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I woke yesterday with a phrase clearly in my mind. This happens rarely, and when it does, it’s usually nonsensical. The classic example happened in November 2014 when I surfaced with the sentence “ 894 more words


A decade on…

This week’s blog comes from Chris Lowe, Transaction Advisory Services Partner &  joint head of our Capital & Debt Advisory team.

Is it really a decade since the start of the credit crunch? 1,172 more words

Deals & Financing

The Shame Game

A few weeks ago I played my usual game of Thursday night 5-a-side football. With ten minutes to go, our side was on top. We didn’t keep score, but it was obvious to everyone that we were passing well, confident and taking our chances. 1,251 more words


Ten years ago today, people weren't that worried about impending financial doom

If we knew then what we know now…

Ten years ago today, all was not well with the global financial system. On Aug. 9, 2007… 499 more words

Credit Crunch Cluedo - 10 years on

Ten years ago today heralded the start of the ‘credit crunch’. The term which was unfamiliar to most people entered dictionaries in 2008. A credit crunch refers to the sudden reduction in the availability of credit or a sudden tightening in the conditions to obtain credit. 1,242 more words

Will my Pizza still be delivered when the shit hits the fan?

As some human societies develop over time our lot is made easier in terms of our daily resources by advances in technology and science, we have food security because of it and an abundance of resources to make our lives easier, but on closer in inspection this advancement is more to do with lining the pockets of individuals and corporations others than meeting our basic human needs in a sane and ecologically sound manner. 805 more words

Practical Permaculture


Everyone remembers the credit crunch of 2007/2008 and the subsequent economic downturns all over the world. In the most basic possible terms, the sequence of events was: 2,129 more words