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The first credit crisis : Roman Edition

In such an extensively monetised economy, it is hardly surprising that the Romans were also well acquainted with another familiar feature of modern finance: the credit crisis.

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ECB closes last funding option for Greece: Cometh Grexit?

As discussed elsewhere in this blog (see here), Greece has few remaining sources of funding, primarily its own commercial banks purchasing T-Bills through liquidity drawn via ELA authorised by the BoG. 529 more words


Services To Banking

This week’s Budget was, of course, highly political. The Chancellor’s £250,000 reduction in the lifetime allowance for private pensions deprived his Labour opponents of a funding source nominated for one of their policies; his single announcement on inheritance tax was nothing more than an opportunity to poke fun at the Leader of the Opposition for his tax avoidance twenty years previously; and he devoted much of his speech to refuting high-profile opposition criticism of the government’s record and intentions. 692 more words


Breaking Adult

The starter pack to becoming a young adult, brought to you by a young adult…

When you turn 21, it is the status quo to throw a big bash, receive that golden key usually passed down to us. 946 more words


Brown Stuff Vol. 1: "Waste Not, Want Not!" - [Archived]

Originally published as a FB Note, on 7 July 2008 at 22:27

Rampantly rising oil prices, a swathe of unchecked knife murders, the credit crunch, falling house prices, rising inflation, international terrorism, overflowing prisons – the list of the UK’s current woes goes on and on. 427 more words

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Explaining the Financial Crisis: Lecture and Infographic

Here is my explanation of the dynamics behind the financial crisis. See the slides below, while listening to the audio file.



Profit warnings surge - forecasting is difficult in a divergent world

Highest number of profit warnings for 6 years – what happened to “Silver linings turning gold”?

A week is a long time in economics…

Profit warnings reached their highest fourth quarter total since 2008 in Q4 2014, with 93 warnings also taking the annual total for 2014 to a six-year high. 896 more words

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