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Bubble, oh no!

Time for some practical: Pour a cup of dish soap into 6 cups of water & stir it well. That is how Bubbles are formed, now you burst it! 1,250 more words


When Should I Borrow?

Nowadays, almost everybody has a credit card and enjoy the comfort of being able to buy things instantly. However, it can go overboard, especially if you have a spending habit. 648 more words

Personal Finance

Debit (DR)/Credit (CR)


Debit what comes in and Credit what goes out.

Debit & Credit are the fundamentals of the accounting system. Every accounting entry either falls on the Credit side or the debit side. 622 more words

How Often Should You Check Your Credit Report and Why Is It Important?

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As consumers, we know it’s essential to view credit reports and be aware of our credit scores. 669 more words


Cashless Society vs Bitcoin?

There’s a post going about social media about how going “all cashless” is a bad thing.

Well, It Depends™ on what you “switch” to.. all digital credit ( 782 more words


Daily Challenge: Debt Focus

For today’s challenge, focus all excess funds on paying off debt. Make a list of every specific account and the remaining balance you owe on cards, loans, etc. 29 more words

Daily Challenges

Tips for Repairing Credit

I spend most of my work week either selling homes, listing homes or helping people repair their credit in order get them into a position to buy a house. 794 more words