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It's Unbelievable We Still Haven't Learned This Lesson

You’d think the Great Recession would still be fresh enough in everybody’s minds that we’d be going out of our way to avoid putting ourselves through the financial wringer once again. 509 more words

{February Topic: Finance} Using ReadyForZero to Pay Off Credit Cards

My most important goal in life right now is paying down my credit card debt. Now, I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’ve been lucky enough to escape having a car payment and college loans. 641 more words

Why Building an Emergency Fund While Paying Off Debt is So Important

As many of you who have read my other articles on money know, I am trying to pay off my student loans which right now are still at about $55,000.   627 more words



Every now and then I think it’s good to step back and do an overall evaluation on yourself and those around you.

Recently, I did an evaluation on my Facebook friends list and decided to unfriend a good amount of people. 614 more words

The Most Completely Depressing Stat About Americans' Debt

Consumer confidence may be up, but the picture changes when Americans think about their debt load and the likelihood they’ll ever dig out from it. 405 more words

Why Do We Fall Into Credit Debt?

The hard question is wondering how we ended up into credit debt to begin with… You start off paying bills… Life happens… and then you pull out the credit card looking for some temporary relief. 22 more words

‘’Three mistakes of money’‘

You always dream , think how to get rich, and U always give the same answer.

Don’t spend too much. Mostly save. Always invest.

Seems simple enough, right? 623 more words