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What To Do If Your Credit, Debit or ATM Card Is Lost In Singapore?

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Money Matters

IRS Turns to Private Collection Agencies to Capture Unpaid Tax Money

The Internal Revenue Service has always wanted your money.

Now we know they’re serious about getting it.

In a recent announcement, the IRS revealed that it is now going to be using private debt collection agencies to help retrieve what is, reportedly, an ever-increasing mountain of tax debt owed by John Q. 360 more words

Three Books on Marxist Political Economy (Pt 5)

Shaikh’s wrong theory of interest rates

“The interest rate is the price of finance,” Shaikh writes at the beginning of Chapter 10, “Competition, Finance, and Interest Rates.” Shaikh treats the rate of interest as fluctuating around the price of production of the “provision of finance.” Late in Chapter 10, Shaikh indicates he was confused on this subject in the 1970s and the early 1980s but brought to his current views by the Sraffrian-neo-Ricardian Italian economist Carlo Panico. 234 more words


A few financial rules

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As April comes to a close, so does Financial Literacy Month. 557 more words


Knowing Who You Can Claim as a Dependent – The Inside Scoop

You can claim an exemption for each person that you list as a dependent. Exemptions reduce your taxable income, but it can be hard knowing who you can claim. 16 more words

Credit Cards

Fist of all, don’t assume by looking here you will find the ‘perfect’ credit card here. All of them have their flaws, but in this guide, we will help find you the best credit card suited to you. 328 more words