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How Divorce Can Damage Your Credit Score

MICHELLE PERRY HIGGINS: In all the turmoil that goes along with the divorce, one thing both spouses need to keep in mind is that divorce has the potential to affect their individual credit scores–and not in a good way. 463 more words

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Affordable housing advocates urge action on growing crisis

There are more than 4 million renters in Canada, as housing affordability nears crisis level

Four out of every 10 renting households in Canada spent almost a third of their income on rent, above the level that experts say is sustainable, affordable housing advocates said Thursday… 631 more words

Housing Affordability

Why September is the ideal time to do a financial check-in

When you crunch the numbers, consumers actually spend more during the two and a half months of summer than during the much shorter winter holidays. 601 more words

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Burdened by debt and slipping behind, survey respondents say

Many working Canadians feel overwhelmed by debt and more than half of them say they would have difficulty if they missed a paycheque.

They also are losing confidence in the economy, with only 33 per cent of respondents to a survey saying they expect things to get better next year. 402 more words


A dragon called debt settlement services rises from the dead.

This summer another dragon has reared its ugly head in relation to questionable financial services threatening consumers in Ontario. Following news about an unregulated creature otherwise known as unlicensed… 611 more words


How to build a great credit score from scratch

At some point, everyone has no credit history. We all have to start somewhere, and with good planning and smart decisions, you can get a great credit score. 537 more words


3 Things That Can Destroy Your Credit Score

Your credit score is a gatekeeper. It can make or break your chances of getting the best rate on a loan and in some cases it can even affect whether you get a job. 678 more words