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Four Steps to Attaining a Morgage

If you’re serious about buying a home, cleaning up your credit should be the first item on your agenda. After going through your credit report, identifying, paying off and closing most of your credit cards, your next step is to shop for a mortgage. 767 more words

First Time Home Buyer

Where is the Best Place to Get a Car Loan With Bad Credit?

By Jason Lanier

So where exactly is the best place to get a car loan when you’ve got bad credit?

First of all, you certainly want to avoid the following… 348 more words

Credit Card Rewards

Having an excellent credit score is valuable, but credit card reward programs can distract one from maintaining an optimal credit utilization rate. Credit card utilization rate is the amount of debt compared to the credit limit. 271 more words

Credit reports starting to roll in

Because we requested seven year fraud alerts from all three credit bureaus, we’re starting to see credit reports arriving in the mail.

A cursory examination of my credit report from Equifax revealed nothing out of the ordinary. 34 more words

Identity Theft

Secrets of Bonding #90: Manage Your Credit Report

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Brokers protected.  Contractors welcomed.

Love it or hate it, you do have a credit report and potential creditors can view it. 440 more words

Secrets Of Bonding

CreditComedy Presents: Turning the Credit Repair Crisis into Comedy...

Question: What happens if you pay a Credit Repair Company to fix your credit?

Answer: They will leave you poor, broke and with a lonely-low Credit Score!!!

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I Don't Need To Worry About Identity Theft Until I Get Older, Right? Wrong!!!!

The title of this post may be what many of your students are thinking when you bring up the topic of identity theft.  They are wrong! 290 more words

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