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Will my Pizza still be delivered when the shit hits the fan?

As some human societies develop over time our lot is made easier in terms of our daily resources by advances in technology and science, we have food security because of it and an abundance of resources to make our lives easier, but on closer in inspection this advancement is more to do with lining the pockets of individuals and corporations others than meeting our basic human needs in a sane and ecologically sound manner. 805 more words

Practical Permaculture

Banking On It

With equity markets reaching ever dizzier heights this year, oil stable and government bonds serene it is difficult to think back to how the financial world felt about a year ago. 1,064 more words


We need to talk about the Donald

A bouquet of barbed words

Why did Donald Trump get elected?

‘Here is your author who turns 60 next week, don’t trust me’

The cat fancying bright orange elephant in the room didn’t take long to be exposed as Lionel Shriver drew parallels between the disappointing present and the dystopian future she imagines in her latest novel… 470 more words


Tale of a taximan

I met a taxi driver today, it was his last shift at work and he was absolutely buzzing about it. He couldn’t wait to tell me, at 2pm today he would end his last shift. 232 more words

Daily Reflections

Music with a Message

Watching Katy Perry’s Chained to the Rhythm either as the music video or when she sang it live last week at the Brits can give us a lot of food for thought. 281 more words

The Demonetisation saga in India rolls on and on

As we emerge ( at least in England & Wales) blinking into 2017 then the main economic action is in the East. For example new currency controls for retail investors in China. 1,425 more words

General Economics

Why Trump? Why Brexit? Capital Myopia and Inequality in Society

There are three types of inequality in society, one is the natural way some people are able to engage in economic and highly productive activity more than others, the second is the distribution of ownership – those who own more by inheritance or gross fortuity, and the other is how some people are exploited and get less than they ‘deserve’. 2,693 more words