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Don't Doubt...DANCE it OUT!!!

When in Doubt… DANCE it out!

Can you hear it? No, not the “voice in your head”silly. The Music!!
It’s always there within your reach. Everyone has a song or tune that speaks to them, touches their souls and inspires their inner well-being. 431 more words


The Imperfectionist

“You know the feeling: If you let them see you, unvarnished and real, they’ll realize how incompetent you are. You’ll be outed as a fraud, a fake who doesn’t really belong here.” Sara Wachter-Boettcher on work, impostor syndrome, and revealing imperfections and things learned as you go.

Personal Musings

Late-life creativity

Following on from my last blog piece on ageing, I came across an interesting book review in this week’s issue of the Lancet. Desmond O’Neill speaks about  80 more words


Why I do lyrics

Song for this post. Jane Olivor: I’m always chasing rainbows

Some people quilt. Some crochet. Some play cards. Some play music. Some build things. Some solve puzzles. 492 more words

Poetry And Lyrics

Translating existence [thoughts of many days]

1. it’s glorious
how the sun never catches its breath
always there, faithful sweetheart,
and all I can do is be.

2. how can I write my own inner self in the form of invented symbols when they are not enough to describe the indescribable of being alive. 252 more words


Sunday Solution - Release those Wrinkles!

Just a quick little tip for you on this Sunday evening… As the hustle and bustle of the holiday is upon us, we’re all looking for a few short cuts. 167 more words

Steve Mckenzie's

Compassion & Healling

At this time the World needs Compassion for ourselves and others in order to heal forgive and move forward with love into peace and harmony. God please Bless all upon the Earth at this time with your pure clearing healing light so that all the dear blessed souls upon the earth my see the truth within them and within their brothers and sisters throughout the World. Thank you.