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Crédit consommation, zoom sur le prêt personnel

Au premier trimestre, le crédit consommation progresse. Le secteur gagne 0,4 % par rapport à la même période de 2018. Une hausse boostée par les financements autos et les prêts dédiés à l’amélioration de l’habitat. 191 more words


Emprunt, comment s’assurer de sa solvabilité ?

Souscrire un emprunt est un engagement qui doit être remboursé. Comment savoir qu’il correspond bien à un consommateur solvable ? Pour s’en assurer, le prêteur analysera la gestion financière du demandeur. 77 more words


How to Read your Credit Card Statement Part 1

Many people have the bad habit of not reading their credit card statements. For those who do read, how many really understand what it all means? 644 more words

How to pay SBI Credit card bill using onlinesbi..
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Slippin' Into Darkness! US Construction Spending Growth Goes Negative As Fed's Balance Sheet Tapers

The last big spikes in US Construction Spending YoY occurred in 2013 with QE3 and occurred again in 2015 as QE had reached its peak. 24 more words


As evident, there are parts of this project which I did not work on or only helped out in small measures, so I want to link their blogs that document more of the following areas and give a shout out to them for the work they did: 86 more words

2 Amazing Apps for Adulting Financially

These two apps are amazing when it comes to understanding your budget and credit score. I check these often and utilize it whenever possible.

  1. Credit Karma- …
  2. 103 more words