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Stay Away !!! (39 Huia Street, Whau Valley, Whangarei)

Landlord (John Bilbrough) has refused all acknowledgement of disputes between housemates and has kicked everybody out when they’ve addressed: 295 more words



I remember clearly the first time that I saw you. It was the Wednesday before my birthday and the day you were all introduced as Eucharistic Ministers of Divino Amor Shrine. 537 more words

Personal Thoughts

This blog is called Private Bad Thoughts

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again

Since, apparently, it’s necessary

If you are my family member or one of my exboyfriends

Or my psychiatrist or my colleague; 22 more words


Stepdad Thanksgiving

(originally published in Neologism Poetry Journal, Summer 2017)


Creep (Day 29 of 30-Day Song Challenge)

The challenge for today is to learn to play a song that I was a hit from my childhood. I chose¬†“Creep” by Radiohead which was released in 1993. 205 more words


A Weird Note at 1:33 AM

Just another day at work. I had dinner with my friends after our shift, and went home afterwards. The room was dark and empty. It seems my brother stayed either in my parent’s house or my grandmother’s house. 264 more words


A Slight Overreaction

I turn to my friend, grinning, to show him his unflattering doodle I made and I catch the glimpse of your eyes turned in my direction. 136 more words