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The Girl at Fault

Well, shit.

I did it.

I’m irresponsible.

But, at least I keep my goddamn promises.

The magical $677 is from the apartment and S.O.’s going to pay it (because paying it right this second even though it’s been on his credit for almost a year is SO MUCH MORE important than going to talk to HR about that position… you know the one that’s a $20k raise… that will start our life ACTUALLY together… because priorities, right?) 491 more words


This Year’s E3 Had Some Alarming Security Incidents

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Attendees walking in with badges obscured. Security declining to approach an injured show-goer. Robberies, one allegedly carried out by security guards. 1,230 more words


This Is The "Most Vulnerable" Index In Credit To Macro Risk

Well, this was pretty easy to see coming.

Early last month, we said the following about high yield in an environment in which both the demise of retail and oil prices are headwinds: 382 more words

High Yield

5 smart choices to make with your money in your early 20s to set yourself up for years | 06/20/17

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Young people are freaked out about money.

As Business Insider’s Tanza Loudenback previously reported, one LendEDU poll found that 48% of a sample of 3,770 college students say that “paying taxes and budgeting are the scariest part about graduating college.” 842 more words

Money Matters

"Hakuna Matata"?

Earlier today, we brought you “Epic Struggle Emerges At Citi As Stock Bulls Battle Matt King’s Bearish Credit Juggernaut,” in which we lightheartedly presented excerpts from Citi’s latest Global Asset Allocation piece. 945 more words

S&P 500

I hate credit cards

Seriously why are we a nation that lives in debt. I pay off everything then run it up again. I am really tired of credit, I don’t want it. 33 more words

Epic Struggle Emerges At Citi As Stock Bulls Battle Matt King's Bearish Credit Juggernaut


There’s a battle brewin’ over at Citi that pits the bank’s equity strategists against Matt King’s mighty credit team.

Regular readers will recall that we’ve spent a considerable amount of time outlining the cautious view espoused by King, Hans Lorenzen, and Joseph Faith. 886 more words

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