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Funniest Credit Debt Commercial Ever

Young couple in need of help with debt.

We live in confusing times. Aggressors have found a way to believe they’re the victims. People that aren’t involved in those situations have found a way to make said situations all about them. 534 more words

The Attic

Swipe Right on Your Credit Score

Growing up, my mom warned me against two things — coffee and credit cards. Aside from the alliteration, the two items in question share the similarities of being costly, and addictive. 1,687 more words


Notes From Underground: Jerome Powell, Meet Jerome Kerviel

The die has been cast as the U.S. 2/10 curve did the unthinkable. It inverted. This cause panic among the talking heads, who scoured the earth for analysts to give purpose to the bogeyman of bullish equity market pundits. 881 more words


JPMorgan forgives Canadians’ credit-card debts after it exits the market

It’s a good time to be in debt — as long as you’re Canadian.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. announced it is forgiving all outstanding balances on its two Canadian credit cards, after exiting the market in March 2018. 100 more words


Why You Should Pay Off Debt FAST!!!

Image by Rilsonav from Pixabay

You should pay off any debt that you have as quickly as possible. Doing this will enable you in the future to have more money to… 310 more words

Chase Bank to its Canadian credit card holders: 'you owe no balance'

Paul Adamson was paying his bills online last week when he came across something curious — the balance on one of his credit cards was wiped clean. 483 more words