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My local police department issued this warning today:

Today’s technology can be extremely useful in our everyday activities, but also dangerous if not done so with caution. 251 more words


How To Hack Valid Credit Card Numbers

Hack Or Buy Valid Credit Card Numbers And Information Including CVV

This part of the blog I made to make people aware that there is many scammers online selling fake Credit Card details to people and ripping them off, or taking their money only never to hear from them again. 438 more words

Buy Credit Cards

Think You Are Safe? Here is a Throwback to 2008....

Heartland Payment Systems Inc. lost 130 million payment card numbers to a cybercrime gang in 2008, its chief executive, Robert Carr, has been telling people to encrypt more of their data. 26 more words


Truth Or Pair Retired Questions

We love our Bubba Show listeners and we love when they call to play “Truth Or Pair” at 9:35 every weekday morning.  And we REALLY love when you play the game correctly by asking one of us a question too personal to answer, because that means YOU win.  82 more words


Shop Online, Save Time And Avoid The Hassles

Many items in daily life have changed because of the Internet and this includes shopping. One advantage to online shopping is the ability to have all of your items delivered to your doorstep. 598 more words


I’ve always been miserable with numbers. I suffer from non verbal learning disability, which means that on my IQ tests I score near genius levels on the verbal portion and borderline special needs on the non-verbal–a 60 point gap last time I checked. 916 more words

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