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A Dollar Is What I Need

I spent three and a half years in New York City before being called for jury duty, and I was impressed with myself for flying under the radar for so long, since Massachusetts came after me as the smoke was still clearing from my 18th birthday candles. 1,067 more words


The first credit crisis : Roman Edition

In such an extensively monetised economy, it is hardly surprising that the Romans were also well acquainted with another familiar feature of modern finance: the credit crisis.

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Flawed Boards or Sounding Boards

The credit crunch crisis … Should the directors of the banking institutions have seen it coming?  Of course they should!  Questioning and recording the question is the right and a legal requirement of a director.  341 more words

Leadership & Management

4 steps to successfully consolidate your debt

Debt consolidation loans offer the chance to pay off debt faster, and pay less interest. Here are four steps to get you the best deal. 387 more words

Debt Consolidation

The global financial system stands on the brink of second credit crisis

Source: The Telegraph, by John Ficenec

The world economy stands on the brink of a second credit crisis as the vital transmission systems for lending between banks begin to seize up and the debt markets fall over. 261 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

Academic Article: Demon Debt: Paranormal Activity as Recessionary Post-Cinematic Allegory by Julia Leyda

copyright 2014, Jump Cut: A Review of Contemporary Media, No. 56, fall 2014

One of the most striking things about watching the horror movie Paranormal Activity nowadays is the way it portrays the U.S. 152 more words

Academic Article

CPI: The Underestimation of Inflation?

by Brad Houle, CFA
Executive Vice President

Inflation is an obtuse concept to fully comprehend. For the month of September, the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated that the rate of inflation, as measured by the… 553 more words

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