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Credit Scores: Why you will not get that loan you badly need

Most of us do not really pay attention to bills, in fact no one wants the mention of that nightmare because it almost feels like someone is reaping you off your money. 543 more words

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Personal Credit Scores vs. Business Credit Scores: 5 Reasons to Keep Them Separate

“What’s your credit score?” For most, the answer to this question is simple. However, as an entrepreneur, you have an opportunity to build credit both as an individual and as a business owner. 528 more words

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What is a Charge Off on Your Credit Report?

A charge-off is a debt that is deemed uncollectible by the original creditor and is subsequently written off. Charge-offs are classified as bad debts on the creditor’s income statement and are removed from the balance sheet. 33 more words

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How To Build Up A Better Credit History

Does your credit report smell like rotten eggs, dead fish, and cow manure all mixed together? The tips provided here in this article are going to help straighten out your credit and get you into a better financial situation. 15 more words


Do You Have Bad Credit-Read These Tips Now!

Credit problems can stop people from getting loans, renting an apartment, or getting a job. Failing to pay your bills in a timely fashion will lower your credit score. 27 more words


Credit Repair: Dealing With Debt Collectors

Dealing with debt collectors is an art – just as is the way that they attempt to deal with you. Your credit rating is important, and they know that. 69 more words

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7 Tips to Fix Mistakes in Your Credit Report

It’s not easy and it’s not quick, but at least we have tips you need to fix your credit report. Is your credit report telling lies about you? 92 more words

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