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Freezing your credit card

So if you all remember I had gotten a second credit card with a big limit on it. I also have the other credit card which in the next 6 or so months will be canceled because it will be paid off. 594 more words

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There's good Karma all around

Art & Money Matters Mondays:

I almost missed my blog deadline digging into all of the features of this Credit Karma site for the past few hours.   194 more words

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Summer Vaca

So my mini vacation to Toronto won’t be happening this summer. I think it would have been able to happen if I had not needed to buy things for my apartment and my dog having dental work but my charge card is pretty high. 305 more words

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Quiz #1- Do You Know What You Don't Know About Credit & Debt?

As promised last week, here is the first quiz in my series Tackling Personal Finance- Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

Don’t get scared. The intention here is to test your knowledge on the basics (not the obscure). 162 more words

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Improved Credit, A major accomplishment!!

Its been almost three years since I had my first credit card. I was almost 20 years old and it was something that made me feel so grown up. 442 more words

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Paying Down Your Credit Card

Basically having to take my dog to the vet and it costing almost $1000 put a huge dent in my credit card. Then moving right around the corner and using my credit card and some of the other things that were already on it has put a dent into it. 158 more words

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It's Unbelievable We Still Haven't Learned This Lesson

You’d think the Great Recession would still be fresh enough in everybody’s minds that we’d be going out of our way to avoid putting ourselves through the financial wringer once again. 509 more words