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The Tortoise and the (red) hair

This is a story based on the image above:

Vivienne’s hair fluttered in the wind like wild flames as she ran for her life. The hunting dogs barked behind her, almost nipping at her ankles. 503 more words


Johnathan Merry

This story was inspired by the Michael Rosen poem, “The Skyfoogle”
It was a bright autumn day when Johnathan Merry rolled into town. He was a man who looked like he hadn’t slept for days. 918 more words

The Life of Idd: Part Two

Finding my original entry point into the cavern was a lot easier than expected due to new light filtering down from above. This time the light was in the form of strong beams, cutting through the water like spears. 525 more words


The rich man's guardian and poor man's friend...

With eyes upraised his master’s look to scan,
The joy, the solace, and the aid of man;
The rich man’s guardian and the poor man’s friend,
9 more words