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Seniors going bankrupt in soaring numbers

Judy Southon never imagined it would come to this. She and her husband Vic had good jobs, raised a son and were homeowners. But after a run of bad luck, the 67-year-old wound up deep in debt and had to declare bankruptcy. 876 more words


Stop Believing These 7 Credit Score Myths

Some baseless rumors are perfectly harmless. Believing Elvis sightings or trying to duplicate the famed (but failed) Pop Rocks candy-and-soda explosion won’t cause irreparable damage. 1,220 more words


How to Boost Your Credit Score at Any Age

Improving your credit score can be more arduous at certain points in life — and inspires different approaches. CBS News — with the help of Credit Karma — has broken down average credit score by age, and the options for improving a credit score. 415 more words

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Rate hike could leave mortgage holders stretched, survey finds

Many mortgage holders in Canada have very little financial cushion and could be in trouble if rates rose or they lost a job, according to a new survey. 405 more words

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When it comes to credit, many consumers - particularly Millennials - don't understand the score

Only one in five consumers know that bad credit scores are likely to increase finance charges by more than $5,000 over time if you’re taking out a $20,000 five-year car loan, according to a new survey. 424 more words

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Two mortgage terms that present solid value (and two that don’t)

Mortgage rates have been all pleasure and no pain for an oddly long time.

Take five-year fixed rates. They’ve drifted lower for more than a year and a half with no significant upturns along the way. 628 more words

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