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To continue the trend of presenting myself as a beacon of perfection, I will say that I am a very forgiving person. As BrainyQuote says, “to err is human.” I am very willing to overlook people’s flaws, as long as they have redeeming qualities. 1,973 more words

Don't Yell Me About It

I know I’ve extolled the wonders that is a night out at the Roxy many a time, but there is a particular instance that stands out above the rest. 427 more words


The online dictionary describes the term Creep as ‘1950’s word used by women to describe an undesirable man.’  I wasn’t yet born in the 1950s so naturally I don’t know much about those times.   944 more words

Adventures Of A First World Developing Country

Are you a Creep? Find out here.

This post serves as rules guys should keep in mind before they approach a girl.
Now you don’t want to be labelled as a Creep and appear on her blocked list. 331 more words

My Musings

Dear A$$hat, An Exchange

On my way to lunch, I passed this particular asshat on his way in.

AH: What’re you, leaving?

MJ: Running away; I saw you coming. 60 more words


Holy Lace

When I think of dark, black things, I think about being sexy and mysterious. You can’t tell me that you wouldn’t feel that way as well in something like this. 191 more words