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Good debt, bad debt and good bad debt

There has been an awful lot of noise in the media recently about the increasingly high levels of debt the average Canadian is carrying around on his or her back. 898 more words

Publication: L Lu, 'Runaway bosses in China: Private lending, credit crunches and the regulatory response' in Financial Regulation International (2015), Vol. 18(9)

In November 2015, Dr Lerong Lu published an article at Financial Regulation International, which examines the financing difficulty facing China’s private businesses, and how they on the private lending market to raise funds. 400 more words


Indebted seniors among Canada’s most at-risk sectors

Indebtedness among Canada’s elderly population is on the rise, according to academics and financial experts at an international conference at Ottawa’s Carleton University last week. 318 more words

Why your credit score matters

And how to improve it

Despite holding multiple credit products (like credit cards or lines of credit) many Canadians don’t understand how debt and their behaviour around it affects their credit score in the eyes of the credit bureau—or why it’s important; on top of that, 47% of Canadians don’t know where to check their credit score. 780 more words

Pros and Cons of Joint Credit Cards

When two people have a joint credit card account, both people can make charges to the credit card and the card’s history is included on both people’s credit report. 554 more words

When your mortgage is more than you can handle

On paper, you could afford your mortgage. Your lender even approved the paperwork. But now that you’re settled in your home, maybe you’ve incurred some unplanned-for monthly expenses, such as higher-than-planned utility bills, property taxes that have risen (as they tend to do), or increased insurance premiums, and find that you’re unable to make your mortgage payments. 1,018 more words