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Creep versus freak

Inside joke. Forgive me. Also, yes, procrastination. Oh. And a tip: when the work just won’t happen? Play.


Interludes & Outtakes (words On The Floor)

Trip Day

Planning a trip takes a lot of time… a lot of preparations … and a To Do List! Working without a To Do List is nearly guaranteed 70% done for your trip, there is bound to be something you forget to take with you lol… aslong as it s not ur undies or ur contacts… should be ok :P So am planning on taking a trip… where to, i have no idea yet… wish i can snap my fingers and tickets appear in my hands and or i wish we can teleport for real anywhere we want to be lol… right now i wanna be in England again with mom, then i wanna be in Japan, and of course i wanna go to Korea too! 97 more words

Wardrobe Of Myst

Bee Aggressive

Yesterday I discovered a new dating app. I know right, just what the world needs, another way to be disappointed with the dating prospects in your city. 479 more words


07/28/15: Two of Chicago's Age Old Debates Rage On : North Side vs. South Side, and Who's Creepier Than Chet Coppock?

The guys take in the first episode of Chet Coppock’s new podcast and their ears will never be the same, trust us, he’s creepy, he’s very, very creepy.   188 more words


Creep (2014)

Creep does a whole lot with very little, few locations, and a two-man cast. Patrick Brice and Mark Duplass have interesting on screen chemistry and bounce off each other well. 326 more words



Lured by the easy money of a one day film job, a videographer heads up into the mountains to meet his less than normal client from Craigslist. 161 more words

Horror Weekly

Haley Reinhart Plays the Troubadour

And she played it well.

Haley Reinhart opened up for The Rigs this past Thursday night at the legendary Troubadour in Hollywood, California. It was Haley’s first time at the venue, and she definitely made her mark on that stage. 232 more words