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If I asked you politely
Would you quietly piss off?
The crap you keep saying
Is like a tubercular cough.
If lies were visible to us… 200 more words


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Creep into Something New - TLC vs. Zendaya


It’s always a struggle for producers to get clearance for samples and reproducing oldies that put you back in your old shoes, but when it comes to Zendaya and Chris Brown the laces were easily tied. 144 more words

Nico Triunfante

Kim Kardashian: I Creep On Snapchat And It's All Jonathan Cheban's Fault!

He’s really hip with the kids, that Jonathan Cheban.

Snapchat has been around for awhile, but it wasn’t cool until the Chebs (username: JonathanCheban1) showed Kim Kardashian. 19 more words

Creep Squad

I’ve been requested, by my sister, to write about my view on creep squad. The original Creep squad name was coined by the perverted males in Love & Hip Hop, who thought it best defined their messy promiscuous behaviour. 749 more words



I recently had an unpleasant run in with a middle aged man. Sitting at the train station reading the latest issue of Foreign Affairs, a man walking into the undercover area I was sitting in. 651 more words


Ewwww Robin Thicke

I’m pretty late to the party on this one but I still believe it should be talked about. I’m assuming most have heard the song played on radio like last year sometime, Blurred Lines. 1,334 more words