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HOA trade group embraces debt collection, credit reporting

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities

By now most readers probably know that homeowners, condominium, and cooperative associations can opt to work with Sperlonga Data to report delinquent assessment payers to Equifax. 1,231 more words


Becoming Credit-Wise: What Students (and You!) Should Know

Note: The following article was written for Financial Aid administrators, but has information that is useful to anyone looking to learn about credit.

By Jeff Hanson, Director of Borrower Education Services, Access Group Published by the  3,052 more words


Assumptions in Credit Repair

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When it comes to life the majority are always assuming, and the most of them assume the worst. Creditors, debtors or anyone today all base their theories on assumptions and assumptions from the beginning of time have caused nothing but failure. 649 more words

Coach Wade

Why Credit Report Update is Required After Bankruptcy

Why Credit Report Update is Required After Bankruptcy. When your bankruptcy case is finished, the Bankruptcy Court Judge issues a discharge order. That Order provides that all discharge-able debts listed in your petition are now discharged. 11 more words

Tenant Screening Fort Lauderdale

If you are searching for tenant screening in Fort Lauderdale, Tenant Screening Center can provide you with the services you need. They have 30 years of experience of offering clients with free rental credit reports  and  tenant screening paid by tenant.

New Tenant Screening

Are you in need of new tenant screening in Hartford? Tenant Screening Center can make your tenant screening service easy. They can provide you with the tenant credit report and background checks you need.

It's the Principal of the Thing

Most people think they’ll have a house payment and a car payment for the rest of their lives but it doesn’t have to be with a plan and a little discipline. 179 more words

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