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8 Signs He's Actually A Little Too Into You

For as long as there have been rom coms with predictable endings, there have been girls stranded in a state of confusion, questioning their relationship status. 527 more words

"Scream" and "Creep"

A friend of mine asked me not too long ago, what would you do with your time/career if money were no object? It caught me by surprise and it’s one of those questions that’s fun, scary and unrealistic to answer all at the same time. 631 more words




Its sits there,

That perfect vile of glass,

Smooth and clean,

Beckoning to me,

I want to grab it but you pull me back, 74 more words


I don't

I don’t date,

I don’t kiss,

I don’t hold hands,

I don’t touch,

But you,

You push me to the edge,

You hold my hand, 35 more words


Fine! I'll Watch Eureka 7 ep2

Yeah, it’s been a while…

So, originally, I planned on uploading a little summary of every episode of Eureka Seven. That is, until a friend of mine told me it was 50+ episodes… 441 more words


Dipstick and a Movie

I went by myself to watch the new James Bond movie today. Our newly renovated theater is cushy, featuring oversized reclining seats and assigned seating. Since I decided on a whim to see the movie my seat choices were limited. 275 more words