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Mortgages Made Easier Part 2

Did you know your credit score is (in most cases) viewed more than once in regards to mortgages? Typically the lender will view it once in the initial stages and then again towards the closing. 597 more words

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Mortgages Made Easier

For openers, if you are thinking of buying real estate or already in the prospecting stages, you could not have picked a better time. Interest rates make it ideal and a smart investment no matter the purpose, and I know from dealing with my clients many are taking advantage of the situation. 528 more words

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Here's where you start when rebuilding your credit.

I speak with many new clients each week that have been denied new credit accounts.  They’re frustrated that they have no where to obtain new credit with a low credit score to help rebuild good credit. 181 more words

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Got Inquiries?

Join the club.  The list is usually long, intimidating, and most likely lowering your score unnecessarily.  The previous post discussed the main culprit (typically) of this score splitter-most of us know from experience the practices of car dealerships when financing your new or used auto. 311 more words

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The Evil That Is Auto Loans

If you are in the market for a new or used car, the saying “Buyer beware” is probably in the forefront of your mind.  As a prior car salesperson, I can tell you to listen carefully to those two little words from the moment you walk onto the car lot until you hold your new keys.   471 more words

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Credit scores were invented as a means of helping financial institutions trust people they were making loans to. An individual with a high credit score is more likely to pay back a loan than someone with a low score. 83 more words