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The next revolution will be reclaiming your digital identity

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When I refer to digitization, what I mean is that our rites live on in data long after they are performed: commutes are captured by a smartphone’s GPS, purchases by banks and credit cards, thoughts in texts and emails (and… 838 more words


MasterCard has finally realized that signatures are obsolete and stupid

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For years, credit card companies have relied on an illegible squiggly line as the frontline of defense against credit card fraud. Customers are forced to use a pen (how retro!) to scrawl their signature on bills at restaurants and sign digitally at cash registers–as if somehow in the age of chips, PINs, biometrics, and online fraud alerts, a line on a page is still a great tool against fraud prevention. 180 more words

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The Ghostwriter

It would seem appropriate, in this halloween season, to write about ghosts & goblins. But, is that what a ghostwriter is?

According to Wikipedia:

A… 451 more words


If Trump is doing so horribly, why is the stock market doing so well?

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    President Donald Trump likes to take credit for new stock market highs, but Wall Street and investors are increasingly rejecting that idea. 791 more words
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