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It’s as if wherever I go, I’m being followed. It’s as if for my every movement, I’m being watched. I hate it. I really hate it.


And then there was?

Radiohead.  I can’t really ignore this – the moment when they arrived on the scene.  First played by (whoa) Gary Davies on Radio 1.  Unlikely, but true. 76 more words

Pop Music

A Special Kind of Evil

Have you ever wished you could disown your characters?

Having strolled over the moral event horizon (an act which he is still totally oblivious too) Admere has now descended to heretofore unknown levels of creep. 502 more words


A nightmare dressed like a daydream..

Last night I was sleeping peacefully dreaming of sugarplums; okay not really. I was actually having a dream about Matt’s family. I went to housesit their house but arrived extremely early. 358 more words


Weirdos prayer


Protect the weirdos,

The odd ones in our midst.

The nerds, the quiet types,

Those happiest alone.


Protect the strange,

Who haven’t got a crowd, 60 more words