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Endless Possibilities

Maybe some of us will collaborate with each other in the future.  Endless possibilities…




A couple of weeks ago in Intro to Graphic Design we did a project where we designed the initials of our name, while incorporating three personality traits that we thought described ourselves. 174 more words

Where Creativity Works

Why I embrace last-minute requests and ridiculous deadlines.

Wouldn’t it be nice if everything in life worked according to your schedule?  You simply set the amount of time you need to handle anything, personal or professional. 491 more words



Merey is design ki theme hai “INSAAN KI MANZIL”. Insaan ki mazil bhi aesi hi pur khatar raston se ho kr hi guzarti hai, aik taveel sa rasta jis mae chotey chotey steps hain in steps par se apnsa safar teh krta hwa insaan apni manzil tk pohnchta hai. 65 more words



To every light,

There is a lamp.

As soul enters body

Life begins.

Copyright © 2017, Deeya Nayar-Nambiar



Tryna find love in this wasteland,

Is impossible, we all know it,

I can see in your eyes, you had that dream,

And just like I imagined, you couldn’t, 69 more words


Giving something back-scarf

Sometimes things come to an end. And then new things can begin.

A little while ago, the mother of a friend died. As with quite a few mother-child-relationships, this one would have had the tagline ‘It’s complicated’ on Facebook. 308 more words