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clinginess bordering on weirdo/creepiness

okay, that’s a bit of a 😶 title. I know. But it’s something that I’m plagued by.

I write a diary – which is another attempt of me getting my thoughts and feelings out – on days I remember to anyways. 405 more words

For My Moviegoing Public: Creep (2014)

I’m back with another horror movie; and the fact that I want to write about it should tell you that it’s worthwhile (if I wrote about all the terrible horror movies I see it would be a full-time job). 1,112 more words


John McCain Caught Red Handed Planting Landmines in Georgia

From New Eastern Outlook, by Henry Kamens

It is not difficult to understand the mission John McCain was pursuing when he visited Georgia on 1-2 January. 2,001 more words

World At WAR

Death By Awkward Crack-Ups and Creepers

Now that Christmas break has passed and I have free time again at school, I can finally fill you in on all the crazy happenings over the last month or so. 1,232 more words


The Professor

“I hope you are all aware you’ll need at least a B minus in order to pass this class,” my professor says. “Anything lower, and you’re out of here.” 217 more words

Creative Writing

New Years Eve

It’s somewhat troubling when
you know she clearly likes you
as every time you look over she’s
looking back.

And then to wonder if she was… 20 more words

Mediocre Poetry