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evolution! Timelapse

A quick timelapse of a full day from my evolution ‘game’!


The Converse Carnivore

When we begin to look into the possibility of cryptids, the focus is usually on the available evidence and facts that might substantiate the existence of such creatures. 1,851 more words


REVIEW: Abbath

A frosty first solo outing for the former Immortal frontman 460 more words

Awkward Noises

Late Night Sketchy

The mind sees some weird stuff when it’s been awake for too long. Another late night quick sketch in the Moleskine field notes journal.


And I Shall Call Him, Spot

Late night quick sketch in the Moleskine I keep on my headboard.


228 Thursday: Random word

Sanity noun

  1. the ability to think and behave in a normal and rational manner; sound mental health.

“I began to doubt my own sanity”