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The Not-Rich Kid's Guide to Graduating from College with Almost No Debt

I was raised in a working-class neighborhood near Dallas by my mother, an immigrant from Vietnam. I attended the public schools nearby. We had metal detectors, drug searches using police dogs, a vice principal who was shot by a BB gun at a school assembly, and a teacher who was hospitalized after students put staples in her coffee — and that was just at my middle school. 2,935 more words

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Starting a business isn’t necessarily easy, but i can be simplified. Take a look at this video How to start a business in 10 days. Let us know what you think.


When the Debt Collector Poses as a Pizza Delivery Guy

When the phone rang, the message on the caller ID display was a surprise. Sometimes it said, “Flower Shop.” Or “Pizza Delivery.” Or the name or number of a family member. 771 more words


Suze Orman: To really save money, do this...

Suze Orman is on of the top financial gurus in the world. Listen to  her perspective on what saving really means and how to do it. 78 more words


Many US Retailers Not Ready for Fraud-Proof Cards

By the fall, millions of Americans will have gotten new high-tech credit and debit cards, part of a broad effort across the financial industry to reduce fraud. 831 more words


3 Small Business Loans That Don't Require Good Credit

Starting and growing a business can be a risky proposition. Many owners go all in, using personal loans or credit cards to fund their start-ups. But what if you have bad credit? 683 more words


What Would Higher Interest Rates Mean for You?

In recent years, we have been experiencing low interest rates and some of us may have even tuned out any of the Federal Reserve’s news and announcements. 561 more words