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Conservative PM in Oz has references to climate change removed from UN report

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The lead author of a major UN report on climate change has expressed his shock that every reference to Australia was removed from the final version, following intervention from the Australian government.

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The CDR Creep and Its Effect on the Game

With the “Midseason Magic” patch, cooldown reduction is at an all-time high. Nearly every champion in any given game (barring ADCs and most junglers) will hit the 40% cap without even trying. 491 more words

Radiohead odsvirali 'Creep' prvi puta nakon sedam godina

Radiohead su pjesmu ‘Creep’ posljednji put odsvirali u kolovozu 2009. godine na Reading Festivalu.

Njihov najveći hit publika nestrpljivo očekuje na svakom nastupu. Na trećem koncertu u Parizu, Radiohead su konačno odsvirali ‘Creep’ na iznenađenje publike.



Giveaway Time!

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have already seen my giveaway post. We are trying to gain more followers and trying to get our name/brand out there! 101 more words


Radiohead Perform "Creep" in Paris

Every so often Radiohead acknowledge that “Creep” exists. Not hailing Pablo Honey as one of their greatest albums given what followed is understandable. That said, without “Creep” none of the rest of that music would have ever come to be. 31 more words


Radiohead Dusted off Two Heavy Hitters in Paris Last Night: "Creep" and "No Surprises" Live For First Time in 7 Yrs

Radiohead is back. If those three words do not, in some capacity, evoke thoughts or meaning beyond their literal face value definitions; so be it. (although I probably wouldn’t believe it) … 338 more words