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3 Ways You Could Be Hurting Your Credit Score Even If You Pay Your Bills On Time

If you pay make regular credit card payments that are well above the minimum, and no one is hassling you about outstanding bills you might assume that your credit score is getting healthier or at least maintaining its current level. 334 more words

My Credit Card Interest Rate Is Going Up. What Are My Options?

Earlier this week, American Express announced that it would be raising annual interest rates on more than 1 million accounts, leading lots of people to ask if this could happen to their credit card — and what they should do about it. 346 more words

Buying or thinking of becoming a first time homebuyer?

Thinking about buying a home in the next year or two years?

Now that the economy is growing and more Americans are working, many are… 127 more words

Little Ways to Save Money

It only takes a few tips and tricks to make your money management easier and less intimidating. Using Mint.com is certainly one of them! Using a tool that’s powerful, reliable, simple and… 511 more words

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9 myths on how to build better credit

Like child-rearing and curing ailments, credit building is chock-full of old wives’ tales that don’t pan out. Smart financial moves such as closing accounts or paying off loans early may not be the credit boosters you think they are. 20 more words

Credit Scores

Monday's Warm-UP: Zombies and The German Chancellor visits Washington!

Read this article on Zombie Foreclosures in the United States.  What are Zombie Foreclosures and why are they making a comeback?  The German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrived in Washington late Sunday to meet with President Obama.   25 more words

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