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Haunting Part 1

Our first home. That is was so nice to say. I could say it over and over again and I didn’t think I would ever get tired of it. 2,209 more words

#27 The creepy mind of the opposite sex

I’m just going to put this out there to the female population, all guys are creeps, not just a few of us, not just the rare ones out there, all of us, even the polite gentleman that your spending time with as you read this. 275 more words


what is a creepypasta?


Creepypasta are essentially internet horror stories, passed around on forums and other sites to disturb and frighten readers. The name “Creepypasta” comes from the word “copypasta”, an internet slang term for a block of text that gets copied and pasted over and over again from website to website. 1,498 more words


People don’t realise how damaged and broken someone has to be to write.


Thanks, Walgreens Lady

Got off from work the other night, latish, around 10pm and made a quick stop at the local Walgreens. The hubs was fiddling with our vehicle so he strolled in a minute or two after me. 240 more words

NEWS: Austin Combs Caught at Boulder Creek Home

Austin Combs has been caught, and the crimes he is accused of committing are beyond horrendous. He was caught at a home in Boulder Creek… who would allow such a person in our community? 90 more words


Ad creep: Google extends Shopping ads into mobile Google Image search listings

Do you handle SEO for a software as a service (SaaS) company? Columnist Janet Driscoll Miller discusses how to address some of the unique challenges of this space with six helpful tips. 32 more words