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The Right to Create Money

I have been a supporter of Canada re-instating the policy of Canada borrowing money from the Bank of Canada for many years. It is ridiculous for countries to borrow money from international banks when they have a sovereign right to create its own money. 192 more words

1% / 99%

Glitter and Sparkles

I did it. I actually fucking did it. I submitted the story to the contest that I wrote it for. Win or lose, I am very proud of this story. 332 more words


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Sputnik: Magic Growth Numbers From US Government, by Paul Craig Roberts

Here’s another astounding stat from a reader:

Globally, the interest rates derivative market is an unbelievable $555 TRILLION in size.

These are trades based on interest rates that in turn are based on the bond bubble. 569 more words


Obama Administration Proposes New Regulations to Expand Important Financial Protections for Military Families

The Obama Administration remains committed to supporting our service members and their families. Today, as part of the Administration’s ongoing commitment, the Department of Defense (DoD) 1,007 more words

Department Of Defense

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Russia and US Intel Release New Smoking Gun Evidence on 9/11! Names of Who Did It! ShareRussia and US Intel Release New Smoking Gun Evidence on 9/11! 248 more words

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