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Christmas on £50

This year I have £50 for everything for the two weeks of Christmas. Food, drink, presents, cards, paper, the tree, postage, the lot. Lets see how I get on! 46 more words

Eating On A Pound

MibsBlog Meanstreet Meals – Easy Cheesey Smiley Toast

Cheesy Smiley Toast

Even if you are skint or simply on a tight budget, there is no need to eat plain boring-looking food!

Here’s a very simple way to make yourself and your guests smile! 78 more words


A good bargain day at Morrisons

Had to hang around for about 45 mins but got some nice bargains. 9 more words

Eating On A Pound

MibsBlog Meanstreet Meals – Pizza Toast

Pizza Toast

For those “too long till payday” nights when you really fancy a pizza!




per person


2 slices of bread

some tomato puree (ketchup will do in a pinch) 186 more words


24p Flowers found reduced at Waitrose

Don’t discount supermarkets like Waitrose, sometimes there are real bargains to be had. 6 more words

Eating On A Pound

Recent bargains

More recent bargains at Morrisons. There is still cheap food to be had if you know where to look. Don’t go for the weightwatchers cakes though, they tasted like washing-up liquid YUK! 19 more words

Eating On A Pound

Morrisons Bargains from Today

Arrived at Morrisons tonight and Mad Trolley lady was there all ready loaded up. They must have reduced early! So I just walked around chatted with a few people and just out of habit went back to the reduced fresh produce isle. 28 more words

Eating On A Pound