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What I Learned from My First Store Credit Card

Let me set the scene: I had just graduated from college, spent two weeks celebrating in Spain and Portugal, and then gotten a job at Bloomingdale’s, where the dress code was all black. 634 more words


Our rewards credit card - is it worth it?

Up until about five years ago, I had always thought of rewards credit cards as being a waste of money. As a younger person who first looked at rewards cards in the early 2000s, I came to the conclusion that any “rewards” you received were usually outweighed by the annual fee that a card would attract.  1,088 more words

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Get the right credit card

Owning a credit card takes a lot of self responsibility. It is basically a money loan the bank is letting you borrow. I think it is important for students to start establishing credit at a young age so when they become older, they have established credit scores and will get lower interest rates on mortgages, car loans, etc. 118 more words

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Best Credit Cards for College and After

The credit cards you obtain during your college years should reimburse you at a lucrative rate in order to maintain wallet relevancy after graduation. The following options have staying power, as in zero or justifiable annual fees and can be kept active. 670 more words

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Calculating Credit Card Interest.

Parents/adult persons/credit scorers will stiffly tell you to curb spending on your credit cards. We at Splurgist.com just wish for you to splurge rewardingly. When interest charges negate your card earnings, you are not being properly compensated for carrying out splurgist duties. 133 more words

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Getting Started with Miles & Points

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Miles & Points!   818 more words

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Alert! Credit card skimmers found in West Boynton Beach

as reported by: Susan Salisbury, PalmBeachPost.com

Eight Palm Beach County gas stations had pumps with credit and debit card skimmers, a statewide sweep that uncovered 81 skimmers at  more than 6,000 stations found,   294 more words