyes are closed.
The things we did kept teasing my feelings luring me to the cross bar where I feel like nailing you hard. 134 more words