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Truth Or Pair Retired Questions

We love our Bubba Show listeners and we love when they call to play “Truth Or Pair” at 9:35 every weekday morning.  And we REALLY love when you play the game correctly by asking one of us a question too personal to answer, because that means YOU win.  82 more words


Shop Online, Save Time And Avoid The Hassles

Many items in daily life have changed because of the Internet and this includes shopping. One advantage to online shopping is the ability to have all of your items delivered to your doorstep. 598 more words


I’ve always been miserable with numbers. I suffer from non verbal learning disability, which means that on my IQ tests I score near genius levels on the verbal portion and borderline special needs on the non-verbal–a 60 point gap last time I checked. 916 more words

Account Numbers

Alarming Web security flaw has exposed millions of passwords, credit-card numbers to theft risk

Michael Lewis,  the star.com

Internet security experts are urging Web users to change their online passwords after a vulnerability in widely used security software was disclosed. 229 more words


Online Security Flaw Exposes Millions of Passwords

SAN FRANCISCO — An alarming lapse in Internet security has exposed millions of passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive information to potential theft.

The breakdown revealed this week affects a widely used encryption technology that is supposed to protect online accounts for emails, instant messaging and a wide range of electronic commerce. 781 more words