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3 Smart Financial Moves For August [VIDEO]

#1 Check Your Credit Score

It’s that time again: Review your credit score at http://www.CreditKarma.com, paying special attention to any fraudulent charges, so you can report it to your credit card company. 117 more words


Card Skimming

Card skimming continues to rise in spite of the security efforts adopted in Canada. Skimming affects everyone, costing Canadians over 400 million dollars annually. 521 more words

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Your Money Matters - Are You Wise Enough to See What You're Spending For?

It’s payday…The time when employees are so looking forward to have their work done and go to their favorite restaurant, get their hands on the coolest hot-new gadgets, or get their sleeves on the latest fashion they’ve been wanting.Here’s a fact: It’s just too easy for us to pull out the cards in our pockets and buy what we want. 321 more words

BUSTED: The 4 Biggest Myths about Financial Planning

Financial Planning. Here are the four biggest myths surrounding these ominous words. You may be surprised that Financial Planning actually isn’t all that scary–what’s scary is if you don’t address it!  323 more words


Check Your Credit Report, Before Someone Else Does

If you haven’t seen your credit report in the past year, you should do so now. There are several easy, free ways to get a look at the information kept on you by the major credit bureaus, and one great place to start your search. 231 more words

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What’s The Best Card To Use?

Think fast: what’s the most recent financial decision you made? You likely won’t have to think too far back.

It’s not the last account you opened, or the school loans you consolidated—it’s something much simpler that’s part of your daily routine. 1,013 more words

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