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Get Your Credit Score in Shape Before Buying a Home

How strong is your credit? Cleaning up your credit is essential before you make any major financial moves. Having a bad score can hurt your chances of being able to open a credit card, apply for a loan, purchase a car, or rent an apartment. 1,242 more words

There Is a Big Difference Between Credit Report and Credit Score

This title may seem a bit absurd to you but it is not. Both seem to be similar terms, both are recorded by CIBIL and both are used by lenders to assess your credit worthiness. 973 more words



Your FICO score is important because it dictates whether you will be granted credit and at what interest rates. Twenty points on your FICO score can make the difference between qualifying for a great deal or not. 349 more words


Your Free Annual Credit Report

When you owe a company money, they may use a debt collection agency like Allied Credit Consultants to help them collect and settle your debt. Paying off overdue bills is the first step toward improving your credit, but before you can improve it, it helps to know exactly where you and your credit stand. 148 more words

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The One Time It Is Okay Not To Pay Off A Debt

It’s not always a good idea to pay off old debts. In fact, making even a small payment on an old debt can be the worst thing you could do for your finances. 118 more words

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Four things that build & maintain high CIBIL score in 2016

As a conscientious individual you probably know that you need to maintain a CIBIL score of 750 and above (out of 900). This will ensure that you get easy access to credit, as lenders will deem you creditworthy. 747 more words


Tired of Waiting to Close?

You deserve a lender that can close your loan in weeks, not months! Don’t sit in the dark, hoping for progress. Let’s all live in a world of smooth transactions. 13 more words