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The revolution that never was

What Corbyn is trying to do in the Labour party seems like a revolution 7 years out of date.

Let me explain what I mean by this. 542 more words


Watch this space

With UK commercial property transactions reaching their highest level since the credit crunch, this raises the question as to how the UK, and more specifically, Manchester are going to deal with the increase in demand. 283 more words


40 by 40: The rise and fall of an Empire (of sorts...)

“Who could believe this? How could the whole tale be worthily told? How Rome has fought within her own bosom not for glory, but for preservation – nay, how she has not even fought, but with gold and all her precious things has ransomed her life…”

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40 By 40

150 days of solitude

Having started my blog in January this year, my entries have served as a chronicle of my thoughts, hopes and aspirations for Syriza’s government. What has been billed as the ‘first’ left government of Greece (I guess if one does not accept Andrea’s PASOK 1981 win as a left win) has had a turbulent start and is likely to soon make the landmark of its first 150 days. 1,195 more words


Getting people back to work

Speaking with many of my customers I know that the credit crunch is a long way from over. Some of my customers and some family friends as well have been struggling to keep their heads above water. 499 more words

Blame the markets, blame freedom

It’s curious how people in high positions of government rationalise the control they have over people, and how they justify expanding that control after it has produced unforseen and undesirable consequences. 388 more words