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Land Art - creative environmentalism

The work of artists such as Richard Long, Andy Goldsworthy, Robert Smithson and Christo have all become associated with a relatively new movement in modern art that reacts to, and works with nature and the outdoors which has become known as Land Art. 188 more words

Give Your Joy Away

Do you remember the last time something happened in your life that lit you from the inside out? You reached a goal, heard good news, or you received a surprise? 379 more words

A Year Of Inspiration


At a panel discussion last month about young people and technology, the most telling moment came towards the end, when someone in the audience raised her hand. 543 more words

Boxes and ticks

Fill a form. Make an application. Create an online profile. Sign up for a marriage website.

Everywhere you turn, there are boxes to be ticked. They may appear tiny on paper, but have such huge implications. 212 more words


Writing is not a race, but it sure can feel like one…

I scribble away on the pages of an overstuffed notebook, desperately trying to get my thoughts down onto paper before they scatter away in all directions like a disturbed ants’ nest. 422 more words


Life in TWO sentences; Love in ONE.

“I don’t want to lose you.”

“But, I never loved you.”

Thank You for Reading. :) Happy Life.

Creative Writing

Over Oceans

However it was true I wanted to be back,

Back where it was rough,

And tough.

It became a dwelling place for me,

I could rest and test myself, 64 more words