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What is a Paydex Score and How Can I Achieve a High Score?

Businesses require credit on an ongoing basis. Borrowed funds can be employed to invest and expand operations in order to increase the size and profitability of the company. 955 more words

5 Ways to Take Your Business to the Next Level

At some point, your business may be in a critical situation, and you need financing to get to the next level, or maybe just a hand to get through the slower months. 907 more words

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5 Things That Influence Your Credit Score

Your credit score is a very powerful number and it affects your financial life in many positive or negative ways also businesses and companies around make decisions about you based on your credit score. 959 more words

Credit Repair

How Credit Repair Service Works to Fix Your Credit Report

Sometimes your credit report may go down if you are facing some issues with your payments and debts requiring a repair service for assistance. There are many companies such as… 966 more words

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5 Ways To Take Control Of The Credit Card Habits.

After joining my first job, I was living my life worry free, making money and having fun.I was 23 years of age and was living life at the fullest. 710 more words


EXCLUSIVE: A building picture that proves the market bulls are wrong

Now that the élite has decided we aren’t going to have any more bourse crashes (just orderly corrections) it falls upon the rest of us with more reality and a different agenda to point out why this is another dollop of IABATO ( 2,602 more words

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New Year, New Plan

My husband was more than a little upset when I showed him the total of our credit debt a few weeks ago.  And rightfully so.  I have always had a plan of how to pay off the growing debt – but things have repeatedly come up, preventing my plans from being realized.  617 more words