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Choosing What I Think

The writer David Foster Wallace’s graduation commencement speech “This is Water” highlights that we always have the freedom to choose how we think, but that often we’re unaware of this and go about our day to day life using our default setting instead, which is easy, automatic and frequently blindly certain. 267 more words


The House We Built

I sometimes censor myself.
There are poems left unwritten,
nothing but unsaid words living
in my mind, afraid to find the air.
There are words I don’t say, feelings… 434 more words

Koto Jazz 68: Mini Garden

Simplicity is my theme here in this basic mini- garden in Boulder, Colorado. A total of only $10 was spent on this serene mini scene. While space is not as much a premium in the vast expand of this globally trend-setting Rocky Mountain city, I still brought my creative miniaturization impulses with me from the Pacific Northwest city life. 172 more words

Japanese Garden

Reinventing the Normal

Meet Domic Wilcox Inventor and Modifier of reality.

This awesome man goes about his days trying to invent something creative each day. No matter what it is. 105 more words


Maintain Creativity Despite the Doldrums

Growing up, my brain was filled with the fleeting possibility of limitlessness. That the world was a place infinitely large, and that possibility held no boundaries–a house with no walls or barriers. 575 more words

Book Guy

The Gremlins Have Taken Over...

I haven’t written for a couple of days. I’m in some sort of funk and I don’t really know what sparked it, and it seems to have teeth. 558 more words

Left Foot, Right Foot, Repeat