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Story Two - One Nightstand

I was talking to a guy on Whisper (anonymous confessions app) then moved on to Kik. It turned sexual. I was a virgin but I was curious, so I decided to hookup. 316 more words

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Story One - The Guy Who Somehow Got My Number

So I don’t remember giving out my number to anyone around that time, right? I was out with a friend, and I started getting texts from someone. 141 more words

Personal Stories

Shkreli gets 7 years in the slammer!

Ars Technica — NEPA Scene/Flickr/Aurich

❝ The smirk wiped off his face, a crying Martin Shkreli was sentenced to seven years in prison for securities fraud Friday in a hard fall for the pharmaceutical-industry bad boy vilified for jacking up the price of a lifesaving drug.

152 more words

Brief Encounter

Here’s you all a funny Random Guy in encounter.

…set the scene, out with friends. Country music blaring in the smoky background.


Random Guy: (appears from behind a cloud of smoke, horror film like) Would you like to dance? 79 more words

Fair Park Music Hall circa 1998

Not only did they replicate it,

but they somehow surpassed

the way the album sounded on my headphones.

Technically I was in the third row, 121 more words


How to Not Be a Creep

While grabbing a quick lunch, I sat at a counter by the window. I was in the middle of having a lovely peaceful eating experience when a man sat two stools down the counter from me. 726 more words


Music Friday #6

Hello everyone!

So last week I completely forgot to mention about two absolutely incredible covers! Don’t even ask me how I did that, because I wish I could tell you haha! 227 more words