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The Unattainable Credit Card

It may be time for me to come to terms with the fact that I might not be meant to have a credit card. This is a part of adulthood that I cannot seem to master. 579 more words


“Miracle Of Russia” Throws American And European Elites Into Total Panic

Say what you like about Sorcha Faal, but this lays it out in no uncertain terms. We are all bankrupted by compounding interest rates which has led to a debt society to the extent that we ourselves have put the next three generations into poverty: 1,486 more words

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Getting Out of Debt

Have you wandered over this way because you’re seeking tips on how to get out of debt? Good news!  976 more words

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Consolidation of Credit Card Traps

So, you are considering a Debt Consolidation Company (DCC) as part of your financial plan? Here is some eye opening advice to follow before taking this important decision. 1,038 more words

Consolidation Consequences

Tips for first time credit card users

Getting your first credit card is always an exciting experience. It is just a small piece of plastic but it has the power to make your financial life convenient. 671 more words

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Debit or Credit? Which one should you choose at the checkout?

Whether you should choose debit cards or credit cards while making payments is a question that has been in existence ever since electronic methods of managing money came into being. 608 more words

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a word about credit cards and the beginning of the end of my home buying

I had a long love affair with credit cards.

For this tale, we have to go all the way back to 2009.

I was a junior in college and had heard that to buy a house (which I knew I wanted to do sometime in the future) you need “credit.” I knew that I had zero credit because I did not have any loans (I was lucky enough to have no student loans and am still very grateful for this) and as of yet I did not have any credit cards. 276 more words

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