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Deteriorating town with hope

(Above picture is credit of http://www.lostrailwayswestyorkshire.co.uk/)

I got inspiration to start this blog when someone I knew from years ago stopped me in Keighley on Friday night and asked what I was now doing in my life. 1,026 more words

The ECB smacks Greece again: Greek Banks can siphon money off the ECB no more

This blog has discussed before how the ECB has gone about systematically shutting down funding avenues for the Greek government by first dis-allowing state bonds from being submitted as collateral for bank borrowing, and then keeping ELA under a short leash ( 1,313 more words


The first credit crisis : Roman Edition

In such an extensively monetised economy, it is hardly surprising that the Romans were also well acquainted with another familiar feature of modern finance: the credit crisis.

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ECB closes last funding option for Greece: Cometh Grexit?

As discussed elsewhere in this blog (see here), Greece has few remaining sources of funding, primarily its own commercial banks purchasing T-Bills through liquidity drawn via ELA authorised by the BoG. 529 more words


Services To Banking

This week’s Budget was, of course, highly political. The Chancellor’s £250,000 reduction in the lifetime allowance for private pensions deprived his Labour opponents of a funding source nominated for one of their policies; his single announcement on inheritance tax was nothing more than an opportunity to poke fun at the Leader of the Opposition for his tax avoidance twenty years previously; and he devoted much of his speech to refuting high-profile opposition criticism of the government’s record and intentions. 692 more words


Breaking Adult

The starter pack to becoming a young adult, brought to you by a young adult…

When you turn 21, it is the status quo to throw a big bash, receive that golden key usually passed down to us. 946 more words


Brown Stuff Vol. 1: "Waste Not, Want Not!" - [Archived]

Originally published as a FB Note, on 7 July 2008 at 22:27

Rampantly rising oil prices, a swathe of unchecked knife murders, the credit crunch, falling house prices, rising inflation, international terrorism, overflowing prisons – the list of the UK’s current woes goes on and on. 427 more words

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