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“This town has too much weather. And pizza.”
“And there’s a strip club right on Main Street.”
“It’s the only chill bar in town. The rest of them are packed with college kids. 123 more words

The Best Laid Plans...

Not everything on the trip went as planned. We crossed many creeks, some barely wet, others with fast flowing water but one was very muddy. And stuck in the middle was a battered and well-used four wheel drive vehicle. 629 more words


Help keep our creeks and lakes clean

Have you ever wondered why dogs are not permitted on Burlington’s beaches and why we ask that you do not feed the waterfowl? Are we being overly bureaucratic, trying to stop people from having fun, or is there a reason behind these rules? 965 more words

Take Action Burlington

Here Comes the Sun

Hindsight is supposed to be 20/20 but having astigmatism, I can’t say I truly know what that looks like. I can say, however, that I get the gist; knowing what is now would help us to navigate what was then. 2,500 more words


Goodbye, "Phelps"

This post is not about writing techniques; instead, it’s about a visitor that stayed in my backyard during the Olympics. I first found him in the bottom of the dogs’ water bowl. 775 more words

Widgeon Falls

One of the items on my bucket list for the summer has been to go canoeing, something I haven’t done since year 5 school camp. We headed to Pitt Lake, north-west of Vancouver with the aim of canoeing across the lake and then hiking up to Widgeon Falls in the Pinecone Burke Provincial Park. 499 more words