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I got a credit card when I was 18

Picture this, you’re 18 years old, you’ve decided not to go to university for a year. You’re living at home with your parents, have a decent job, and an ad for a 0% credit card with £2000 limit pops up on your laptop. 299 more words

Millennial Money

Taking the good with the bad!

I haven’t written anything in a while…but I’ve still been hustling! Hubby bought me a cricut for valentine’s day and a friend of mine recently got me…re-interested…in using it! 336 more words

Money Diary Week 6: Swipe Responsibly

This is the first week in which I used a credit card RESPONSIBLY. Has anyone else ever look at the credit card statement and thought, “This is clearly fraud, I did not spend this much money.” That was me with every credit card for the past 3 years! 2,721 more words


Playing the credit card game

You have either hear from a friend that credit cards are the best things to have, and you have also heard from a friend that credit cards are the devil! 593 more words


Money Diary Week 5: Beans & Bloat

Hi y’all! So this week I thought I was hella constipated only to realize that I’ve just been eating a shit ton of beans and I was confusing the excess gas in my belly with the feeling of constipation. 2,855 more words


Money Diary Week 4: A Perfectly Planned Exit

Here we are guys – week 4! Can you believe I made it an entire month obsessively documenting my finances??? This may be the most consistent I’ve been with any thing ever. 2,550 more words


Not Impressed with our Debt - Week 39 of 80 - April 2019 Results

April was catch up month for us so as expected the results are not spectacular.

We started off the month with $25,421 and as of today we are at $24,750. 295 more words